Chapter-1 – Beauty Brute

When Ning Yi opened her eyes, she found herself sitting in a luxurious ward.
And she was holding a needle in her hand with blood on its tip.

Apparently, she had just finished pricking someone. 

Ning Yi had never used such a humorous weapon since the beginning of the end of the world, thinking…

——Good guy! She had transmigrated 

 into a book?

Soon she learned that this is the plot of a brainless group pet article, and the handsome man lying on the hospital bed who had just been poked by her was Gu Cheng.

The strongest business emperor in the book had accidentally become comatose after an accident three years ago.

In the original book, the heroine Ding Zi Yue and Gu Cheng had a marriage contact, and because of this, she had always been envied by the many ladies and daughters of rich families. 

Fortunately, after the accident, she found out that she was the fake daughter who was wrongly held by the Ning family. 

So, when the real daughter Ning Yi was found from the countryside, the task of marrying a comatose person was naturally pushed to her. 

Not only that, but Ding Zi Yue was also found by her real family members, and they were even more powerful wealthy families than the Ning family. 

And she was spoiled as the apple of her eye by the two families!

But Ning Yi didn’t have a good day in her life.
And now just after returning to the wealthy family, she had to marry an unconscious man and live a life of a widow for her.

Compared with Ding Zi Yue’s pampered life, her life was hell.
This caused her mentality to be distorted.

So, to vent her anger, she started abusing her disabled husband.
Little did she know that the boss’s consciousness had been passively trapped in his body.
And he was awake all the time. 

The boss’s five senses were lost but his sense of pain was still intact! 

Being abused while lying passively made the boss turn even darker, and when he rose up, he once again swept the entire business world. 

And Ning Yi, a vicious pervert, was naturally the first to be tortured to death by the boss.

After thinking about the garbage plot, Ning Yi didn’t know which one was more unlucky, the boss or her.

She felt that if the two of them could change places, they should resonate quite well with each other.

Ning Yi had spent three years in the apocalyptic world and basically had lost her sense of morality, justice, and sympathy.

Now she only had thought about countermeasures that were beneficial to her survival.

Today was the first day when the original owner was allowed to visit Gu Cheng after getting married into the Gu family. 

Outside the ward, almost the entire wealthy family members of the City A had gathered.
And most of these people look down on the original owner. 

If Gu Cheng was not awake, they would ridicule her for being a widow and if Gu Cheng was awake, they would ridicule her for being unworthy.

Ning Yi took the needle, pointed it at the big boss, and seriously thought—

Since the needle has already been pierced, why doesn’t she just stab him to death??

To avoid his rebellious behavior later.

But she quickly changed her mind.
Currently, this society was ruled by law, and it was not good to casually fight and kill.

Thinking about it, Ning Yi yawned in distress.
After finally leaving the apocalyptic world, she transmigrated into a useless character.

When will her simple dream of eating, drinking, and sleeping soundly come true??!

Ning Yi simply buckled the needle and closed her eyes, “Why don’t I lie down for you for a while, my husband…”

Of course, this was just a random thought in her heart.

However, as she finished speaking there was suddenly a slight fluctuation in the air, like a gust of wind brushing her ears, as if something had changed.

Ning Yi’s senses were sharp, and she immediately opened her eyes.

But she found out— why is it dark in front of my eyes?

Not only that, but all the noises that were always disturbing her because of her good hearing had also disappeared. 

The whole world was only left with the soft and fluffy feeling under the body.


This was a bit like…

As if to confirm Ning Yi’s guess, “Ning Yi” who was sitting by the bed slowly stood up.

When “she” opened her eyes, there was a dark light in her eyes, like a beast that had been caged in the dark for too long, peeping gloomily at the long-lost light.

After getting used to standing and seeing things normally, Gu Cheng saw himself lying on the bed.
For the first time, he fell silent. 

Out of his body?!

When he slowly raised his hand, he saw a small white wrist that belonged to a woman, with five very slender fingers…and a needle.

Seeing the needle, Gu Cheng narrowed his eyes.
It turned out that he was actually transferred into this person’s body.

An inexplicable sense of connection made her clearly know that she actually switched bodies with the big boss.

If she had known earlier, she would have thrown the needle away first, ah no– if she had known earlier, she would have stabbed him to death!

Gu Cheng had already picked up the needle and looked at it.

The sharp pain in his arm just now, “–is it because of this?”

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