Looking For My Fiancé – chapter 4


“Is it necessary to memorise the names of good-looking young masters from renowned noble families to have a female friend?”

His voice, which was already deep, was pronouncedly solemn today.
I used to frequently joke around with him, though he did not seem to like it one bit, he had never once openly shown such an unpleasant and unsightly expression.
Why now?

What in the world was happening? I wanted to relieve the negative energy that occupied the current atmosphere, so I answered with my usual lively voice.

“Of course! You have no idea how important it is! Women need empathy when they talk, meaning that they have to find mutual interests that they can freely discuss, and I think ‘guys’ is one of them.
When men get together, don’t they talk about women? The same goes for women’s gatherings, they become passionate about sharing their views about men, especially promising young heirs from well-known families.
Therefore, it is natural for me to memorise them.”


Speaking vigorously did not seem to have much effect.
Rather, Nezar calmly leaned back, it looked like he was contemplating something.

His thin eyes scan me up and down.
His gaze then lingered on my face, maybe he wanted to take a closer look at the corner of my mouth or the angle of my eyebrows, to see what emotion I was bearing or whether I was lying or not.

“Alright, you are supposed to make friends, and since I’m your fiance, I cannot just stand still and watch.
I will be your special practice partner for today, so just say one name you have memorised so far.”

It was an unwelcome consideration.

“Thank you, but it is fine.”

“Say it.”

It was an embarrassingly resolute request, so I gave him the name off the top of my head.

“Um… Pancion Entera.”

I remember hearing from Daisy that Pancion Entera was the person in charge of the Second Division of the Imperial Guard.

At the age of only mid-twenties, he, a prodigy in swordsmanship, ascended to the rank of Commander of the Deputy Imperial Knights Division.
Not only the young girls, but the ladies also claimed that he was a capable single man who they could not take their eyes off.

Of course, I had never seen him. 

“Pancion Entera…”

Nezar agonised over the name for a moment then he continued to ask me.

“Lady Katrina, what part of Lord Pancion are you in love with?”

You didn’t mean to help, did you?

Nezar’s tone was a little strange for that.
No noble lady in the Empire would be used to that kind of coercive tone.

And in love with him? I had never seen Pansion Entera in the first place.

His freezing cold eyes were now as sharp as if they were going to bite me.
I tensed up.

“Umm, I am not in love with him.”

Did I deny it too bluntly? Flustered, I urgently added, making up as many plausible words as possible.

“But very well, I shall tell…”

Was he handsome? It must be it since he was so popular.

“He is handsome, he is a talented knight and his appearance is very well-built….”

I was sure it would work.
After all, he was a Knights Commander, those features must have applied to him.

“I feel my face reddened every time I see him.
What about Lord Nezar, is there any lady that catches your attention?”

Holding the teacup with my pinkie up, smiling softly when I talked.
With meticulous attention to every single movement so as to appear like a proper lady, I made eye contact with Nezar.

I tried my best to show him that I was nailing the role play he gave me.
That way, he would not have an ounce of doubt about what I had said.

But for some reason Nezar was silent.
His face, which was twitching less than a minute ago, was now still and emotionless as if he had been doused by cold water.

Did I do something wrong? I did not know what the problem was, but something was definitely off.

It was quite obvious at that moment that Nezar found something repugnant, but I could not make out what it was.
What in world was making him this uncomfortable? No matter how much I thought about it, I could not figure out the source of his discomfort, so I quietly waited for his response.

I did not know how much time had passed.
Only after he let out a heavy sigh, which sounded like it contained all his suppressed emotions, did Nezar speak.

“Kate, you need to take responsibility for your words.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that way, right?”

What did he mean? I had a bad feeling.
I did not understand even the slightest bit of what Nezar was saying right now.

Nezar rested his back against the sofa and sighed once more.
His voice, which was soft and sweet like freshly baked Castella just now, had become husky in a short time.

“People in high positions carry as much responsibility as the rights and authority that they have.
The fact that I, the Crown Prince, chose you as my fiancé and not any other young girl…”

He suddenly stopped talking.
Nezar, who briefly rubbed his forehead with his hand, had his expression distorted.
Then he immediately turned to me and asked.

“How old are you this year? Sixteen?”

“It’s fifteen.”

“Hahh, terribly young.
What on earth am I doing with a fifteen-year-old…”

It was the third sigh.
I could not bring myself to say to his face — But my mind is seventeen, not fifteen.

It would not sound normal no matter who heard it.

“Do you know how old I am?”

“Of course I do! Nezar, do you think I am a fool who cannot even count? You are nineteen this year.”

When I answered confidently without hesitation, Nezar raised an eyebrow.

It was a minute change, but the gloomy atmosphere seemed to have gotten a little brighter.
Thanks to it, my tense nerves and breathing were eased after a long while.

Why do I have to cower in front of my fiance all day like this?

I shut my mouth tightly and complained inwardly out of injustice.
This was why if a person liked somebody first, and liked them immensely, liked them continuously and tenaciously, they would be on the losing end.

I wanted to punch the twelve-year-old Lockherd, who had brought Nezar into my life, haunting my heart and mind.

This was all because of that second-rate jerk.
He was the one to be Nezar’s sword, not me, so there was absolutely no reason for me to be submissive like this!

“…okay, there is no need to rush.”

Nezar, upon saying so, beckoned lightly.
It meant to get closer, so I strode quickly and took the seat next to him.

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