Chapter-2 – Beauty Brute

Ning Yi heard this cold and magnetic voice and suddenly realized that after the body swap, the two of them could still talk directly in their hearts.

So she picked up what little courtesy she had left and explained, “I didn’t stab you, it was all a small misunderstanding…”

However, before she could finish speaking, she felt the cold needle tip land on her arm, and it slowly moved up and down, bringing up goosebumps.


Gu Cheng lowered his eyes and looked at his body without any emotion.

A maliciousness floated in his heart as he asked, “How does this taste?”

You can’t see, you can’t move, there is no hope, and you have to wait for the slaughter.

Fate treated him really harshly, even such a villain dared to step on his head.

Now that he is awake, don’t blame him…


Before the darkness in Gu Cheng’s eyes permeated, he suddenly swapped back in his body.

And Ning Yi stood at the head of the bed, blinking her eyes.

——I’m sorry, she just thought casually about it just now, but it turned out to be swapped back again.

So the swap turned out to be not so random!

As long as she thinks about it she could.

Gu Cheng on the other end also obviously realized that the swapped body was under the control of the other party, and his heart sank—in that case, he was completely passive and was going to be controlled.

What would this vicious woman do to him??

——Ning Yi looked at the big guy lying on the bed, and her eyes gradually moved.

Unexpectedly, this useless man also had some good points.

In the last days, she was surrounded by all kinds of mutant noises, and she was always in danger and her nerves were tense. 

She hadn’t slept for a full night in three years, but now she could sleep in a soft and clean place where she couldn’t see, hear, or move- isn’t the big guy’s body a good silent space to sleep?

It was like a five-star hotel double room where you could check in anytime for free.

Ning Yi thought, fortunately, he was not stabbed to death!

So Ning Yi methodically threw the “cold weapon”, stuffed a sweet orange into her mouth, then patted the boss on the shoulder.

She proactively swapped bodies with him again.

After doing all this, Ning Yi finally got her wish and she peacefully lay down on the bed.

When Gu Cheng opened his eyes again, he was standing by the bed again.

Looking down, the needle in his hand was gone.

Ning Yi said, “My husband, live well.”

Gu Cheng, “…”

He clenched his palms tightly, and his eyes were full of mist.

This woman should be the wife arranged for him by the family, a person who was vicious enough to abuse her unconscious husband. 

And now she was suddenly pretending to be affectionate, the purpose was nothing more than to seek more benefits.

Gu Cheng lowered his eyes, and calmly turned the hospital ward into a negotiating table, “I think you know my identity, if we cooperate, I can give you everything you want.” 

But the other side didn’t speak a word, she was behaving very peacefully and there was no sound at all.

Seeing this, Gu Cheng’s heart sank, even more, and his eyes changed a few times.

It seemed that this woman was not an idiot who could only prick people with needles, on the contrary, she was quite scheming and calm while making a deal.

Gu Cheng controlled his tone, taking retreat as an advance, he said “Of course, the initiative is yours, if you…”

Gu Cheng spoke in a low tone, his mouth was almost parched, but the other party remained silent as if she was well-versed in the game of negotiations.

A bit of fear finally appeared on Gu Cheng’s gloomy and indifferent face as he said, “What do you exactly want?”

After a while, the other party finally responded.

Ning Yi, “zzZZZ”

Gu Cheng, “??”

Hearing the sound, Gu Cheng was dumbfounded.

Gu Cheng, who had endured for three years, finally lost it at that moment.

She was f*cking snoring.

At this time, outside the ward.

Because the door of the ward hadn’t opened for a long time, the famous ladies and daughters couldn’t sit still.

Ning Yi hadn’t come out for so long, so Young Master Gu really woke up, right?!

After all, the business empire that Gu Cheng single-handedly created was still operating according to his rules, and the market value of the Gu Group was still unmatched in City A. 

Thinking of Gu Cheng’s handsome look and flawless face… 

In fact, if he opened his eyes at the moment, there would be countless people who wanted to marry him.

Everyone was a little bit unwilling to let a country bumpkin marry him, but no one dared to bet on that eventuality.

Among the crowd, only Ding Zi Yue calmly smiled.
It was the gesture of a winner in life.

Others didn’t know why Ning Yi didn’t come out for a long time from the Gu Cheng ward, but Ding Zi Yue knew it– because she knew what would happen in the future through a dream! 

Now her blackened sister must have started to abuse Gu Cheng.

Ding Ziyue smiled lightly, it was a pity that Ning Yi didn’t know that Gu Cheng could perceive the pain and would wake up soon!

So she only needed to find an opportunity to heal Gu Cheng and heal him after Ning Yi abused him, so when Gu Cheng rose again– she will be the light that helped him to overcome the darkness!

Just as she was thinking about her sweet future, the door of the ward suddenly opened—


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