’t waste time .
.” Xiao Chen said with indifference.
He hadn’t even finished speaking before he grabbed one of the remaining plants.

“Fuck, too sinister!” Not to be outdone, the others all displayed their skills.

“Hey, why didn’t you say you were going to begin? Is this any way to treat a delicate girl? You all have no shame!” Hua Yan’s face was filled with shock at the actions of her male comrades.

The ten plants were quickly claimed.
Gu Feng, Su Mujin, Ling Yunxuan, and Xiao Chen all had two each, while Ye Mochen and Hua Yan each had one.
Hua Yan had missed out on the opportunity due to reacting too slowly. 

“Shijie .
I’ll give you .
this one.” When facing Hua Yen, Ye Mochen instantly became as meek as a sheep, and his speech turned awkward.

“No need, I don’t have any use for it.
You keep it for yourself.” Hua Yan refused with a mocking laugh.


At Hua Yan’s laugh, Ye Mochen’s neck immediately turned red. Truly useless! In his heart, Gu Feng ruthlessly despised people like Ye Mochen.

“This secret realm is full of peril.
Since we’ve all gathered, we might as well stick together!” Keeping in mind his recollection from the past, Gu Feng felt it was better to act in concert, though he couldn’t say why these people engendered in him an indescribable feeling of trust and confidence. 

“I have no problem with sticking together.
How should we divide the treasures we find?” Hua Yan fluttered her eyes.

“Naturally they should belong to whoever grabs them first, and once a treasure has been picked up, there should be no fighting over it.
How does that sound to everyone?” Gu Feng raised his eyebrows as he proposed a solution.

“Agreed.” Xiao Chen was as precious with his words as before, and Ling Yunxuan once more nodded his head without speaking.

“I .
I’ll go along with whatever Shijie decides.” Ye Mochen blushed yet again. 

The matter decided amicably, the party left the valley.
Outside, the landscape was blanketed in a lush and verdant forest, and the sky had already begun to darken, making it difficult to see very far.

“There are five paths before us.” Gu Feng suddenly came to a halt, “Which one do all of you think we should take?”

Hua Yan took out a compass-like device that could forecast the fortune of the journey ahead.
Worthy of being from Tempering Talents Peak, she carried many such treasures, but the compass’ needle only swayed back and forth without settling.

“None of these roads lead to sure disaster, and neither will any of them guarantee our survival.
It’s difficult to guess the probability of their outcomes.
What do you think we should do?” Hua Yen spread her hands in helplessness and deferred the decision. 

“In that case, let’s take the middle road.” Gu Feng made the call, with none of the others voicing opposition.
Su Mujin would follow along with whatever decision he made, and it seemed like he was going to have to take the lead for this group.

As they walked along the road, they became aware that something was fishy.
It was too quiet.
There wasn’t even a single ant crawling along the ground, and after walking for such a long time, they had yet to reach the end of the forest.
Though going by foot was naturally slower than other forms of locomotion, even so, this forest really seemed to be too large.

“Gege, this tree looks just like one we passed by a bit ago.
The mark I made is still present.” Su Mujin walked over to the tree and carefully inspected it.

Everyone stopped walking, and came over to look.
Although the sky was now completely dark, it was not difficult to see that this tree really did have a small slash mark, and their expressions turned ugly. 

“Apparently we’ve walked all this time and gone absolutely nowhere.
Did we walk into an illusion array?” Gu Feng voiced his guess.

“I’ve studied arrays, and there’s no fluctuation signature here belonging to an array.” Ling Yunxuan again used sound transmission instead of speaking.

Gu Feng glanced at Ling Yunxuan with consternation.
This person always uses sound transmission, but before he could think of the reason why, Ye Mochen’s screams cut off his musing.

“Th-th-th-there is .
a pair of gigantic eyes.” Ye Mochen pointed in a direction, terrified and barely able to spit out his words. 

Gu Feng didn’t see anything in the direction that Ye Mochen was pointing.
But just then, he felt as though the earth was spinning, and the ground suddenly burst asunder, toppling countless trees all around them.

“Xiao Jin, come here!” Shaken, he grabbed Su Mujin and flew up into the air.
Stabilizing his body with difficulty, he looked down at where they had stood, and saw the forest in shambles.


On the ground, a ginormous yellow python reared its head, while leaves flew haphazardly around its massive body, creating a frightful scene.

“It seems we weren’t walking on the road, but rather on the back of this python.
While we walked forward, it moved backward.
No wonder we never got anywhere despite always walking straight ahead.” Gu Feng said seriously. 

“Oh no, it’s launching an attack at us, and this python has reached the nascent soul stage of cultivation! Everyone, quickly choose a part of it to attack, and use your full power.
Otherwise we’ll never get out of here!” Su Mujin’s expression was particularly unsightly.

“The destructive power of my sword is high, I’ll attack the head.” Xiao Chen called first dibs.

“I’ll take the tail.” Ling Yunxuan transmitted.

“Su Mujin and I will take the body!” Gu Feng nodded and spoke, then looked over at Hua Yan and Ye Mochen. 

“I’ll secure the perimeter with concealed weapons.
Mochen .
you should find a safe place to hide out.” Hua Yan hesitated, as Ye Mochen was only in the foundation building period, and it was too dangerous for him to stay close by.

“In this packet is a poison I developed.
As long as it enters one’s mouth, even if a demonic beast is in the nascent soul period, it will still be affected.
Shijie, take it.” Ye Mochen threw the packet to Hua Yan, then flew off to a safe place to hide.
With his level of cultivation, to remain would be foolish and only drag down the rest of the party.

This dialogue might seem long, but in reality, it passed in the blink of an eye.
Everyone locked eyes briefly, and then turned to attack the python in tandem.

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