The captain of the medical team was a lady from the Western Land.
Her hair, eyebrows, and even eyelashes were pure golden.
Her blue pupils reminded one of the ocean, and she had a beauty akin to the vast sea.

As Ascender, she didn't need to wear the slightly bulky protective suits.
Instead, she wore a white long coat, the uniform of the medical team, with a black shirt and a fitted skirt underneath.

As soon as they entered, Han Shu fixed his gaze on the lady's long legs wrapped in black stockings and howled like a lustful tomcat, “Luo Shan, you've become even more beautiful.
Especially in a forsaken place like the Inverse Universe, it highlights your breathtaking beauty.”

The lady named Luo Shan put down the book she was reading.
Her sexy red lips curved slightly, and she stood up, saying, “Captain Han, your mouth has become quite eloquent, but even so, I won't agree to go on a date with you.”

Han Shu showed no embarrassment or hesitation.
He walked over, and his furry hand reached for her curvaceous rear.

Strangely enough, Luo Shan didn't avoid it and let his hand land in a place it shouldn't have.

Tianyang quickly closed his eyes, sensing that he was witnessing something he shouldn't be seeing.

Then he heard Luo Shan say, “Did you come here specifically to touch my ass? And you even brought a kid along.
Captain Han, your behavior is quite confusing.”

Tianyang felt someone throw him onto a seat, and then he heard Han Shu laugh, saying, “Technically, I came here to touch your ass and brought this kid along for bandaging.
Darling Luo Shan, could you find a pretty girl to dress his wounds?”

Only then did Tianyang open his eyes and saw Luo Shan throw Han Shu's hand aside, crossing her arms and smiling, “What do you think this place is? Do I need to find a pretty girl for you? Should I personally dress his wounds?”

Han Shu attempted to put his hand on her fragrant shoulder again, “He doesn't have that fortune, but if I get injured, maybe you could consider it.”

Luo Shan reached out and lightly pushed Han Shu's chest, pushing away this shameless guy before turning around and calling out, “Xun, can you do me a favor?”

Someone stood up from the back seat, moving gracefully and softly asking, “What do you need me to do?”

Her voice was gentle, carrying a touch of ethereal charm.

Tianyang turned his head and saw a girl standing next to Luo Shan, roughly the same age as him, with a height of around 165 centimeters.
She was wearing a protective suit, clearly an ordinary person.

Her hair black as lacquer, and her skin jade.
Her eyes clear and bright, resembling a cloudless blue sky.

Sensing Tianyang's gaze, the girl named Xun looked back.
Her expression was calm, like a serene lake without a ripple.

It was actually Tianyang who felt a bit abrupt.
He nodded gently and then averted his gaze.

Luo Shan's mouth curved into an imperceptible smile, and she pushed the girl next to her, saying, “Help him dress his wounds.”


Xun went back and returned with a medical kit in her hand.

As she opened the box, she said, “Please take off your uniform.”

Tianyang complied.

The girl worked silently, tending to his wounds.
As for Han Shu, he was busy with Luo Shan on the other side, engaged in their own intimate conversation.

After a while, Tianyang's wounds were bandaged.
He looked at Xun, who was tidying up the tools, and spoke shyly, “Thank you.”

Xun looked up, her clear eyes reflecting Tianyang's figure.
She gazed for a moment and then averted.

After cleaning up the tools, Xun stood up to leave.
Just then, the train suddenly jerked, causing the carriage to shake violently.
Xun immediately lost her balance.

Tianyang quickly grabbed hold of her, and the girl sat on his lap, her back pressed tightly against his chest.
[ED: Cliché! Author-san?!]

The young man's breath lingered by her ear, and a faint blush appeared on the girl's fair earlobes.

Instinctively, she wanted to struggle and get up, but the inertia from the brakes kept her pressed against Tianyang.

It wasn't until a few seconds later when the train came to a safe stop that Xun hurriedly got up and carried the medical kit back to her seat.

On the other side, Han Shu had already picked up the communicator in the carriage and said, “What's going on? Why did we suddenly stop?”

The voice of the train conductor came through the communicator, “We can't proceed ahead, Captain Han Shu.
There are prowlers! Those things are on the tracks, blocking our way!”

“Damn it!”

Han Shu put down the communicator and said to Tianyang, “Stay here.
I'll go and see what's happening!”

Tianyang put on his uniform and said, “I can help!”

Han Shu didn't insist, “Do as you wish.”

The two of them left the carriage.
As they passed through the Chen Liu section, a high-ranking officer from the Strategic Station stopped Han Shu and said, “Captain Han, what's happening? Why did the train stop?”

“There are prowlers blocking the tracks.
We're going to deal with it now.” Han Shu briefly explained the situation, pushed past Chen Liu, and quickly walked away with Tianyang.

“Prowlers?” Chen Liu's face showed a smile.
“The opportunity for a performance has arrived.”

Two minutes later, Tianyang and Han Shu joined the other members of the Raven Team outside the train.

This is a valley area where dim light prevails, and everywhere there are wild black plants growing.
When the wind blows, certain indistinct stone sculptures emerged from the grass, emanating a sinister and evil aura.

Several twisted trees with knots all over them grow in the surroundings.
Their long and short branches intertwined like the twisted fingers of countless lepers, making one feel nauseated.

In the distance, a large bridge can vaguely be seen spanning across the valley.
However, the bridge was broken from the middle, resembling a giant's arm snapped in half.

Ji Yu, the hunter, ran over from the front with her bow and reported in a deep yet not at all hoarse voice, “A small group of prowlers has appeared ahead, numbering between seventy and one hundred.
They are crossing the tracks, and if we force our way forward, we might risk derailment.”

This was the first time Tianyang heard her speak.
It turns out she can talk…

Han Shu nodded and waved his hand, saying, “Let's go and eliminate them, depart as soon as possible.”

Approaching the front of the train, strange and sinister figures lingered on the tracks ahead.
In the dimness where the light was lacking, those things that should only appear in nightmares emitted a dim gray glow from the cages of their wills, resembling the ghostly flames drifting in a graveyard.

They occasionally emitted a string of meaningless sounds, as if resentful spirits were recounting their misfortunes to people.

Han Shu lit a cigarette and looked at the Ascenders, including Tianyang, and the Night Walker soldiers wearing helmets.
“Weapons free”

Cangdu was the first to rush forward.
As he ran, a faint glow started to emanate from the young man’s whole body with a ponytail.
Star energy manifested externally, his long sword was unsheathed, turning into a cold flash of light under the dark night, sweeping across the cages in front of four prowlers.

The cages shattered, and gray light scattered as the distorted figures immediately fell to the ground, finding eternal rest.

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