As I spoke, she turned confused.

No matter how angry I was, or how recklessly I acted, that did not mean I was so messed up that I went straight to Nezar without much thought.

Even back when I  only acted as I pleased, I had never once borrowed Nezar’s position and power.

The reason was simple.
Because I could not handle my anger.

“It’s alright, Katrina.
I didn’t follow you because of the Crown Prince.”

Caron was much calmer than when I threw the tea away.
It was me that was somewhat depressed.

“Still, me telling you that we’re going to meet Nezar was a lie.
In a way, it would be more accurate to say that I brought the lady along in a fit of rage.”

No matter how I looked at it, it was a very ignorant act.

Ah! damn it.
I am nothing different from how I used to be.

But even if the same situation were to repeat itself, I would still do the same thing.
Even if it was a meeting that I attended not for a pure purpose, I could not leave Caron alone in that castle.

So how to deal with it… I’ll think about it from now on.

“My lady, you are like a prince.”

I lifted my gaze, which had been stuck to the floor.
Caron raised the corners of her lips and smiled softly, but the expression seemed to lack many elements to be called a smile.

“Actually,…I don’t know if I can say this, but… My oldest brother, he’s actually not feeling very well.”

Eldest brother?

She was probably referring to Turner Entera.
When I pulled out my hand to support my chin, showing interest, Caron continued.

“It’s a pretty old disease.
He has been recuperating for the past two years, though his health has not improved much.
It’s been three weeks since the Duchess came to him…,.
And it has only been two and a half weeks since I arrived at Entera.”

“I’ve never heard of that before.”

At my words, she smiled again.
It was a weak, drooping smile.

“The Duke has very high expectations for brother Pancion.
It’s even more so after the Duchess left.
Maybe that’s why there’s already been a lot of talk among the employees that the successor will change.
Brother Pancion doesn’t even pay any attention to me,… that’s why I don’t think he is coming back to Entera anymore.
Especially these days, he spends more time at the Imperial Palace.
Around that time, the attitude of the maids also changed.”

I heard a lot of rumours that the heir of the Entera family was very weak.
I also heard that he had gone somewhere for medical treatment, but I did not know that the Duchess would follow him.

Because that usually meant that his condition was very critical.

“If I were Mrs Malen, I would not have forgiven Caron Entera either.
An illegitimate child who came in at a time when the family was in such chaos, taking advantage of the Duchess’ absence… How terrible would that be?”

T/n: guesses are Mrs Malen is the maid who dragged her away “like a cow” back at the knights’ quarter, since it is later mentioned that she’s in charge of taking care of Caron.

“Did you not say anything to Sir Pancion?”

“It’s the same with brother Pancion.
He is already struggling enough, I don’t want to make him more concerned.”

Caron could no longer raise the corners of her lips.

What-, what should I do in this situation?

The last time I appeased or comforted someone was already at least 15 years ago.
I had never encountered a situation like this since I was reborn as Katrina.
Except for Nezar, of course.
Because he was the centre of my world.

“Um, so… ”

Are you all right? No, that is too formal and common.
How about ‘Are you going to be okay?’ That isn’t it either.
That sounds too irresponsible! So what should I say?

While I was about to jump over the high wall (referring to the challenge she’s facing)  to facilitate social activities, Caron, who was seated in front of me, lifted her head.
She was biting her lip, blood was seen from her scabbed flesh.

“Though, thanks to you, milady, I was able to breathe again.
It’s the first time I’ve come out of the castle without a maid! That’s why you seem like a prince or a knight to me.
Thank you very much.
I-, I mean it.”

It’s good to be sincere, but the thin line of blood flowing down her chin was about to drip onto her dress.
In case the dress might get dirty, I handed the handkerchief I had prepared to Caron.

“Wipe it.”

Caron, taking my handkerchief, slightly dumbfounded, tapped near her cheek.

Don’t they usually wipe near their mouth? Why is she touching her cheeks?

“Not there, your chin.”

“Oh, yes!”

Caron hastily wiped the area near her lips.
It was then that her vampire-like appearance was restored to its original form.

Am I really going to make this kid Nezar’s lover?

Perhaps I did not think it through.
I then sighed deeply and leaned my head against the wall.


“…That’s my situation so far.
What do you think of it?”

At my earnest question, Rick’s face distorted as if he had seen his ancestral ghosts.
But I didn’t care and clasped more tightly to his shoulder.
Maybe it was because he was wearing newly washed clothes today, but I could smell the warm sunlight from him.

“Hm? What do you think?”

Nervously closing the cover of the book, Rick threw it onto the table.

“I thought you are only a little different, but you’ve changed in a very strange way.”

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