It was impossible for Sugar to reincarnate, because she was still alive.

However, it wasn’t appropriate for him to make things clear to Lu Nian now.
He would let Lu Nian miss Sugar for a while longer!

Lu Nian didn’t notice Lu Zhu’s gaze.
He sighed helplessly and walked out in disappointment.

… .

Qiao Nian walked to the parking lot outside and took out her phone to call Su Sheng.
Before she could make the call, she saw a young and beautiful girl waving at her.

She walked over.

When Su Sheng saw Qiao Nian’s face, a trace of surprise flashed across her face.
She smiled and asked, “Excuse me, are you Miss Qiao?”

Only when Qiao Nian walked closer could she see Su Sheng’s face clearly.
Su Sheng’s long golden hair fell loosely on her shoulders, and she was wearing a diamond headband.
She was dressed like an idol, but her eyes were very gentle, making one involuntarily have a good impression of her.

“Hello, Doctor Su,” Qiao Nian said with a smile.

“I’m not a doctor yet.
Just call me by my name.
It’s more convenient.
Let’s talk in the car.” Su Sheng smiled and opened the driver’s door first.

Qiao Nian walked to the front passenger seat, opened the door, and got in.
She lowered her head and fastened her seatbelt.

“Where are we going?” Su Sheng asked with a smile.

“The Gu family’s villa.”

Hearing Qiao Nian’s words, Su Sheng’s hand froze for a moment.
She looked at Qiao Nian again, as if asking if she had given the wrong address.

Qiao Nian met Su Sheng’s confused gaze.
Only then did she remember the situation in the Gu family villa.
Most people wouldn’t dare to go there.
She smiled and explained, “The child is staying there for the time being.”

Hearing Qiao Nian’s words, Su Sheng smiled knowingly.
“I see!”

“Okay,” Qiao Nian replied with a smile.

As Su Sheng drove, she turned on the music.

As soon as the song began, Qiao Nian’s eyes lit up.
She said, “I remember that this song was a limited edition song released by Mr.
Dong Hua called ‘Towards the Light’.
I heard that there were only twenty copies.”

She was a fan of Mr.
Dong Hua, and it was Mr.
Dong Hua who had pulled her out of the darkness.
She liked to listen to all the songs Mr.
Dong Hua had released, and she treasured them.

However, Brother Cao was worried that she would be nervous during the concert.
He had specially played “Towards the Light” for her to relieve her nervousness.

At that time, it had only been a short while.
When she heard the first part, she instantly relaxed.

The concert was a success.

When Su Sheng heard Qiao Nian’s words, a bright smile appeared on her face.
She said proudly, “Yes, it was my birthday.
Senior Sister bought it for me as a gift.
I’ve been keeping it ever since.”

When Qiao Nian heard this, she sighed.
“It’s really nice.”

Previously, she had always felt that she was already very lucky to have Lu Nian as her godbrother.
After all, Mr.
Dong Hua was her idol and her salvation.

If she hadn’t gone to MY, she would never have thought that the famous Mr.
Dong Hua was actually her biological brother.

At this moment, the relaxed rhythm of the song gradually changed, becoming more and more passionate.

Qiao Nian frowned, feeling a little surprised.

The front of this song was warm and relaxed.
It could make those who were lost in the darkness find their future direction.
It made one feel warm and comfortable, as if they were basking in the sun in winter.

However, the second half of the song was different.
It gave off a feeling that the sunlight had disappeared, and darkness had enveloped the entire world, bringing despair and pain.

At this moment, Qiao Nian felt as if she was searching for light in the darkness.
However, when she took a step forward, the light in front of her instantly disappeared.

Gradually, she lost herself in the darkness.
Her heart began to ache uncontrollably, and the feeling of suffocation grew more and more obvious.

Previously, she had only listened to the first half of the song and relaxed.
However, she had never expected the second half to be so despairing.

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