Only then would Qiao Shan and his wife tell him everything that had happened back then.

Perhaps he could get some clues from Qiao Shan and his wife, and then find out the truth about the mastermind.

As long as the mastermind didn’t come out, she wouldn’t be safe.

Lu Zhu looked around but did not see his brother.
Puzzled, he asked, “Where is Ah Rao?”

Chen Shi answered respectfully and honestly, “Young Master Ah Rao is still outside!”

When Lu Zhu heard Chen Shi’s words, he nodded.
His footsteps quickened involuntarily.

When the group of people walked out of the airport, many people were watching from the side.

The bodyguard was wearing a black suit.
He stood tall and straight on both sides, exuding a strong aura.
He blocked a group of people who wanted to join in the fun.

This situation was as if the president was on a trip.

Seeing this, Lu Zhu sighed helplessly.

Ah Rao really didn’t know how to keep a low profile.

He was just picking someone up.
Why did he have to cause such a commotion?

At this moment, Qiao Nian still didn’t know that Ah Rao had come to pick her up.
She took a few more glances curiously, wondering if some big shot was coming.

Just as Qiao Nian’s thoughts were running wild, a bodyguard walked over from afar.
He stood in front of Lu Zhu and nodded slightly, his voice strong.
“Eldest Young Master!”

As soon as this pair of young masters appeared, the bodyguards standing at the side immediately greeted them in unison.
Their aura was like the roar of a ferocious tiger, shocking, terrifying, and mighty.

Qiao Nian was stunned.
What was going on?

Taking advantage of the path taken by the bodyguards, she saw a modified off-road vehicle parked there.
Behind the off-road vehicle was a very luxurious limited edition Porsche.

Qiao Nian quickly came back to her senses.
She instantly understood that they were here to pick Lu Zhu up.

As expected, Lu Rao opened the door of the SUV and jumped out.
He walked towards them step by step.

When Lu Rao appeared, everyone who was watching the commotion screamed.

It was entirely because Lu Rao was too good-looking.
His face was handsome, and his facial features were exquisite and perfect.
No one could find any fault with him.

In addition, when he smiled, there were two small dimples by his mouth.
He looked like a beautiful poppy, making one unable to stop themselves.

This scene was even more exciting than a celebrity walking the red carpet.

At this moment, someone in the crowd recognized Lu Rao.

“Oh my god, he’s Ah Rao, the number one bodyguard in the country.”

“Oh my god, he’s so handsome!”

“He’s even more handsome than in the magazines!”

“Oh my god, I heard in the past that he kept a low profile and was unwilling to come out.
Then who did he appear for today?”

Everyone followed Ah Rao’s gaze.
When they saw Lu Zhu and Gu Zhou again, they were so excited that they were about to suffocate.

“I didn’t check the almanac when I went out today.
I never expected to encounter such a good thing.
This is a once-in-a-thousand-year opportunity!”

“I knew it.
Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to get Ah Rao to appear.
When Ah Rao left the mountain, it would definitely be to escort a big shot.
So he’s escorting Lu Zhu and Gu Zhou!”

“As expected of a top-notch wealthy family.
Their heir is much more handsome than the young actors in the entertainment industry!”

Of course, at this moment, everyone had also noticed a woman standing between Gu Zhou and Lu Zhu.
That woman was none other than Qiao Nian from the Qiao family.

Qiao Yu was a genius and an influential figure in An Cheng.
In just three months, he had increased the Qiao family’s prestige by several times.

Due to Qiao Yu, everyone had also paid attention to the Qiao family and knew about the Second Young Miss of the Qiao family.

Many girls were fantasizing about being Qiao Nian.
That way, they could walk between two male idols and have a genius brother.

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