Smiling, Qiao Nian put the jewelry box aside and grabbed Matriarch Gu’s hand.
She said sincerely, “As long as Grandma is in good health, I’ll be very happy!”

Matriarch Gu almost couldn’t hold back her tears.
She grabbed Qiao Nian’s hand and nodded.
“Nian Nian, you have to know one thing.
No matter what happens in the future, I’ll always be on your side.”


“Alright, quickly take a look at my gift to you!” Matriarch Gu let go of Qiao Nian’s hand and took the jewelry box from the side, placing it in Qiao Nian’s palm again.

Qiao Nian looked at the jewelry box in her hand, her heart filled with mixed feelings.

In the past, she used to think that she was an abandoned child, but now that she had found her family, she knew that they had not abandoned her on purpose.

Over the years, she had met her grandfather and her senior brothers who doted on her.

She had found her relatives who had always missed her.

Although her marriage with Gu Zhou was just a transaction, Matriarch Gu was genuinely good to her.

She used to think that God was unfair.

But now, she felt that all the suffering she had gone through was worth it.

Perhaps only by experiencing the cold could one see the plum blossoms blooming in winter.

Qiao Nian carefully opened the jewelry box and saw a pink diamond necklace.

Her beautiful fox-like eyes widened slightly, and her pupils dilated involuntarily.
She looked at Matriarch Gu in disbelief.

“Grandma, you…” Qiao Nian looked at Matriarch Gu in disbelief, frowning slightly.

This pink diamond necklace was in the shape of a butterfly.
The butterfly’s body was made of a complete square pink diamond, and the butterfly wings were made of countless broken diamonds.

This dreamy pink diamond was also known as the Butterfly Fairy.

The Butterfly Fairy was also an award-winning work by Matriarch Gu when she was younger.
It was the most outstanding work in the world, and it had already been printed in art textbooks.

“This necklace suits you just fine.” Matriarch Gu looked at Qiao Nian lovingly.
Qiao Nian was like a beautiful butterfly, flying freely in the sky.
Matriarch Gu hoped that no matter what happened to Qiao Nian, she would be able to break out of her cocoon and become a butterfly again.

“Grandma, this is too expensive.
I can’t accept it.” As Qiao Nian spoke, she pushed the jewelry box in front of Matriarch Gu.
“It’s also your proudest work, isn’t it?”

“But I just want to give it to you, the best person in the world!” Matriarch Gu smiled and handed the jewelry box to Qiao Nian.
“It was made for you.
Only it is worthy of you.”

When Qiao Nian walked out of Matriarch Gu’s room, her expression was slightly solemn.

She looked down at the jewelry box in her hand, her eyes filled with panic.

Her marriage with Gu Zhou was just a formality.
After she finished dealing with the Gu family, she would leave.
What right did she have to be doted on by Matriarch Gu?

Forget it.
She should keep this jewelry well.
After all, it was Matriarch Gu’s gift.

When she left, she would return the jewelry to Matriarch Gu.

Qiao Nian walked back to her room and put away the jewelry box before walking downstairs.

Qiao Nian knew that Gu Qi usually stayed at home and didn’t go out for a walk.

She felt that if she wanted Gu Qi to become more cheerful, she needed to bring him out for more outdoor activities.

The right side of the Gu family villa was filled with many children’s toys.
Qiao Nian had specially arranged for these to be placed there so that Gu Qi could have a good time.

Among these toys, Gu Qi liked the swing the most.
In Qiao Nian’s opinion, Gu Qi didn’t seem to be interested in other toys.

He sat on the swing.
Qiao Nian stood behind him and gently pushed the swing.
Light shone through the mottled leaves, illuminating the two of them.
It was as if they were covered in a layer of white light.

Matriarch Gu stood in front of the French windows on the second floor.
When she saw Qiao Nian playing on the swing with Gu Qi, she felt a mix of emotions.

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