Qiao Nian didn’t know what to say.
She felt that fate was also very magical.
She didn’t expect her to have such fate with Gu Zhou.

Matriarch Gu continued, “As the Gu family and the Lu family often interact, the children are also very close.
When the two elders were still around, they would often visit each other.”

At this point, Matriarch Gu’s eyes gradually darkened.

At that time, the two elders passed away one after another.

Even that little girl, Lu Nian, was gone.

Lu Nian, that little girl, was fair and chubby.
Her eyes were big and adorable.

She remembered that the little girl’s nickname was Sugar.

She remembered that when Sugar had just turned one month old, Old Master Lu had carried her over to visit.
At that time, Ah Zhou was only four years old.
Curious, he leaned over to Sugar and stared at her unblinkingly.

When no one was looking, Ah Zhou took the opportunity to bite Sugar’s soft face.


The pain made Sugar burst into tears.
At that time, Ah Zhou was still a little curious.
He couldn’t understand why a beautiful doll would cry.

But who would have thought that that adorable child would be gone just like that? Ah Zhou’s life after that was also very difficult.

Matriarch Gu couldn’t help but sigh again.
All these years, Ah Zhou had been living in agony.
When Qiao Nian married into the Gu family, Ah Zhou’s life gradually improved.

What made Matriarch Gu sigh with emotion was that fate still favored Ah Zhou.
Not only was Qiao Nian smart, but her medical skills were also brilliant.
Perhaps she could really treat Ah Zhou.

Right now, she only hoped that the two children could be together safely and that nothing else would happen.

Matriarch Gu held Qiao Nian’s hand.
Seeing that Qiao Nian was looking down, she knew that she shouldn’t have mentioned Sugar.
“Nian Nian, the past is in the past.
Sugar is already gone.
I only acknowledge you as Ah Zhou’s wife.”

“What I said just now was just my personal sentiment.
When one gets old, one will always think of the past.
Ever since Sugar disappeared, the Lu family has already broken off the engagement between Sugar and Ah Zhou, so the two of them have become siblings.
Now, Sugar is also your younger sister.
When it’s her death anniversary, give her two more incense sticks.”

Qiao Nian realized that Matriarch Gu was blaming herself.
She hurriedly smiled and said, “Grandma, let bygones be bygones.
I won’t have any ill intentions.”

Actually, when Matriarch Gu said these words just now, she recalled Gu Zhou’s third personality, Gu Chuan.

Could it be that Gu Chuan had become so paranoid and controlling because he knew that Sugar had died?

Qiao Nian decided to study dissociative identity disorder again.
When the time came, she would ask around about Gu Zhou’s past.
Perhaps she would be able to discover the reason for the formation of Gu Zhou’s other two personalities.

When Matriarch Gu heard Qiao Nian’s words, she heaved a sigh of relief and smiled.
“Nian Nian, I knew you were a good and righteous child!”

Qiao Nian smiled gently.
There was nothing to care about in the past.
What she cared about the most now was Gu Zhou’s health.

Before she came to Matriarch Gu’s room, she had been investigating dissociative identity disorder.
Now that she heard Matriarch Gu’s words, she felt confident that she could treat Gu Chuan.

She couldn’t wait to flip through the book again.

“Grandma, I’ll go back now and… make a blessing bag for the anniversary of the death of the eldest daughter of the Lu family.” For some reason, Qiao Nian felt that these words were a little strange.

How could she make herself a blessing bag today?

The last time she embroidered the blessing bag, she had spent a lot of effort.

At that time, she didn’t know that she was the eldest daughter of the Lu family.
All she wanted was for the eldest daughter of the Lu family to reincarnate and lead a better life, so she made a blessing bag that symbolized auspiciousness.

But now that she was making a blessing bag for herself, she felt a little strange.
Her emotions also became complicated.
For a moment, she didn’t know what blessing bag to make.

Matriarch Gu looked at Qiao Nian dotingly and nodded.
“Good child.
Go ahead!”

Qiao Nian left Matriarch Gu’s study and returned to her room.
Holding the tablet, she walked towards the embroidery room.

The Gu family villa was very large.
There were more than a hundred rooms, and there were also specialized embroidery rooms.

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