But Qiao Nian only wanted to escape.

The possessiveness in the man’s eyes grew more and more obvious.
He opened his mouth slightly and said, “Come here.”

Qiao Nian really wanted to escape.
Gu Chuan’s personality was too terrifying.

If there were no guests today, she might have run away.

She had specially invited Doctor Su over today because she wanted Doctor Su to treat Little Qi.

So she couldn’t escape.

Just as Qiao Nian was about to speak, she saw the man frowning.
Her mind raced, and she hurriedly bent down, pretending to be pitiful.
“Oh my, my feet hurt.
I might have sprained them when I came in.
I have to sit down.”

With that, she carefully moved towards the sofa.

The man frowned and walked towards Qiao Nian.
His footsteps were clearly faster than when he had gone downstairs.

When she saw the man approaching, she was about to accelerate when the man picked her up like a princess.

At this moment, the butler, who had just passed by, looked at this scene in disbelief.
His jaw dropped to the ground.

The butler watched as Second Young Master carried Second Young Madam up and walked towards Second Young Master’s guest room.

Oh my god!

Had he gone senile?

In the past, he had always felt that Second Young Master and Second Young Madam treated each other with respect.
Now, it seemed that he had misjudged.
Just now, Second Young Master had looked at Second Young Madam with love.

That strong love seemed to want to tear Second Young Madam apart.

Could it be that the two of them had entered the room to make babies?

It seemed that the old lady’s wish to have a grandson would be fulfilled soon.

With this thought in mind, the butler saw that the cleaning servant was about to go upstairs.
He chased the servant away and asked them to come back later to clean.

He quickly walked towards Matriarch Gu’s room and knocked on the door.
When he heard Matriarch Gu say, “Come in,” he pushed the door open and entered.

“Matriarch, this is good news! Great news!” The butler said excitedly.

When Matriarch Gu heard the butler’s words, her eyes lit up.
She asked, “Has Young Master returned?”

The butler was slightly stunned.
This was not the good news he had wanted to tell her.

Matriarch Gu looked at the butler’s expression and knew that she had guessed wrongly.
She asked again, “What good news?”


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