“I’m not going to see Nezar though.”

“That not it? Then why do you want to come along?”

“To watch you train at the training ground.
Daisy! I need to get ready to go out, could you come real quick?”

“To watch me train?!”

Daisy could be seen rushing from the distance while Lockherd folded his arms and frowned.
In the maid’s arms was a light green dress that had just been washed.
Since Lockherd said that he had to leave right away, I would just go with whatever she had chosen for me and quickly have her dress me without minding too much.

I quickly let Daisy in, leaving the door slightly open.
I said to him.

“You are still going to take me, right?”

At my desperate voice, the tension on his face relieved as he rubbed his neck.
Still, he gave me an incomprehensible gaze.

“You used to be a kid who didn’t care about wherever I was or whatever I was doing.
Why are you suddenly interested in looking around or watching me train now?”

As soon as he’s done talking, his straight lips shut tightly, expressing his doubts.
The gap in the door was getting thinner and narrower like a strand of thread.
I should probably close it quickly before he changed his mind and refused.

“I need to meet someone.
Anyway, I will be down soon, so don’t go on your own and wait for me downstairs.”

Before my brother could slam the door and turn his back, I widened the door’s gap again.
I implored Lockherd, who’s been glaring at my door with his arms crossed, once last time.

“Please wait for me!”

Fortunately, Lockherd didn’t leave the castle first.

Walking down to the lobby with my anxious heart, I was worried that we would run late.
But seeing how he hadn’t said anything, I might have not delayed us long enough to cause problems. 

Even after getting into the carriage, Lockherd was staring at my face with wrinkles on his forehead.
I pretended to not notice and casually coughed, hoping that he would somehow get my cue.
But after ten times like that, I was getting worn out and had no choice but to give in.

“Lockherd, please stop staring.
You will leave a hole in my face!”

Lockherd said nothing, still maintaining the suspecting look that he had on him ever since back at the castle.

“Who is the person you have to meet?”

“Like you would know them even if I told you… Also, we’re not meeting.
I’m just sneaking around.”

His face crumpled even more at my reply.
It was the kind of face one had on when they discovered that their partner had a secret lover.
Confusion and horror gathered on his good-looking face.

“You can’t do that.
We will have to turn the carriage around back to Ezellot.”

Stating that resolutely, Lockherd got up with his back in a slight arc, intending to knock on the wall with the coachman riding on the other side.
I hurriedly grabbed his hand before he could tap it.

“Ah, okay.
I’ll confess.
Don’t turn the carriage around!… I have to meet Sir Pancion Entera.”

Frightened, I had to reveal the name of my target.
Unable to contain my irritation, I threw Lockherd’s hand aside.

“Why do you need to meet my vice-captain?”

“I just want to see his face….All other noble ladies know Sir Pancion’s face except for me.”

“What are you going to use that information for? I’m telling you this because you seem unaware, but Sir Pancion already has a lover.
Above all, he’s almost ten years older than you, so don’t even think about it.”

My kind brother, Lockherd, gave me every detail that I couldn’t have cared less about.
The last sentence, however, sounded a little ridiculous.
Since in the Empire, it was usual for a young daughter of a lower-rank noble family to marry an older man, who was, in some cases, closer to their uncle’s age, or become the second wife of a childless widower.
Of course, the youngest daughter of a long-established family like me would never be in such a situation.

“I don’t even know his face so how can I even harbour such a thought? I won’t bother you, so just leave me alone.
It cannot be helped if I want to make friends.”

Lockherd shook his head helplessly and looked out the window.
He did not seem to understand exactly what it meant.
Rather, he seemed more worried about what kind of ruckus I would cause this time around.

After arriving at the Imperial Palace, I had to walk a fairly long distance.
I hid behind Lockherd’s back and walked while glancing in all directions the entire time.
I couldn’t let my guard down in case I met Nesar.

Me sticking to Lockherd typically looked like a cicada to an old tree.
As if he has noticed my behavior, Lockherd, who resembled Eden in having eyes on the back of his head, stretched out his arm and dragged me to the side.

“Originally, the schedule of the guards was all private except for specified dates.
Though I already brought you here, I can’t just show you around the Imperial Palace…”

With a small sigh, Lockherd lead me into the old-fashioned castle.
What was this place? If it was any other castle, I would have felt people’s presence there.
But for some reason, this place was empty without a single person.

“It’s morning training time, so all of the knights must be on the training ground.
Just today, I’ll get permission from the leader today.
Don’t say strange things like you’ve come to see Sir Pancion and watch your words.
Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“You mean to lie? Do not worry about it.
That’s my specialty”

“Tsk, show off.”

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