He invited me and said I could bring my friend Daisy along, but at the time, Daisy asked me for a favor.

I have something to tell the Duke, but…Can I go alone this time?”

I listened to Daisy without much thought.
I refused his invitation on the account that I had circumstances.

I can guess why Daisy wanted to go their alone—to become a duchess.

It was clear that she was aiming for the position of Duchess Harrison.
I'm sure you wanted to have a delightful conversation without me.

But Daisy's wish came to the other side.
Daisy wasn't the only guest who visited the Duke Harrison that day.

As a result, Daisy became Duchess Grint, not Duchess Harrison.

“Sienna? Are you listening to me?”

Daisy hastened me because I was not responding for a long time.
I stared at Daisy, looking at me with doe-like eyes.

By the way, why did Daisy hate me? This was the biggest question I had since the beginning.
She helped my husband's business go bankrupt, leaving me out of society's inner circle, and leaving me alone as a best friend.

Why? What have I'd done wrong? I had no reason to hate Daisy.
I've always stood by her side, quietly and obediently.

But she paid it back with her betrayal.
Daisy's words in front of me before my death contained clear malice.

I wanted to know why.
Why you had done that to me, wouldn't it be less unfair to know why?

And I want to pay you back the most.
I wanted to give you the immense pain I felt.
I will let you taste the backstabbing of a friend.

I chose to achieve my purpose—to go to the Marquisate with Daisy.

“Yes, you're right.
We will go there together.”

But it won't go the same way as before.

This time, I'll change the future.


* * *

The carriage carrying me and Daisy rattled.
The road was getting harder and rougher as it was getting out of the capital and closer to the countryside.

Oh, my bum.
As the carriage crossed one hump, my hips floated over the seat and then fell a bit hard.
It's like this because it's the Marquis's carriage, but if it were a cheap carriage, my butt would have had left me already.
I knew of this for certain because I'm using it quite often before returning to the past.

I was thinking about the past for a moment, and Daisy, sitting across me, suddenly spoke.

“You know, Sienna.
Didn't you say that the Marquisate has the Fountain of Magic?”


The magical fountain of showing one's fated partner was a speciality of the Marquisate of Nelson.

'If you show your face to the magic fountain at midnight, you will see your fated partner.’

Because of this rumor, there were occasional visitors to the Marquisate from all over the kingdom.

I visited there with Daisy in my previous life, but as a result, I saw nothing.

“Who am I going to see there?”

“Well, I don't know.”

Do you think I'm a fortune-teller? You'll never see anything if you go there anyway.

Daisy was very interested in dating, both in the past and the present.
Well, there's no harm in that.

'You'll marry someone from your family anyway.
What's the use of fate?'

I got into a lot of trouble for marrying Count Page for this thought.

It was a very good thing to pay attention to your future.
Daisy was of this nature, so obviously, she would have gone beyond Count Page and aimed at the Duke Grint.

But what happens if I interfere with it? When Daisy became a Duchess, she gleefully claimed she's higher than me.
So this time, I'm not going to let her become the Duchess.

What if I pretended to be her friend and stabbed her in the back one day? What kind of face will Daisy have then?

The thought made me smile.
Daisy asked immediately, seemingly interested.

“Sienna, why are you smiling? Did you have any good ideas?”


I thought I'd destroy your ambitions.

“I'm looking forward to playing with you.”

“Oh, my God, Sienna.
So do I.”

Daisy smiled brightly.
Do you even know what I'm thinking?

Hiding my innermost thoughts, I laughed alongside Daisy.

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