Qiao Nian was stunned by Lu Zhu’s reaction.

She had always thought that her brother was like a bright moon in the night sky, cold and unattainable.
However, she never expected that after her brother got angry, he became completely different.

Song Yue tried her best to breathe.
She reached out to pry Lu Zhu’s hand away, but Lu Zhu’s grip became stronger and stronger.
She gradually could not breathe.


Song Yue was speechless now.

She could not believe that Lu Zhu did not listen to a single word she said to him previously.

Qiao Nian was a liar.

Qiao Nian was the one who had done something wrong.

Why was Brother Lu Zhu so harsh on her?

Song Yue gradually rolled her eyes and struggled less.
Just as she almost died from lack of oxygen, Lu Zhu threw her to the ground.

“Ah!” Song Yue screamed, gasping for breath, and tears fell uncontrollably.

It hurt.
It hurt so much.
That part down there hurt so bad she could barely breathe.

Song Yue looked down and saw that her pants were already stained with blood.

Song Yue looked at Lu Zhu with tears streaming down her face and said pleadingly, “Save, save me…”

Lu Zhu’s eyes were cold without any warmth.
“I gave you a way out before.”

Song Yue’s blood stained the floor.
She trembled as she looked at Lu Zhu.

Qiao Nian frowned slightly.
She could tell that Song Yue was really afraid this time.

At this moment, Song Yue bit her lip.
She could not see any warmth in Lu Zhu’s black eyes.
She knew that Lu Zhu really wanted her to die.

Song Yue shook her head gently and crawled to Lu Zhu bit by bit.
She begged bitterly, “Brother Lu Zhu, save, save me…”

“I’ve already given you a chance, but you keep crossing my bottom line.
Since you’re so brave, I’ll let you be brave for once! You don’t have to go back to An City anymore!”

At this point, Lu Zhu called out, “Chen Shi.”

Chen Shi pushed open the door and walked in.
When he saw Song Yue on the ground, his face was expressionless without a trace of pity.
“Young Master.”

Lu Zhu looked at Chen Shi without blinking and said, “Take her out and clean her up!”


Song Yue still wanted to struggle, but she was in too much pain.

Chen Shi carried Song Yue out like a rag.

Only at this moment did Song Yue clearly realize that Brother Lu Zhu really didn’t want her to live anymore.
They really couldn’t go back to the past.

Chen Shi hurriedly got someone to clean up the blood in the room.
The entire room instantly became clean, as if nothing had happened.

Qiao Nian was slightly taken aback.
She didn’t pity Song Yue at all, because Song Yue deserved it.
If Song Yue hadn’t caused trouble, she wouldn’t have suffered so miserably.

However, Qiao Nian was worried that Song Yue’s death would affect her brother.
After all, everyone in An City knew that Song Yue had come here with her brother.


Lu Zhu seemed to understand what Qiao Nian was about to say.
He interrupted her and said, “If we bring her back to An City, it will only bring us more trouble.
If she doesn’t cause trouble, she will naturally be safe.
However, she is restless.
She only has herself to blame.”

Lu Zhu knew about the relationship between the Song family and the Lu family, so he gave Song Yue a chance.
It was just that Song Yue was unwilling to cherish it!

“Brother, what about the Song family?” Qiao Nian looked at Lu Zhu worriedly.

When Lu Zhu heard Qiao Nian’s words, his voice was cold as he said, “She was the one who wanted to kill you first, and she almost caused me to die in the Ghost City.
She should have died at Jiang Chi’s hands.
If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have brought her back.
Now, we’re just letting Song Yue return to the night she was injured.
We will just choose not to save her again.”

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