It was precisely because of this that there were fewer things to take advantage of.

Song Yue frowned slightly but quickly relaxed.

With Qiao Nian’s reminder, she suddenly remembered another rule.

If the buyer couldn’t fork out the money within an hour, the seller could sell the raw stone to the next person.

“Miss Qiao, I’m really sorry.
I don’t know if you want to buy it or not.
After all, you don’t look like you can afford it.” Although Song Yue apologized, the disdain in her eyes was obvious.

Qiao Nian had originally been considering whether to take such a huge risk to buy this stone.
However, after hearing Song Yue’s words, she decided that she wanted this stone.

Qiao Nian smiled lazily and asked, “Oh, how do you know I can’t afford it?”

“Miss Qiao, I think I have to remind you of something.
The rules of this competition have already been stated previously.
You can’t exchange the jadeite you obtained in the first round for money.
In other words, you can only use your own money! Do you have that much money?” Song Yue raised her eyebrows slightly and asked arrogantly.

Standing in the crowd, Gao Hong recalled her father’s instructions to her not to provoke Qiao Nian and Ah Rao!

However, she thought about how Ah Rao had injured her father in the first round.

The doctor had told her that her father’s leg was a comminuted fracture.
With the current medical technology, even if it was treated, he would become disabled.

Gao Hong looked at Qiao Nian coldly and said sarcastically, “Qiao Nian, all the untrimmed quarry stones in this second round are worth more than three million yuan.
Do you still want to pick up scraps like the first time? You want to buy another two hundred pieces of untrimmed quarry stones? I’m afraid you can’t!”

Hearing Gao Hong’s words, everyone discussed.

“Qiao Nian is just a small model.
How can she have so much money?”

“Who knows? Even if she borrows money now, who can lend her 300 million at once!”

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“Qiao Nian is really stupid.
She still wants to snatch this stone from Miss Song!”

“She’s really out of her mind!”

… .

When Song Yue heard everyone say this, she smiled and said, “Miss Qiao, if you have time to snatch this raw stone from me, why don’t you go and look at the other raw stones? If you need three to five million, I can lend it to you!”

Hearing Song Yue’s words, Qiao Nian frowned slightly, her beautiful fox eyes narrowing.

Song Yue was looking down on her.

She said that she had no money to lend her.

Qiao Nian was least afraid of competing in wealth.

In the crowd, someone said, “I’m willing to lend you money, but you have to give me a tenth of the imperial green!”

Gao Hong’s eyes darted around and she quickly said, “I’m also willing to lend you money, but I don’t want imperial jade.
You have to go to the hospital and kowtow to my father to apologize!”

Standing not far away, Qiao Yu frowned when he saw Qiao Nian being surrounded by everyone.
He walked towards her.

Qiao Yu stopped beside Qiao Nian and said, “Nian Nian, I can give it to you.”

When Qiao Nian heard Qiao Yu’s words, she was slightly stunned.

300 million!

Qiao Yu was really willing to spend money.

If Qiao Xin found out that Qiao Yu had given her 300 million, she would cry to death.

Qiao Nian shook her head slightly, calmly rejecting Qiao Yu’s good intentions.

Qiao Nian walked up to the cutting master and said calmly, “Master, I have an additional ten million yuan.
Please help me open this raw stone now!”

When the cutting master heard Qiao Nian’s words, he was slightly stunned.
This was the first time he had heard someone say such a thing.

Ten million!

This was a huge sum of money.
Many people would not be able to earn so much money in their entire lives.

The others stared at Qiao Nian, dumbfounded.

When Gao Hong heard Qiao Nian’s words, her face turned red with anger.
She said unhappily, “You’re really an interesting person.
You can casually say ten million yuan and ask the Master to give you a blank cheque.
Who doesn’t know how to do that?!”

“This 10 million can buy several other untrimmed quarry stones!”

“Is she drunk?”

… .

Qiao Nian ignored them.
She opened her bag and took out a bright red card, handing it to the master.
“Swipe the card!”

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