Lu Nian looked at Su Sheng coldly and questioned, “Who told you that she stole my score?”

When Su Sheng heard Mr.
Dong Hua’s words, her eyes lit up.
She hadn’t expected Mr.
Dong Hua to not be completely charmed by Qiao Nian.

If Mr.
Dong Hua was really bewitched by Qiao Nian, he wouldn’t have asked her for the reason.

Su Sheng had heard from others in the past that idols of a certain quality would always have strict requirements for their fans, asking them to treat passersby better.

Dong Hua had been so fierce to her just now.
He was probably asking her to have a better attitude.

After thinking this through, Su Sheng felt a little guilty for misunderstanding Mr.
Dong Hua.

Su Sheng looked up at Mr.
Dong Hua, her eyes red-rimmed.
“But did I say anything wrong? Mr.
Dong Hua hasn’t released this song to the public, right? Looking around the entire piano room, there’s no score.
Then how did Qiao Nian play Mr.
Dong Hua’s song?”

The more Su Sheng spoke, the more she felt that her words made sense.
Her gaze fell on Qiao Nian’s face as she enunciated each word clearly.
“It’s also possible that Qiao Nian created a song identical to Mr.
Dong Hua’s.
The chances of that happening are too low.
Otherwise, it can only mean that she stole your score!”

When Qiao Nian heard Su Sheng’s words, she was slightly stunned.

What Su Sheng said made sense.

If she stood in Su Sheng’s shoes, she might also suspect that someone had stolen Mr.
Dong Hua’s song.

Qiao Nian’s frown deepened.
She heard Lu Nian say, “Since there are other possibilities, why do you think she stole the score?” Lu Nian’s narrow eyes narrowed slightly, and his voice became colder and colder.

Qiao Nian was stunned.

When Second Brother walked in just now, she had noticed him.
He seemed to be unhappy because she had unintentionally done something.
However, Second Brother had been suppressing his anger.

Coupled with Su Sheng’s accusation, it was reasonable.

Qiao Nian had always felt that her second brother would believe Su Sheng’s words.

She regretted coming here just now.
If she hadn’t come here today, she wouldn’t have gotten into an argument with Second Brother.

But she had never expected Second Brother to stand by her side and speak up for her even though there was no evidence that she was innocent.

Second Brother would rather treat this song as her original song than let others misunderstand her as a thief.

Qiao Nian’s eyes were a little red.
She stared unblinkingly at Lu Nian.

This was her second brother, and the best second brother in the world.

Lu Nian’s words rendered Su Sheng speechless.

Su Sheng felt her mind go blank.
She had never expected Mr.
Dong Hua to believe Qiao Nian so unconditionally.

Why had things turned out like this?

Qiao Nian was clearly in the wrong.

Why was Mr.
Dong Hua still speaking up for Qiao Nian?

Did Mr.
Dong Hua dote on his little lover, Qiao Nian, so much?

Qiao Nian was clearly two-timing.

What was so good about such a lewd woman?

Could it be that Mr.
Dong Hua didn’t know that Qiao Nian was with someone else?

At the thought of this, Su Sheng’s lips curved up slightly.

Although the truth was very cruel to Mr.
Dong Hua, she felt that it was necessary for him to see Qiao Nian clearly.

Su Sheng took a step forward.
Her gaze fell on Qiao Nian’s face and she questioned, “Miss Qiao, may I ask what your relationship with Mr.
Gu Zhou is?”

As soon as he said this, the piano room instantly fell silent.
It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Lu Nian frowned slightly.
He looked at Su Sheng coldly, his eyes filled with displeasure.

At this moment, Gu Qing was stunned.
She looked at Su Sheng in confusion, then at Qiao Nian.
Seeing Qiao Nian frowning, she had a bold thought.

Could it be that Qiao Nian and Gu Zhou were together?

That was impossible!

She had heard before that Gu Zhou was afraid of women.
How could someone like Gu Zhou get married?

Moreover, although the Qiao family was not a big family, the Qiao family probably could not bear for their daughter to marry a man who was not in good health.

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