He really hoped that the Second Young Madam did not rank them.
However, the Young Madam had placed him last.
From the looks of it, the Second Young Madam seemed to differentiate them by how close she was to them.

Chen Qing no longer dared to look at Second Young Master’s expression.

He quickly lowered his head and helped Second Young Madam set up all the dishes.
His gaze swept across the dishes.
The dishes today were quite sumptuous.

In order to avoid any other physical contact between Second Young Madam and Mr.
Lu, Chen Qing quickly walked to the ward bed and carefully helped Lu Zhu off the bed.

Then, Chen Qing enthusiastically arranged for Mr.
Lu to sit on the sofa.

Qiao Nian naturally sensed the tension between Gu Zhou and Lu Zhu.
In order to avoid a fight, she sat down beside Gu Zhou.

Seeing that everyone had sat down, Chen Qing sat down beside Lu Zhu.

Now the four of them sat facing each other.

Gu Zhou faced Lu Zhu while Qiao Nian faced Chen Qing.

The scene was much calmer than before.

Gu Zhou calmly picked up Qiao Nian’s bowl and helped her scoop a bowl of soup before handing it to her.

Although this was just a small action, it still stunned Qiao Nian for a long time.

In Qiao Nian’s memory, this was the first time Gu Zhou had served her soup.

Gu Zhou’s gaze landed on Lu Zhu’s face and he asked, “Brother Zhu, do you want some soup?”

Gu Zhou’s voice was low and hoarse, making it impossible to tell the emotions in his tone.

Lu Zhu did not want to trouble others, but seeing that Gu Zhou had just personally scooped soup for his sister, his expression softened.
He said, “I’ll do it myself.”

Of course, Gu Zhou did not stand on ceremony with Lu Zhu.

The meal was quite harmonious.

However, Gu Zhou had just discovered a detail.
There was no ginger in all the dishes and soup.

In his memory, Lu Zhu never ate ginger.
Qiao Nian had ordered this meal.

Gu Zhou’s gaze swept across Qiao Nian’s face.
She seemed to be better at taking care of people than he had imagined.

For a moment, Gu Zhou fell into deep thought.

Qiao Nian saw that Gu Zhou had been sitting there the entire time, not picking up dishes but eating rice.
She frowned slightly, then picked up a piece of pork rib and placed it in Gu Zhou’s bowl.

“Gu Zhou, you and Brother Zhu are both injured and need to recover.
The two of you can’t eat spicy and stimulating food, so I specially asked the restaurant not to put ginger and chili in our food.
These dishes might not taste as good as before, but you have to eat some to take care of your bodies.”

Gu Zhou’s gaze fell on the beef in the bowl.
The coldness on his body gradually dissipated, as if a warm light was shining on him and making him feel comfortable.

He had misunderstood.

He thought that Qiao Nian was unwilling to put in ginger because of Lu Zhu’s preferences.


Qiao Nian tilted her head slightly and urged, “Eat!”


At this moment, Chen Qing felt the atmosphere in the room instantly ease up, and his tense heart also relaxed.

After dinner, Gu Zhou poured himself a glass of water and took a sip.
His gaze landed on Qiao Nian’s face as he said, “Grandma called me just now and said that she missed you.
She even asked when we would be home.”

Chen Qing stood aside obediently.
He knew everything, but he would not say it.


When Gu Zhou mentioned Matriarch Gu, Qiao Nian’s heart warmed instantly.
She missed Matriarch Gu.

She had previously come to MY to help Matriarch Gu get the Moon Goddess, but she had never expected so many things to happen in between.
Moreover, she had never given the Moon Goddess to Matriarch Gu.

Now, Jiang Yue had been chased out of the Gu family.
Although Zhao Qian was still in the Gu family, she was a rather liberal person and was preparing to go overseas.

She and Gu Zhou had not gone back.
Matriarch Gu must be very lonely now.

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