The incident kept coming to my mind, even up until the moment I met Logan in a restaurant where we were the only guests.

Eventually, Logan spoke up first.

“You seem to have something on your mind.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.
I have been worrying about something lately…”

“What’s wrong?”

Can I tell him this? I was cautious, but I decided to tell him anyway.
Logan was close with the Grint, Heidi was an acquaintance of theirs, and he probably knew Percy better than I did.

I confided in my concerns as if consulting with him.

“The young lord of Grint and the young lady of Baron Coventry are in love with each other.
But their families are against it.
And Baron Coventry is trying to find lady Coventry a marriage partner.”

“You mean the young master of the Grint Duchy? I didn’t know at all.”

Of course you didn’t know.

Logan looked surprised, it seemed that he didn’t think my trouble would be concerning the guy.
His expression calmed down again.

“So it’s because of their families.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

He guessed it too.
But his reaction was rather unexpected.
Did he perhaps…feel sorry for them?

Although he was chatting leisurely with me now, he was still a duke.
Hence, I thought that he would also consider the union between similar titles natural…

While we were at it, I asked.

“If you were the Duke (Percy’s father), would you support their love? Everyone, except for lady Grint, is against it because of the big difference in their status.”

“The family title doesn’t matter to me.”

Logan’s reply contained certainty.

“It’s their hearts that matter.
Being in love is definitely a wonderful thing.
I think it’s amazing to find true love at such an early age.”

I never thought he would value love.

There was a reason why I thought this way.

In my previous life, Duke Harrison had always been single.
So I thought he didn’t care about love.

But the Logan before me was praising their love.
He even implied that ‘love’ had a great meaning to it.
Then why didn’t he get married before?

Could it be because he didn’t meet someone he loved? It was a pretty plausible theory.
If so, I hoped he could do it in this life.
I didn’t know the details, but I sincerely wished so in my heart.

Percy and Heidi were in love.
A true love that Logan envied.

It was the next day that I found out the two had run away together at night.


“Percy and Heidi ran away.”

The morning peace was broken by Chloe’s words, who paid a visit to the marquis.

Oh My Gosh. I almost lost my grip on the glass I was holding.
I asked back in shock.

“Is that… really true?”

“It’s unbelievable, but it’s true.”

Upon saying that, Chloe giggled nervously.

Then she glanced down at the tea on the table in our parlor.
The smile quickly faded from her face, her arms crossed.

What on earth does she mean by running away? I still couldn’t believe what she said.
I knew that Percy and Heidi had met on the premise of marriage despite the opposition from both families.
But it was quite an extreme decision to make an escape at night.

After a while of being pensive, Chloe grinned again, appearing as if everything’s fine.

“Now that Percy has left the house, the ‘grand duke’ title will be passed to me.”

Still, there was no room for jokes.
I sighed as I looked at Chloe.

“How was the atmosphere at the duchy?”

It would definitely have gotten worse.
Since such a huge pressing matter had taken place at the beginning of the year.

Chloe shrugged.

“My father was even angrier.
He’s going to cut him out of the genealogy.”

Duke Grint must have been very furious.
Who would have known that Percy would turn out like this.

I was surprised too.
In my previous life, he was very quiet.
He did not cause any major problems, he succeeded the duchy and led the household smoothly.
It was astonishing that the same person could show such a different image depending on the situation.

Was it because it’s related to Heidi? Heidi was amazing too.
I thought she was a young girl with a delicate heart, but she had thought of running away at night.
Where did that courage come from all of a sudden?

Chloe finally picked up the teacup.

“But my father is also very double-faced.
Did you know that he sent a tracking team right away?”

It was natural.
I replied with a bitter smile.

“The young lord is his child after all.
How could he ever cut ties with him so easily?”

“If he’s made them run away at night, then he shouldn’t be looking for them.
I can’t understand my father either.”

Chloe shook her head.
I asked, looking at Chloe with worry.

“By the way, you must be very upset, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.
It’s just that the house has become a bit noisy.
And if you think about it from the two’s perspectives, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
They can be together now, right?”

“You really think so?”

“It’s from their point of view.
They’re both happy, so I’ll support them, but if it were me, I would have broken up and found peace… Well, the tracking team has left, so they’ll be caught soon, before the rumour could spread in society.”

Drawing a clear line really seemed Chloe-like.

However, what are they going to do about this? If the duke’s track team caught them, they might be separated forever.

In this life, even though Heidi was alive, she would have to say goodbye to… This was never what I was hoping for.

I saw what Percy was like before returning.

As Daisy’s husband, he didn’t look happy.
Sure he became a duke and competently led the duchy, and was a good husband to Daisy.
But what’s the use of all that? It almost seemed as if there was no true value in his life.

Now I knew why. Cause he lost someone he loved.
He probably hadn’t forgotten Heidi even after she died.

Would forcing Percy and Heidi apart be the right choice? No, not at all.
That was never the right way.

There was also a need to prevent Daisy from becoming the Duchess of Grint.

Is there anything I can do for Heidi and Percy? After Chloe left, I fell into trouble.

And after much thought, I called Nancy, who was cleaning my dressing table.

“Nancy, I’ll have to send a message to Duke Harrison.”

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