“Yeah.” Qiao Nian nodded.

“Miss Qiao, I remember that you especially like the music in my car…” Su Sheng asked with a smile.

With that, Su Sheng saw Qiao Nian’s confused expression and reminded her kindly, “It’s Mr.
Dong Hua’s limited edition album.
Don’t you quite like his songs?”

After Su Sheng’s reminder, Qiao Nian recalled something.
She nodded and looked at Su Sheng in confusion.

“Miss Qiao, on account of our good relationship, I’ll give you that album!” Su Sheng said generously.

A trace of confusion flashed in Qiao Nian’s eyes, followed by surprise.

Most people wouldn’t be able to get their hands on Mr.
Dong Hua’s limited edition album.

Moreover, that album was given to her by Su Sheng’s senior sister.

Su Sheng had actually given her the album so generously.

Qiao Nian thought about it from another perspective.
If she had a limited edition album of her idol’s, she would definitely keep it well.
She wouldn’t bear to give it to anyone else.

“Miss Su, a gentleman doesn’t steal what he wants.
I remember that you liked that album very much,” Qiao Nian said.

“Some of the songs on Mr.
Dong Hua’s album are very healing.
I think it might be better for Little Qi to listen to them more often.” Su Sheng smiled and explained slowly.

Qiao Nian had also heard Mr.
Dong Hua’s songs in the car yesterday.
There were indeed some healing-type songs.

Although Gu Qi was not born with autism, before she left the house, she had seen Gu Qi squatting alone behind the curtains, looking pitiful and weak.

At that time, when she saw Gu Qi like that, her heart ached terribly.

Su Sheng’s suggestion tempted her.

When she was young, she was also immersed in sorrow and confusion.
At that time, she had unintentionally heard Mr.
Dong Hua’s music and gradually walked out of her depression.

Some of Mr.
Dong Hua’s songs could indeed heal one’s heart.

However, Su Sheng’s gift was simply too valuable.

Qiao Nian didn’t want to steal this precious beauty.

She smiled and said, “Mr.
Dong Hua’s other albums also have healing music.
When the time comes, I’ll play those songs for him.
I won’t steal your love.”

“Miss Qiao, you can’t say that.
Dong Hua’s other music also has healing effects, but this album is a limited edition, and its effects will be better.
Didn’t I tell you before? My senior sister also uses it to hypnotize some patients,” Su Sheng said impatiently.

When Qiao Nian heard Su Sheng’s words, she couldn’t help but be tempted.

In Chinese medicine, if there was a medicine with better medicinal effects, no one would be willing to use a substitute.

However, if the music of this limited edition album could cure Gu Qi, she still wanted it.

Qiao Nian thought for a while and nodded.
She said gratefully, “Thank you.
Why don’t I return the album to you after Little Qi recovers?”

Qiao Nian felt that every fan wanted their idol’s album.
Even if they didn’t want to listen to it, they wanted to keep it.

She looked at the sweet smile on Su Sheng’s face and thought of how she had made wild guesses about Su Sheng just now.
She felt a little guilty.

She must have misunderstood Su Sheng just now.

Perhaps Su Sheng herself was more cautious when it came to treating children.

“There’s no need.
Since I’m giving this album to you, it’ll be your gift from now on.
We’re so close, there’s no need to be calculative!” Su Sheng said with a smile.

When Qiao Nian heard Su Sheng’s words, she heaved a sigh of relief.
She thanked Su Sheng again.

Seeing that the elevator was about to reach the floor, the excitement in Su Sheng’s eyes was obvious.
Her lips curved up slightly.


Seeing Su Sheng like this, Qiao Nian thought that Su Sheng was going to meet her boyfriend.
She thought that Su Sheng’s boyfriend must be a sunny and cheerful person.

“Miss Qiao, I have something happy to share with you.”

Qiao Nian smiled at Su Sheng, waiting for her to continue.

“I didn’t expect to receive an invitation from Mr.
Dong Hua either.
I specially came here to listen to his new song.
In the future, I’ll be able to get Mr.
Dong Hua’s new album at any time.
Sister Qiao, both of us are fans of Mr.
Dong Hua.
If I have a new album of his in the future, I’ll give you a copy.” When Su Sheng said this, her eyes flickered with a strange light.

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