Chapter 693: Repaying a Huge Sum

However, he was now working in the game to earn money.
When the time came, he would still owe Auntie Nian Nian money, so he couldn’t let Auntie Nian Nian know his game ID.

If Auntie Nian Nian knew that he could repay the huge sum of money he owed by playing games, she would definitely not be willing to let him return the money.

Gu Qi’s eyes darted around.
He recalled that his father listened to Auntie Nian Nian very much, so he asked, “Auntie Nian Nian, can I keep my game a secret? I don’t want Dad to know.”


“I still owe you money!”

Hearing Gu Qi’s words, Qiao Nian instantly reacted and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
“If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten!”

“I’ll return the money to you tomorrow!” Gu Qi said seriously.

Qiao Nian looked at Gu Qi’s little face and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Every time Gu Qi pretended to be an adult, she couldn’t help but want to laugh because she felt that he was too cute.

“Alright, if you don’t return the money tomorrow, I’ll have to ask you for additional interest!” Qiao Nian teased with a smile, reaching out intimately to scratch Gu Qi’s little nose.

At this moment, Gu Zhou walked down the stairs from the second floor.

This morning, he had screened out those people named Gu Chuan that Chen Qing had found.
No matter how he looked at it, he felt that those people couldn’t be the ones Qiao Nian cared about.

Gu Zhou’s frown deepened.
When he walked to the living room on the first floor, he saw Qiao Nian and Gu Qi chatting intimately from afar.

His furrowed brow slowly relaxed, and the coldness in his eyes gradually disappeared.
His gaze became gentle.

For some reason, Gu Zhou felt that this was more like a “home”.

Qiao Nian sensed that someone else was looking at her.
She looked up and saw Gu Zhou wearing a black suit, standing calmly at the stairs.

His facial features were well-defined, and his eyes were deep.
His face was a little pale from illness, but that didn’t stop him from being handsome.

Standing there, everything around her instantly paled in comparison.

He was like a noble prince who had walked out of a painting.

Seeing Gu Zhou like this, Qiao Nian’s breathing hitched.
In a daze, she recalled the adorable Zhou Zhou from yesterday.

It was hard for her to imagine that Gu Zhou and Zhou Zhou were the same person.

Although they had the same face, their auras were completely different.

Qiao Nian recalled what had happened in the bathtub.
She had never expected the child-like Zhou Zhou to take the initiative…

However, when she thought of what had happened last night, Qiao Nian’s ears couldn’t help but turn red.
She hurriedly looked away from Gu Zhou’s face.

Gu Zhou didn’t notice anything wrong with Qiao Nian.
He walked towards the sofa and glanced at Gu Qi first.

Gu Zhou sat on the other side of Gu Qi and asked in a low and hoarse voice, “Are you feeling better?”

Gu Qi looked up at Gu Zhou and silently hid his phone behind him.
Only then did he nod.

Gu Zhou naturally didn’t notice Gu Qi’s small actions.
His gaze landed on Qiao Nian’s face and he said, “Let’s go.
We’ll set off now!”

Qiao Nian was slightly stunned.
She looked up at Gu Zhou and asked in confusion, “So early?”


At this moment, the butler handed the packed bread and milk to Qiao Nian and said respectfully, “Doctor Qiao, breakfast has been prepared for you!”

Qiao Nian glanced at the breakfast in her hand.
It was only enough for one person.
It seemed that Gu Zhou and Gu Qi had already had breakfast.
Gu Zhou must have instructed the butler to make these in advance.

“Thank you.” Qiao Nian smiled at the butler.

Then, Qiao Nian’s gaze landed on Gu Qi’s face.
She gently rubbed his head and said with a smile, “Xiao Qi, stay at home obediently.”

Gu Qi nodded when he heard Qiao Nian’s words.
Seeing that Qiao Nian and Gu Zhou had left, he looked at their retreating backs, the light in his eyes gradually disappearing.

He wanted to stay with Auntie Nian Nian forever.

But Auntie Nian Nian looked so busy and was often not at home.

At this moment, Qiao Nian walked away a little too quickly to notice Gu Qi’s disappointed gaze.

When Qiao Nian and Gu Zhou walked to the middle of the Gu family garden, she gasped and hurriedly said, “I suddenly remembered that I didn’t bring my blessing bag.
Wait for me in the car.
I’ll be back soon!”

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