C1 —- Sudden death

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Qiu Mingquan definitely didn’t expect that he would die like this.


His body spun, falling rapidly, nausea and panic squeezed the chest cavity at the same time, his eyes didn’t have time to experience the transition between life and death, when his body fell heavily on the ground!




Blo-od splattered, flesh wrecked.


Then he felt in a trance as if his body was a little lighter and flew to a high place.



Looking down, the lawn on the ground was dark at the moment, and two people could be seen lying on it.


It seemed that there had been a long silence around, and the noisy voices finally started to ring.
The originally dark building site also begun to light up.



Some people rushed over, some people were terrified on the phone.
There were also people who took one look at the people on the ground, then turned around and vomitted.


Qiu Mingquan stared blankly at the body on the left.
The body was torn, bloodstained, tired and showing an old face and body full of gray marks left by the weight of life.


This person’s face, Qiu Mingquan was hit a cold chill, was clearly his.


Yes, it was him.
What the he-ll was going on here?



There was another strange man next to his body.



Even in the dark night, he could still see that his eyebrows were clear, the bridge of his nose was upright, and his long eyebrows were as thick as the edge of the sword.
His eyes were closed, and there was blo-od on his cheeks .


Who was this person?


The ambulance whistle finally rang out sharply, and people in white coats rushed in.


Qiu Mingquan’s consciousness was dazed as he followed, and in the narrow space of the ambulance, only a vague voice could be heard: “Who is it? How come one is fully clothed and the other is only wearing a torn undershirt?”


“It seems that one is the president of Shen Chu Group, and the other is a construction worker, I heard.”


“Ah.” The ambulance continued to be busy, no one bothered to look at the tattered body dressed in rags, which had completely lost its vital signs.



Qiu Mingquan looked blankly at his body in the ambulance and finally remembered everything.


At night, he was just trying to save some money on his electricity bill, so he sneaked to the rooftop of the unfinished building to cool off, and woke up inexplicably to two people arguing.



He slept in the shadows of the miscellaneous pile on the side, and only looked bewildered for a dozen seconds before one of them pounced on the other hysterically, and in the midst of the tangle, the other one fell ten thousand feet down!



M-urder, or mistake, he didn’t even look clearly, he rushed up, trying to pull that person.


Then, he didn’t know what tripped under his feet, he only managed to grab the man’s arm, then he fell with the huge inertia!


There was no legendary flashback of the past, nor was there any freeze-frame like time freeze, only the horror of the soul flying apart.


He died just like that? What kind of bad luck was that?


The car swayed so much that Qiu Mingquan suddenly saw that his left hand was firmly clutching an object!


A piece of jade pendant.
Round as the size of a quail’s egg, flat, and still warm.


–That wasn’t his, he had never had any opportunity to wear any such flashy ornaments in his poor life.


A few moments ago, he grabbed the man’s collar and fell out of the air, the pendant was pulled off the man’s neck and left in his palm, and the residual heat hadn’t yet subsided.


He had to give it back, he thought confusedly.


Soon the ambulance arrived at the nearby hospital and the doctors on duty started to get busy.


Suddenly, a young man swooped over to the stretcher and grabbed the handsome man by the stretcher.


“Brother Rui! Please don’t die!” He hissed, seemingly falling into hysteria, big drops of tears kept falling down.


From the side, this was a man with a beautiful face, but now, that beautiful face was miserably white, as if he was a wild ghost of injustice from hell.


Ah, yes, a few moments ago, it was this voice arguing fiercely, waking him up from his spot on the rooftop!


“Please save him, doctor!” The man stumbled after him, pulling the doctor with him.
Beneath his thin single eyelid, his phoenix eyes were red.



Qiu Mingquan looked at him in a daze, how could such a good-looking man be so cruel as to push someone down the stairs?


“He fell from a high building and has multiple fatal injuries!” A doctor ran to Qiu Mingquan’s body and began to examine and give first aid, but soon shook his head – pulse undetectable, breathing stopped, pupils dilated, no more basic vital signs.


“Doctor Liu, this wounded man is still a little conscious!”


Qiu Mingquan was in a bit of a trance, and it was only then that he began to muddle through the thought of what to do if he died here.



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