It seemed that it wasn’t really the right method.
Also, I shouldn’t be using people as a temporary illustration for Lockherd.
I wanted to kick the past me, who had been digging into books for knowledge all along, but still ended up with this kind of mistake.
Perhaps, there was nothing written in those books about how to deal with a noble young lord rightfully.

As my shoulders drooped out of remorse, Pancion shook his head hastily.

“No, I did not turn my head in that sense.
I’m just a little…”

Pancion, who blurred at the end of his words, closed his mouth for a moment and looked around.

“It’s Caron’s voice.”

I straightened my shoulders at his words and focused all my attention on hearing.
There was no voice, but the sound of urgent footsteps could be heard.
Pancion, who was seemingly lost in thought for a while, slowly parted his lips.

“It seemed that she could not easily adjust to life at the castle, but after receiving the reply from milady, her expression has brightened up a lot.
Though it’s only been two days.”

“Lady Caron?”

Slowly and hesitantly, he nodded, swallowing his saliva.
There was a slight tremor at his neck when he spoke.

“Yes, my brother and I are busy with our own work, so we can’t take care of Caron well.
Don’t worry about the girl, she’s doing well.
But I was worried that she would get stressed out from the new environment because of her shy and kind nature.
I am glad that the young lady came.”

I recalled the attitude of the maid I witnessed at the Knights’ headquarters.

So she’s doing well.

I didn’t think Caron would be that benevolent and tolerant, and she didn’t seem to be able to tell Pancion of the unfair treatment she was receiving.
Why? Was she afraid of the Duchess?

“La-lady Katrina? Where are you?”

Now the sound of her steps came from somewhere right within my proximity, not far away.
A fence adorned with chrysanthemums was built high above the crown of the tree, so she didn’t seem to notice me and Pancion.
I turned to look at lord Pancion.
He was already looking at me.

“I have to go.
It was a pleasure meeting you, my lady.
I hope you have a good time.”

Pancion bowed briefly and disappeared into the garden where yellow petals were in full bloom.
Caron arrived moments after that.

“I heard that the young lady liked the garden… I would like to have a conversation in front of the garden, not indoors, if you don’t mind.”

Caron’s expression was the shyness of a girl facing her first love.
For some unknown reason, seeing a face full of anticipation like that made me feel strange.
It was the first time a girl my age had spoken and acted as if she had been waiting for me all along.
In contrast, I was rather worried that I might not be able to meet her expectations.

“This is the garden that the Duchess loves very much.
According to brother Pancion, it was designed by herself and has been maintained for several years.”

The garden table, decorated with white laces, went very well with the bright yellow petals.
However, Caron’s dress looked far inferior to the quality of the lace fabric.
She was a member of the ducal family, much more a host, and yet, she was dressed like that when meeting a guest.

Are they belittling me right now?

I felt as if my pride had been shattered.

“I heard that lady Katrina also has older brothers.
Can you tell me who they are?”

A maid approached our table and picked up the teapot.
It was pottery with blue vines painted on a pure white background.
I looked down impatiently at the crimson water that was dripping down my teacup.

My first brother is Eden Ezellot, the second is Lockherd Ezellot, and my third brother is Rick Ezellot.
All three have different personalities… To be honest, I don’t have much to say about the first one because there is a big age gap between me and brother Eden, so we don’t have much interaction with each other.”

The colour of the teapot the maid was holding has changed.
This time, it was ceramics with green vines on a pure white background.
The maid tilted the teapot into a cup that apparently belonged to Caron.
Likewise, it was dripping with red tea.

“Brother Lockherd and brother Rick have similar personalities.
Both are playful and annoying, but Lockherd is a bit more mischievous.
Brother Rick is relatively calmer and likes to read.
In short, all three have very different personalities from me.
Compared to my older brothers, I am more quiet and meek.
Like a precocious lady.”

At least I hoped so.

Caron ended up laughing at my words, covering her mouth.
But I could only hear her sound, as my eyes were still on the teapot, along with the maid.

Soon the maid took a plate full of cheese muffins and strawberry mousse cakes and carried it to the table.
Next was a cup of tea.
The tea poured from the blue vines teapot was for me, and the tea poured from the green vines teapot was for Caron.
My forehead wrinkled nervously.
This was too much of an obvious and ugly bullying method.

“Just a minute.”

It was when Caron’s hand reached towards the teacup that I quickly stretched out my arm and snatched away her cup.

“Oddly enough, the colour of this tea looks more vibrant.
It’s a pretty red colour, just like that of a ruby.
If it’s okay with you, can I have a drink?”

Caron looked me in the eyes with confusion, and belatedly nodded.
However, the situation for the maid standing next to her was a little different.
As I shifted my gaze to her, she was trying to reach her hand out to me with a bewildered look.

“My-my lady, wait a minute…!”

The temperature felt at the tip of my nose was just right.
Ignoring the maid’s words, I took a sip of her tea.
The aroma and flavour of black tea, followed by a disgusting aftertaste that rushed in at the end.
I couldn’t swallow a single bit and spat out a mouthful of tea.
As I grasped for breath, a rotten smell entered my nostrils, making it even more difficult.

“Cough, cough!”

“My-my lady?”

With an urgent voice, someone came up from behind my back.
It was Caron.

“Are-are you alright? Why all of a sudden…?”

Why?! A maid who doesn’t know her place boiled your tea with rotten water!

My blood began to boil as I held the teacup on the table in my hand.
I could feel my eyes blazing as I glared at the despicable woman.
Without delay, I threw the tea at the shameless-looking maid.

Who cares about the New Katrina?! I feel so dirty right now!

The red liquid that floated into the air fell directly on the woman’s chest.


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