Silence descended with a different meaning than before.

When I didn’t speak, the other Corps Commanders who had kept their mouths shut glanced at the Demon King.
The Demon King looked at me while resting his chin on his hand, as if telling me to speak quickly.

In the silence, I looked around.

‘So… you want me to say what I want?’

If that’s what he wants, it’s not too much.
I can think of only things that he can easily give me from the Demon King’s perspective…



“Then alcohol…”

“Is that really what you want?”



…I thought there was nothing wrong.

The Demon King cut off my words so firmly, with a stern expression.
He waited for my next words while still keeping a soft smile.

His gaze that still followed me closely was overwhelming, I wanted to quickly say something and end it, but…

Is there really nothing else I want…

“…I can’t think of anything now, can I put it off until later?”

“What are you going to ask for? I’m already scared.”

He lifted his hand from his chin and straightened his upper body.

His gaze that scanned through the Corps Commanders fell on Velitan.

Instinctively noticing that he was about to move on to the next issue, the Corps Commanders stiffened their bodies, unable to lower or raise their eyes due to the tense atmosphere once again.

It didn’t matter to me what the issue was.

“Sixth Corps Commander, I heard you have something to say about the demonic monsters?”

“Yes, I would like to request for support.”


After rummaging through the report, the Demon King pulled out a paper.
His calm expression at the start gradually became more and more distorted the more he read the report.

Finally, after reading the last line, he said with a low groan.

“The matter is certainly serious.
Are you and the Twelfth Corps Commanders not enough?”

“The Twelfth Corps is currently unable to hunt demonic monsters.”

For a moment, the Demon King’s actions stopped.
The eyes that had been looking at the papers raised up and turned to Velitan.

I nodded inwardly as I looked at the situation without the slightest movement, to the point where the word “frozen” would be more appropriate.

You must be surprised.
It is natural to be surprised.
because I was surprised as well.

What does that mean? The Twelfth Corps suffered such heavy losses that they are

not even able to hunt the demonic monsters? The cause should clearly be the demonic monsters. 

“Then the position of the Twelfth Corps Commanders is vacant…”

“I heard that he is recovering from his injuries.”

“Injuries from mere demonic monsters?”

“Be careful what you say.
Even a small group of demonic monsters can become a threat when they band together.”

Small exchanges were heard between the Corps Commanders.

It’s not hard to understand.
The Twelfth Commander was defeated by mere demonic monsters. 

The ‘mere’ demonic monsters.
Failures that are called ‘monsters’ in the Empire.

The power of the Demon King creates countless demons even if the Demon King himself does not intend to.
This is why the Demon King is a threat, and it is also the decisive reason why the Empire – and even all humans – strive to defeat him. 

However, creating life is not so simple.

Among the born demons, only 40% can truly be called a “demon.” The rest are nothing more than failures who only follow their own desires and are not worthy of being called a “demon.”

Since they’re a complete failure that try to eat even the actual demons, let alone controlling them, the Demon King called them ‘demonic monsters’ and purged them frequently for the safety of the demons.

‘I just remembered.
Did I stay here too long?’

How long had it been since I had seen the sunlight? 

I idly stared at the well-worn desk as a sense of sadness washed over me.


Meanwhile, the Demon King’s voice resumed after a brief pause.
I expected him to be a little shaken, but his voice was more calm and composed than usual.
As expected, he was the Demon King for a reason.

“Written documents have their limits.
Explain it clearly yourself.”

“At some point, the number of demonic monsters increased significantly.
When we realized and tried to respond, it was too late and half of the small villages had already been trampled.” 

“Half… so what about the remaining half?” 

“We have evacuated them to the large cities with walls.”

Velitan I thought you were foolish, but you have surprisingly good judgment…?

I’m sorry, I must have underestimated you.
I apologized silently in my mind and listened attentively to his explanation.

“The problem is that there are too many demonic monsters and they are trying to break through the walls.
It feels like we are fighting a war every day.”

“…From now on, we will have to deploy Commanders in the big cities as well.”

“Why did the numbers suddenly increase so much…”

Velitan’s last statement was close to a complaint, following the Demon King’s muttering. 

In response, the Demon King placed his chin on his half-clad hand and said indifferently.

“It’s because the Hero died.
And now the balance has been broken.”

As he said that, the Demon King looked at me.

Why is he looking at me? It’s not my fault, is it? You were the one who drove the Hero to his death in the first place, right?

Even so, unable to face his gaze directly, I avoided his eyes and mumbled.

“There are four big cities… If the Twelfth Corps is unable to fight, it will certainly be difficult to defend.”

“Yes, I’m requesting reinforcements.”

“Where… are the remaining personnel…”

An ominous feeling ran down my spine and I quickly lowered my gaze to hide the trembling in my eyes.

I realized too late that the cube under the desk was turning wildly.

I never knew my hands could move so frantically.

Click, click, click, click, click!

Why am I feeling so uneasy? Isn’t that obvious?

When you think of spare personnel, who comes to mind? Me, the one who could be considered a spare personnel even among the spare personnels, who doesn’t even do the paperwork that all the other commanders are busy with! The only thing I had done was set the garden on fire and smash some plates.

“Demon, it would be better if you went.”


My hands stopped.
My breathing stopped.

’Oh, f**k! I need to breathe!’

I think I saw someone calling me from across a river.

As I hurriedly supplied oxygen to my lungs, my mind started to function again.
But this time, my quick thinking felt more frustrating than ever.

I found myself gripping the completed cube with both hands, and let out a silent scream.

I knew it, I knew this was going to happen, damn it!!

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