756 Brother Xiao Qi

When Xiao Shi brought in the food, she heaved a sigh of relief when she noticed that the bowl beside Song Man’s hand was empty.

As long as Mommy took her medicine on time, she would definitely recover.

When she was young, she brought the food to the bed and placed it beside her mommy.
Like an adult, she instructed, “Mommy, I’ve already prepared dinner.
I’ll leave half a month’s worth of food for you.
I’ve also discussed it with Grandma Zhang next door.
During this period of time, she’ll bring you food every day.
I’ll definitely come back early!”

When Song Man heard Xiao Shi’s words, a faint smile appeared on her face.
She waved at Xiao Shi, indicating for her to sit by the bed.
“Come here!”


Xiao Shi walked to the bed and sat with her feet hanging, looking at Song Man obediently.

Song Man’s eyes were filled with gentleness and doting.
She sat up straight, took the comb from beside the pillow, and began to comb Xiao Shi’s hair.

Although she usually combed her own hair when she was young, her hair was always messy.

Song Man saw everything, but she did not want to say anything.

“Xiao Shi, the outside world is very dangerous, and there are many bad people.
You must not be deceived by others, and you have to pretend to be a boy.
That way, you won’t be bullied, understand?”

Although Mommy didn’t explain everything clearly, she understood everything when she was young.

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After living in Hai Cheng for five years, she had long known what society was like.

There were few good people and many bad people.
If one was not careful, they would be deceived.

Xiao Shi nodded solemnly and said, “Mommy, don’t worry.
I’ll definitely be able to protect myself.”

“Also…” At this point, Song Man paused slightly.
Her voice was a little choked as she continued, “If you can live well there, don’t come back!”

“No, I want Mommy there with me.
Wherever Mommy is, I’ll be there!” When Xiao Shi said this, she felt even sadder.
“If there wasn’t Xiao Shi, Mommy would definitely be happier, but Mommy stayed here for Xiao Shi.
Xiao Shi would never leave Mommy behind!”

When Song Man heard Xiao Shi’s words, she was a little moved.
With tears in her eyes, she couldn’t help but hug Xiao Shi in her arms.
Her voice was a little choked.
“Xiao Shi!”

Xiao Shi stiffened slightly.
In an instant, she felt a warm current envelop her.
This was the first time she had felt her mommy’s embrace.

Ever since she could remember, her mommy could only lie in bed because she was sick.
It was precisely because of this that her mommy rarely hugged her.

But now, Mommy’s illness was getting worse and worse, and it could not be delayed any longer.

Xiao Shi sat up straight and looked at Song Man firmly.
“Mommy, I bought a train ticket for this afternoon.
This trip to An City might take a long time.
Take good care of yourself at home.”

Song Man nodded.

Xiao Shi looked at Song Man reluctantly, then got out of bed and picked up her school bag from the stool.

Not only was there a change of clothes in her school bag, but there was also a photo of Song Man.
She carried her school bag and waved at Song Man before walking out.

Song Man watched as Xiao Shi left, her expression becoming more and more complicated.

She still remembered when Xiao Shi first learned how to speak when she was young.
At that time, she was still depressed, but when she heard her soft little voice call her “Mommy” when she was young, her entire heart softened.

Song Man’s eyes grew redder and redder.
It had been five years.
She had stayed in this dirty place for five years.
Her life had almost been ruined.

She no longer wanted anyone else to control her life.
She wanted to control everything about her.
She wanted freedom, status, and money.

For this, she would definitely do anything.

An City.

The autumn morning was very cold.
There were few leaves on the tree, indicating that winter was coming.

After Gu Qi recovered, he was sent to school by the driver.

Gu Qi stood at the school gate with his small school bag.
He watched as the driver left.
Only then did he run in the other direction.

He ran to the side of the road, took out his phone, and hurriedly logged into WeChat.
He saw the message he had received from Xiao Shi.

“Brother Xiao Qi, I’ve already arrived at the Chinese parasol forest in An City’s Chang’an District!”

“Brother Xiao Qi, my phone is running out of battery!”

“Brother Xiao Qi, I’ll wait for you!”


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