ed the departure of the 11th Corps Commander, who’s primarily in charge of the Demon King’s castle’s protective barrier.

External attacks could be dealt with ease, but nothing would be more difficult to deal with than allies causing internal trouble.

“But before you leave, make sure to secure the defenses of the castle.”

“Yes! I’ll make sure it’s safe for at least the next 100 years!”

…Stay out for 100 years?

The Demon King just smiled.


After the meeting, everything went smoothly.

As for what that means…

“Everything is ready, *Sir Demon.”

[*”Sir Demon” & “Lord Demon” both refer to Deon Hart/Demon Aurt and are interchangeable.]

“Are you sure you have everything ready?”

“Yes, it’s ideal.”

“But, just in case, think about it carefully.
Are you certain you haven’t forgotten anything?”

“There is not.”

“Well, memory isn’t always something you can rely on…”

“I had asked Sir Demon’s subordinates to tell me more about what you may need.
There is nothing missing.”

It’s perfect.
It’s so perfect that I’m going to cry.

Eventually, a voice close to a whisper came out of my mouth.

“Isn’t that too fast…”

“Apologies, my lord.
Since it’s been a while since you last went out, I thought it would be best to prepare as quickly as possible.”

That’s not it.
That’s not it.

Why is my subordinate so capable…?!

While the 6th and 11th Crops are still preparing, our Corps is already ready and waiting outside.

With this, my day of death has come even closer.

As I was laying on my bed in frustration, Ed approached me with a black robe from somewhere.

“You don’t need to wear bandages since we’re going to stay within the Demonic Realm.”

I guess so.
Without the sun, there’ll be no harm.

But whenever I go to the Human Realm, I always wrap bandages around all the exposed areas of my body and put on a robe. 

I even cover my face with a mask or the hood of the robe to be extra careful.

‘It’s a bit frustrating, but… I can’t help it.’

I can’t help my body being so weak.

My eyes and skin are sensitive to sunlight, so I have to cover up as much as possible.
Even with the robe on, I still have to wear bandages to cover any exposed skin on my hands, face, or arms.
It’s not ideal, but it’s the safest way to protect myself.

‘Frankly, wearing a robe isn’t really necessary within the Demonic Realm, but it’s a kind of symbol.’

It became a symbol because the ‘Zero Corps Commander’ always wore a black robe on the battlefield.

I wonder how I even got the nickname ‘Reaper’.

In fact, there was the adjective ‘crazy’ in front of it, but I will remove it voluntarily.
Other things may be different, but that certainly originated from a strong misunderstanding.”

“Sir Demon?”


With my chin resting on the bed sheet, I only opened my eyes and stretched out my hand to receive the robe.
As I did, the robe moved away from me.


Despite the annoyance, I reluctantly raised my head.
I could see Ed still holding the robe.

I extended my arm again and gestured to open his palm, but there was no response.
Even after waiting for a while, the robe did not land in my hand. 

I was annoyed, but I didn’t have the strength to express my annoyance to Ed, who was a Corps Commanders candidate, so I eventually suppressed my annoyance and spoke in a stiff tone.

“…Please give it to me”

“I’ll put it on for you.”

“Ed, I say this every time, but you don’t have to…”

“It’s because I want to.”


I feel burdened.
Can you leave me alone, please?

Ed is the most capable Commander Aide among all the others.

Since he was a candidate for the Corps Commanders in the first place, his value is clear enough without me elaborating.

How do I feel about having to have such a talented person as my subordinate?

He’s good because he’s capable, and he’s also kind, but somehow every day feels exhausting.
Especially when I have to order him something.

It’s something like that.

‘What if he tries to kill me for making him work too much?’

Or in the distant future, when it gets discovered that I’m weak and useless.

‘He might try to kill me, for having been bossed around by someone like me.’

So I try to give him as little work as possible… But if that b*****d doesn’t work, he might get a disease that causes thorns to grow out of him, and he’ll just find something to do.

From going to the Human Realm to buy a new puzzle or cube to minor tasks like helping me with putting on clothes.

‘Please just rest, you b*****d!’

My conscience and survival instinct are screaming at me like hell that this talented person is helping me with something as trivial as putting on clothes.

But Ed’s persuasion was faster than I could open my mouth to say no.

“When I look at the other Corps Commanders Adie, they’re all half-dead and carrying around paperworks.
They can’t let go of the paperworks even when they’re eating.
But here I am, watching everything with a clean face and empty hands, not even a single dark circle under my eyes.
How do you think that makes me feel?”


It probably makes you feel happy?

But that’s not the answer he wants.

Keeping quiet, Ed let out a faint sigh.
He then gently lifted the robe he was holding and spoke.

“This is something I have to do, otherwise, I feel like I’ll have no other purpose.
Can you please allow me to put it on you?”

“…Do as you wish.”

It’s not really a request, I don’t have a choice.

Taking a deep breath, I accepted Ed’s request to put on the robe on me… But just then, there was a knock on the door.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, I quickly got up and headed towards the door.

“Looks like someone is here.”

“I’ll go.”

Ed picked up the robe and placed it on the bed before heading towards the door.

Meanwhile, I quickly put on the robe and felt satisfied with how fast and perfect my dressing was. 

But it seems like that wasn’t the case for Ed.

“Sir Demon, the 12th Corps Commander has come to visit… Did you put it on by yourself?”


“Haa… It’s a mess.”

Shit, did I put it on too hastily?

On second glance, the robe was all over the place.
But it’s not so bad that I can’t fix it… A sigh?! Was that a sigh?

With a barely audible sigh, Ed approached me again and started to fix the wrinkled and disheveled parts of my robe.

While tying the straps to keep the loose robe from slipping down, he resumed the words he was about to say a moment ago.

“The 12th Corps Commander is here.
Would you like to meet him?”

“The 12th Corps Commander…?”

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