Xu Qian really did not know what would happen if she told the truth.

Besides, she just overheard the conversation between Doctor Sha and Li Na.

Doctor Sha was very unhappy.
He felt that in that situation, Li Na should tell the truth.

Besides, Dr.
Qiao was Mr.
Lu’s sister.

Xu Qian was really worried that Mr.
Lu would still believe Song Yue’s words.
If that was the case, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Only now did Xu Qian know that Mr.
Lu was injured because of Song Yue.

So Song Yue was the bad guy.

Therefore, when Xu Qian heard those words, she was really worried that Mr.
Lu did not believe Doctor Qiao.
The only thing she could do was to help Doctor Qiao explain.

She was going to tell the whole truth.

Qiao Nian frowned warily and asked, “How did you know?”

“I’m a nurse, so no matter what, I’ll be very careful.
When I was packing up the operating theater that night, I didn’t find the blood bag you donated for Mr.
Lu, so I initially suspected that in order to please Mr.
Lu, you deliberately made everyone say that she donated blood for you.
Coupled with what Doctor Sha and Li Na said, I’m completely sure what happened,” Xu Qian said with a firm gaze.

Seeing Xu Qian like this, Qiao Nian suddenly understood why Xu Qian could become a head nurse in MY.

Xu Qian was quick-witted.
The hospital needed such talent.

Xu Qian frowned and pursed her lips slightly.
“I was originally worried that Mr.
Lu would believe what Song Yue said.
That’s why there was such a huge misunderstanding.
I wanted to tell you about this.”

When Xu Qian said this, she could not help but feel nervous again.
However, she did not know how Doctor Qiao would deal with her.

She couldn’t bear to see Doctor Qiao and his sister turn against each other because of someone else’s instigation.

The air in the ward gradually became thinner.
She glanced at Mr.
Lu, then at Qiao Nian.
Seeing that they were deep in thought and not speaking, she continued, “Don’t worry, I won’t spout nonsense.
I won’t mention this again.”

After saying this, Xu Qian became inexplicably nervous.
She didn’t know how Doctor Qiao would deal with her.

Actually, Xu Qian did not want to get involved in these matters at all because it was too dangerous.

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes and looked at Xu Qian.
Pursing her lips, she said, “Okay, remember what you said.
Get out.”

Xu Qian heaved a sigh of relief before turning around and walking out.

Qiao Nian watched as Xu Qian left.
She could feel the fear in Xu Qian’s heart.

Previously, Xu Qian had brought Song Yue over.
She didn’t like Xu Qian to begin with, but Xu Qian was a reliable nurse.

Moreover, Xu Qian clearly knew that she didn’t donate blood, but she didn’t tell anyone.
It seemed that she was a person who could keep her mouth shut.

Moreover, Xu Qian had run over without any scruples this time to help her clear her name.

“Thank you.” Qiao Nian watched as Xu Qian walked to the door of the ward.

Xu Qian had just opened the door when she heard Qiao Nian’s words.
She turned around and saw the sincerity in those beautiful foxy eyes.

She had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach and suddenly didn’t know what to say.
In the end, she shook her head and gave her a thin smile before heading outside.

Lu Zhu naturally understood Qiao Nian’s thoughts.
She must be grateful that Xu Qian could help her.

Actually, without Xu Qian’s words, he would have still believed Qiao Nian.

Lu Zhu could not help but sigh in his heart.
His Sugar must have suffered so much to become so insecure.

He had to work hard to give all the best things to Sugar and make her happy for the rest of her life.

Qiao Nian smiled and reminded him, “Brother, you should rest.”

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