Oh, I just remembered. 

The Corps Commander who’s in charge of hunting the demonic monsters with the 6th Corps Commander, Velitan.
I think his name was ‘Myers’. 

I heard he was recovering from an injury… Can he still move around like this? 

Before that, why did he come here?

‘Oh, no way…’ 

Is he angry because I took his job? 

It’s not an unfounded thought.

They may hate jobs like doing paperwork, but jobs involving battle are very popular among Corps Commanders.

So, the moment I came to the conclusion that it was a possibility, I quickly answered.


“No? You’re refusing…?”


It’s called “safety first”. 

With a firm expression, I nodded my head, and Ed, who had been looking at me with a hint of confusion, seemed to understand my refusal and walked towards the door. 

And, as he opened the door slightly.

“Sir Myers, I’m sorry but…?”

He stopped.

“Why are you here…?”

“Sir Demon…”



What now, who else is here? 

The room is big, and it’s difficult to hear what they’re saying because they’re speaking quietly, probably trying to be considerate of me.

At least the conversation ended sooner than I thought it would. 


With a short answer, Ed closed the door again, blocking both sound and sight.

He turned to look at me, and on his face was an emotion he was trying to hide, but couldn’t quite conceal. 

“Sir Demon.” 


“The gardener, Hien, has come…” 

“The 12th Corps Commander hasn’t left yet, right?”

 “Yes? That’s correct.” 

“I’ll meet the 12th Corps Commander.”

Ed, who had been looking nervous, finally smiled and nodded his head.
I couldn’t understand why he was so relaxed, but my head was too full of complex thoughts to care.

Is today some kind of occasion? Why is everyone coming to see me? 

‘…What is today? The day I’m going to die.’ 

I don’t know why Hien came but it can’t be good news.
It never is. 

Oh, Hien’s intentions are not malicious, he always has pure intentions towards me.

However… with him, even if I return without any problems, it feels like my lifespan gets greatly shortened. 

So, I would rather be with the 12th Corps Commander than that crazy gardener.

Besides, since he was injured, even if he tries to harm me, I can escape. 

I may not know about anything else, but I at least know how to escape. 

While I was lost in thought, Myers, who had somehow entered the room, stood in front of me with a stiff face and bowed his waist. 

“Long time no see, Sir Demon.”

My face also stiffened as I saw Myers’ stiff face.
It looked like he was bringing bad news. 

‘This… Is dangerous, isn’t it?’

The 12th Corps Commander, Myers.
His main weapon is a spear.
His characteristic is that he is very quiet. 

Of course, he speaks when necessary, but he usually keeps his mouth closed, so much so that some of his subordinates believe that he got his tongue cut off in some past incident. 

Of course, I have heard his precious voice a few times in meetings…

‘Isn’t this the time to speak now? Why isn’t he saying anything?’

I’m sure he didn’t come here just to say hello.
If he did, he would have moved on to the main topic by now. 

The silence was getting longer.
I felt suffocated by the atmosphere and tried to speak, but I was faced with an unexpected obstacle.

‘What should I say?’ 

And what expression should I make? 

Should I laugh? No, if I laughed, he might think I was mocking him.
Should I make a blank expression? But then he might ask, ‘What kind of expression is that after I just greeted you?’



Myers’ expression was becoming increasingly tense as time passed.

I sensed a threat to my life and sent a pleading look to my competent but useless subordinate, but Ed stepped back, either because he didn’t notice or was pretending not to.

He is truly a competent but useless subordinate. 

I wished I could start vomiting blood, but my blood, which usually flows out like an open faucet, didn’t even show a hint of coming out right now.
Inside, I regret my actions in the awkward atmosphere.

‘If this is the case, I wish Hien was here instead…’

As if forgetting past experiences, or rather, not even valuing those past experiences, I reflected on myself and realized how fickle human hearts can be, and a sigh escaped me.


“Um, yes, 12th Corps Commander.
If you have something to say…”

I am grateful that he said what I wanted to say, but now I feel even more uncomfortable.

I cautiously raised my head and looked at Myers.
Our eyes met and I saw his pupils trembling slightly.

He definitely looks angry, should I apologize…?

But I haven’t really done anything wrong.
To be honest, I’m the one who should be upset.

Now, because of someone, I am entrusted with a dangerous mission.

Of course, my mouth wasn’t big enough to let my thoughts escape, so I had to carefully choose my words, but Myers suddenly bowed down.
The action was moderate and respectful.

“I’m sorry to trouble you.”


“I felt like I had to tell you this.”

I stared blankly at the top of his head.

Then, I saw his shoulder clearly through the gap in his clothes.
The white bandage that wrapped around his shoulder and chest clearly showed that he had sustained a serious injury. 

Oh… then that posture must not be good for his injury.

“Stand up straight.”


I just said that because I was worried about his injury, but he stood up straight like a soldier who was being forced to do so.

I think I even heard a faint “thud” sound. 

I was briefly worried that his injury might worsen if he moved like that, but Myer’s forehead furrowed slightly. 

