720 Disfigured

Jiang Yue was stunned and couldn’t react for a moment.

However, Ah Rao did not give Jiang Yue time to react.
Without hesitation, he sprayed the sulfuric acid in the perfume bottle at Jiang Yue’s face.

“Ah!” Jiang Yue screamed in pain.
She hugged her head with both hands, not daring to wipe the sulfuric acid off her face.

She closed her eyes tightly, afraid that the acid would corrode them.
Hatred surged from the bottom of her heart.

She still didn’t understand what she had done wrong.

Qiao Nian had clearly stolen everything from her.
She just wanted to get her things back.

Why wasn’t anyone on her side?

Although she was in the wrong today, the urn of the eldest daughter of the Lu family had only corroded a little.
What was the big deal? She could just change the urn.

How could Lu Rao ruin her face when the urn of the eldest daughter of the Lu family had corroded so little?

It was the face she was so proud of.

She had originally thought that even without the protection of the Gu family, with her looks and talent, she would one day make Brother Ah Zhou change his mind about her.

But now her face was ruined too.

Her face hurt terribly.
It was as if silver needles had been stabbed into her skin.
The burning sensation spread all over her face.

It was as if millions of ants were gnawing at her face.

Jiang Yue cried in pain.
She had never suffered so much or suffered such pain.

At this moment, she clearly realized that she was no longer the high and mighty eldest daughter of the Gu family.

Everyone looked at Jiang Yue’s face.
Jiang Yue’s smooth and fair skin was instantly corroded to the point where her skin and flesh split open.
She was dripping with blood, and her face emitted an unpleasant smell.

The current Jiang Yue was as dirty and disgusting as a rat who lived in a smelly ditch all year round.

Seeing Jiang Yue like this, Lu Rao threw the perfume bottle into the trash can not far away in satisfaction.

Jiang Yue curled up on the ground in pain.
As she had been crying just now, her face hurt even more.
She didn’t dare to cry anymore.
All she could think about was which plastic surgery hospital she could go to to save her face.

When the pain on Jiang Yue’s face lessened, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Qiao Nian with resentment.

Qiao Nian!

It was all Qiao Nian’s fault!

In the future, she had to make Qiao Nian pay with her life.

Lu Rao was about to enter the temple hall when he saw Jiang Yue sitting at the side without moving.
He frowned and questioned coldly, “Do you think there’s not enough sulfuric acid on your face? Why are you still staying here? Get lost!”

Jiang Yue looked at Lu Rao coldly.
Suppressing the pain on her face, she got up from the ground.

There was a debt to pay!

She would definitely get back everything Qiao Nian owed her in the future, including interest.

Jiang Yue stood up and looked at everyone present.

Qiao Nian was expressionless, as if she had nothing to do with Qiao Nian.

The cold-blooded and heartless Gu Zhou.
No matter what, the two of them had grown up together.
She was so seriously injured now, but Gu Zhou didn’t even look at her.
Gu Zhou’s gaze was fixed on Qiao Nian’s face.

There was also the selfish Song Yu.
Just now, when Lu Rao wanted to ruin her face, Song Yu did not step forward.
The two of them were so close, but in order to protect herself, Song Yu did not even dare to stand up for her.

There was also Matriarch Lu, who had no sympathy at all.
Matriarch Lu clearly knew that this perfume bottle was a relic of her mother, but she still allowed Qiao Nian to open it.

There was also Lu Nian, who had nothing to do with her, and Lu Zhu, who had never taken her seriously.

Finally, there was that cold-blooded and heartless Lu Rao.
He had actually ruined her face for a piece of wood.

Her gaze swept across their faces.
She wanted to engrave all their faces in her mind.

Jiang Yue understood where she had lost.
She had lost to a piece of wood.
This was ridiculous.

She, a pampered young lady, could not compare to a piece of wood.

Jiang Yue swore to herself that there would always be a chance.
She would trample all the people who had bullied her under her feet and make them pay a greater price.

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