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When she realized this, Song Yu’s lips curved up slightly.

If Qiao Nian and Gu Zhou were already together, then there would be an answer to everything that had happened today.

Jiang Yue was jealous that Qiao Nian was with Gu Zhou, so she wanted to frame Qiao Nian.

Perhaps it was because Jiang Yue’s methods of framing Qiao Nian were a little despicable, but Grandma Gu found out and chased her out of the Gu family.

Eldest Brother, Second Brother, and Third Brother were very close to Gu Zhou, so they were also very friendly to Gu Zhou’s fiancée.

Moreover, Second Brother had a better relationship with Gu Zhou, so Gu Zhou wasn’t angry when Second Brother picked up food for Qiao Nian at the dining table.

After thinking through all of this, Song Yu’s lips curved up slightly.

Since that was the truth, she didn’t have to worry.

Actually, Song Yu could also understand why the Gu family had not made the relationship between Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian public.

Knowing that Gu Zhou was not in good health, many doctors said that he would have a short life.
If the relationship between Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian was not made public, Qiao Nian could still marry into a good family.

Song Yu really hoped that everything was as she thought.

Actually, Lu Zhu had already brought Lu Rao to his study.
He glanced at the corridor, which was empty, and closed the study door.

Lu Rao looked at Lu Zhu in confusion.
He was a little puzzled.
One had to know that his brother had never been so careful at home.

When Lu Rao saw Lu Zhu like this, his expression could not help but turn serious.
He had a feeling that his brother’s next words might subvert his understanding.

“Brother, what exactly happened?” Lu Rao asked with a frown.

When Lu Zhu heard Lu Rao’s words, he did not know where to start.

Lu Zhu pondered for a moment before saying, “Previously, I was seriously injured by Jiang Chi.
At that time, I needed a blood transfusion.
Do you remember?”

When Lu Rao heard Lu Zhu’s words, he nodded and said, “You told me about this before.”

“I have the same blood type as Qiao Nian, but she couldn’t give me a blood transfusion,” Lu Zhu said solemnly.

Lu Rao was innocent.
When he heard Lu Zhu’s words, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes.
He asked in disbelief, “Could it be that Qiao Nian has an incurable illness?”

When Lu Zhu heard Lu Rao’s words, he almost fainted from anger.
He tried his best to remain calm and asked in a calm voice, “Do you still remember what I told you in the car when I returned from MY?”

“So Qiao Nian doesn’t have an incurable disease.
Brother, you scared me to death.
Can you make yourself clear?” Seeing Lu Zhu glare at him, Lu Rao nodded and said impatiently, “I remember very clearly that you told me to stay away from Qiao Nian!”

Lu Zhu took a deep breath, his expression dark.
He said unhappily, “Other than that, what else did you remember?”

Lu Rao had initially thought that Lu Zhu was going to tell him something earth-shattering.
He did not expect his brother to only be asking about what he had been instructed to say.

“Did you say anything else?” Lu Rao raised his eyebrows slightly and asked in confusion.

“When I told you about Sugar…”

Before Lu Zhu could finish speaking, the smile on Lu Rao’s face instantly disappeared.
His eyes were filled with sorrow as he said, “I know.
At that time, you wanted me to participate in Sugar’s death anniversary.”

For the first time, Lu Zhu felt that his third brother was a little stupid.

Lu Zhu looked at Lu Rao and reminded him, “Don’t you think Qiao Nian looks a lot like Lu Qi when she smiles? Qiao Nian’s aura is also very similar to Mother’s.”

When Lu Rao heard Lu Zhu’s words, he was stunned.
Countless fragments flashed across his eyes.

When Qiao Nian smiled, she indeed looked very similar to Lu Qi.

Moreover, there was once when he saw Qiao Nian’s back.
He thought that his mother was standing there.

Lu Rao recalled his eldest and second brothers’ attitudes towards Qiao Nian.

In the car, his brother had even reminded him not to think about being with Qiao Nian.

Lu Rao gasped and looked at Lu Zhu in disbelief.
“Brother, are you saying that Qiao Nian is Sugar?”

After saying this, Lu Rao felt that he must be dreaming.

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