I pretended not to notice the pained expression on his face and the white bandage turning red again, and I turned my head away.

‘Anyways, he isn’t angry, right?’

Rather, he apologized to me, so I think there shouldn’t be any issue.
That means I don’t have to be tense.

Now that I’m relieved, it’s time to listen to his explanation.

I gestured to him to sit on the chair in the middle of the room, and I sat on the opposite side.

“What would you like me to do if you apologize without giving any explanations?”

“What… uh… I think you should accept the apology.”

“…I didn’t ask for that…”

“I’m sorry.”

“No… First, keep your back straight.”



I looked at him, then turned my gaze to Ed who was standing quietly on the side.

I can’t handle him.
Can’t you do it for me?

‘…If even you’re shocked, what do I do?’

The face that was sharp before was now full of shock.
Maybe I am too.
Who would have thought that the 12th Corps Commander, known for being tight-lipped, would have this kind of personality?

‘I’m glad you just kept your mouth shut.’

That concept is great.
Just keep going like that.

If you carelessly open your mouth, you might regret it later.

I quickly calmed down my expression and remembered the purpose of the conversation before getting caught up in his words and actions 

“I asked why you are apologizing.”


I’ve laid out the board, now he just has to explain.

But why is this guy shaking so much?

His legs were shaking so much that even the table was rattling.
If there was even a teacup on top of it, the tea would most likely spill over and make a mess.

The moment I couldn’t wait any longer, and was about to say something.
He stood up from his seat before I could even open my mouth.

”S-sir, your Aide…!”



By the time I came to my senses, Myers had already disappeared.

As I looked around to see if he was hiding somewhere, Ed approached me with a whisper.

”He left.”


“It seems that he went to call his Aide, but since we don’t know when he will return, would you like to go down first?”

I nodded my head and headed towards the door.

I was curious as to why he apologized, but it’s not like my life was at stake and I didn’t need to listen to any explanations.

And most of all, I didn’t want to wait.
It’d also be uncomfortable to face him again.

I put my hand on the door handle without thinking.
The door soon opened,



The door closed.

“Sir Demon! I have a plant to give you before you leave…”

“Demon?! I only came out to see you, but aren’t you treating the Demon King too harshly?”

“I-I am the 12th Corps Commander’s Aide! About Sir Myers’s mistake…”

I don’t think the knocking will ever stop.

Thankfully, the knocking didn’t change into banging, but it was still loud, so I covered my ears.

Suddenly, another voice was heard from outside.

“This is Myers…”

“Speak louder! Louder! If Sir Demon gets angry, won’t I really be finished as an Aide?”

“This is Myers!!”

This is a dream.
It has to be a dream.

The world is going crazy.

I eventually opened the door.
After all, the Demon King was standing outside, and I couldn’t stay inside forever.

Now that the door had been opened.

I was surrounded by these terrible demons.

The first step forward was the 12th Corps Commander’s Aide.

After pulling Myers’ hand who was engaged in a battle of nerves, he smoothly introduced himself with a dignified voice.

“Greetings, Sir Demon.
I am Dahar, the 12th Corps Commander Myers’s Aide.
I apologize for the sudden visit and for any inconvenience we may have caused.
I am truly sorry.”

Dahar bowed deeply and poked Myers in the waist with his fingers.

Then Myers, who was standing restless next to him, bowed his head. 

“I apologize.” 

“Ah, yes…” 

What is this? 

“Despite the rudeness, there is a reason for my sudden visit, and I’ve heard that you’ve taken over the role of my superior, Sir Myers, due to his injury.”

“Well, that’s right.”

I was just about to leave when I quietly scanned the people surrounding me.

Starting with Hein, who was holding an unknown plant seed, and the unhappy Demon King, who was frowning because I wouldn’t open the door for him.
As well as, the 12th Corps Commander Myers and his Aide Dahar were standing in front of me.

 “I apologize for the inconvenience caused by you having to take on an unexpected task.
I dragged Sir Myers here to apologize… No, Sir Myers came here to visit…” 

Dahar glared at Myers.

“…A huge, I a-apologize, f-for the offense…”

Oh, his words are coming out broken. 

The low voice that was coming out as if he was gritting his teeth was quite creepy.
I remained silent and Myers bowed his head each time his words broke off.

It seems like I am seeing a lot of new sides of the 12th Corps Commander today, which I am not particularly interested in. 

I also briefly made a subtle expression, but I hurriedly shook my head, because I might see the 12th Corps Commander getting scolded by his Aide in front of me, which would be inconvenient for me.

I am not really interested in this situation and I think it would be best to preserve the 12th Corps Commander’s reputation. 

“If it’s an apology… it seems like you’re referring to his wild remarks, but it really wasn’t a big deal…”


Oh, did I say something wrong? 

I looked at Myers’ expression but Dahar raised his head and exclaimed in dismay. 

“My God, not only did you run away, but you also made careless remarks?! What on earth did you say?” 


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