716 Crying

Moreover, she was certain that Jiang Yue had placed the sulfuric acid in that perfume bottle.

Lu Zhu, Lu Nian, and Gu Zhou, who were standing at the side, were also staring at the pile of cosmetics.
They all felt that Jiang Yue was behind this, but they couldn’t find any evidence now.

Jiang Yue was crying pitifully.

Song Yu and Jiang Yue had a good relationship.
At this moment, she looked at Jiang Yue, who was crying pitifully, and comforted her.
“Alright, don’t be sad.
If you really didn’t do this, we won’t falsely accuse you!”

Actually, Song Yu also hoped that Jiang Yue wasn’t behind this.

She was the one who had received Jiang Yue at the Gu residence today.
If anything happened to Jiang Yue, she would not look good.

Qiao Nian’s gaze fell on the perfume bottle in Jiang Yue’s hand.

Was this perfume really a relic of Jiang Yue’s mother?

At the thought of this, Qiao Nian’s eyes were filled with shock.
She pursed her lips and remained silent.

Under Song Yu’s comfort, Jiang Yue felt much better.
She gripped the perfume bottle tightly in her hand and looked at Qiao Nian with teary eyes.
She questioned, “Qiao Nian, you searched my bag without distinguishing between right and wrong today.
You’ve already violated my privacy.
I don’t care about any of this, but I can’t stand it anymore if you still want to touch my mother’s belongings.
Shouldn’t you apologize to me and my mother?”

Qiao Nian’s gaze fell on Jiang Yue’s oval face.
Actually, Jiang Yue was very good-looking.

She had willowy eyebrows, a small, well-defined nose, and a cherry-like mouth.
Jiang Yue gave off the impression of a pretty girl from a small family, and there was a hint of weakness and quietness in her eyes.

At this moment, Jiang Yue’s eyes were filled with tears, and she looked pitiful.

If she had just met Jiang Yue, she might have been deceived by Jiang Yue’s expression.

However, she had known Jiang Yue for a long time.
She knew that Jiang Yue was a person who would not stop until she achieved her goal.

However, she had never expected Jiang Yue to be so heartless.

Actually, she hoped that she was wrong.

But on second thought, she recalled that Jiang Yue had sworn on her deceased mother.

In her opinion, Jiang Yue had long lost her principles.
How could one hope that someone without principles would have a bottom line?

Qiao Nian lowered her gaze with a complicated expression.

Seeing Qiao Nian like this, Jiang Yue thought that she had already admitted defeat.
Her eyes turned slightly red as she said pitifully, “As long as you apologize to me and my mother, I won’t pursue anything else!”

Jiang Yue had clearly pretended to be a very magnanimous person.

Everyone’s gaze fell on Qiao Nian’s face.

Gu Zhou exuded a cold aura, his eyes malicious.

When Qiao Nian heard Jiang Yue’s words, her eyes instantly turned cold.
She looked at Jiang Yue expressionlessly.

Jiang Yue met Qiao Nian’s gaze and had a bad feeling, but she still pretended to be calm.

Jiang Yue sniffled and questioned with a sobbing tone, “Don’t you think you’ve already gone too far today? Are you still going to be stubborn and not apologize to me and my mother?”

Qiao Nian stood there calmly, her beautiful fox-like eyes turning cold.
She enunciated each word clearly.
“I only apologize to people!”

Hearing Qiao Nian’s words, Jiang Yue’s face instantly turned pale.
She asked, “What do you mean? Are you saying that my mother isn’t worthy of your apology?”

“I just don’t think you’re worthy!” Qiao Nian said expressionlessly.

Jiang Yue’s face turned red with anger.
She bit her lip and said for a long time, “Qiao Nian, I’ve tolerated you time and time again, but you’re pushing your luck!”

Qiao Nian sneered and said, “Can’t you smell that the fragrance of lilies is even more obvious?”

When Jiang Yue heard Qiao Nian’s words, her heart began to race.
She said nervously, “So what? There’s a garden not far away, and the fragrance of flowers is getting more and more obvious.
This is normal!”

“But there aren’t any lilies in this garden,” Qiao Nian said calmly.
“Moreover, the fragrance of these lilies is a little pungent now!”

When everyone heard Qiao Nian’s words, they realized that the fragrance of lilies was indeed too strong.

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