What should he do in this case? It was time for him to make a choice.

Should he pretend he did not know what she was saying? He could just calmly respond with nonchalance.
That way he would not be exposed as much.

But since Chloe was so sure, he didn’t know if she would be deceived by just him denying it.

Seeing that Fabian didn’t reply to her, Chloe seemed to have noticed Fabian’s conflict.
Frustrated, she spoke once again in a stern tone.

“Duke, please say something.
Don’t even think about deceiving me.”

If he denied it right here and now, Chloe would still be persistent until she got the answer she wanted.

‘Duke, why are you lying?’ Her voice as she said this was clearly pictured in his mind.

Just thinking about it made him feel fed up.
Since it had come to this, it might be better to tell her the true story.
If it were her, she wouldn’t go around spreading this recklessly.
Since Chloe had a cool personality and was tight-lipped.
With that, Fabian decided to trust her.

He asked Chloe with his alerted eyes on her.

“How did you know?”

“As expected.
So that must be a ‘yes’.”

Chloe nodded her head a couple of times as if it was understandable.
Then she asked Fabian, who was still confused.

“Why on earth were you like that?”

Why did you do such a ridiculous thing? huh? Tell me. Her words seemed to be translated into that.

Where should I start? Unknowingly, Fabian let out a long sigh.

“About that….”

He could not just begin by saying that it started when he wanted to confirm the identity of his fated partner.
Because unlike himself, she was a total realist.
Hearing this would make her burst into laughter.

“It was on a trip.
I happened to meet her while I was on my trip to the Marquisate.”

Fabian decided to leave out the important thing.

“Is that so? And you’ve kept in touch with lady Nelson ever since that trip?”

I travel a lot.”

“Then you must have at least used a fake identity.”

Chloe really seemed like she knew everything.
Even to the extent that he faked his identity as a traveler.

How did she find out? Fabian’s eyebrows furrowed.

“My friend said she saw a man with lady Nelson.
But she also said he had black hair and red eyes.
No matter how hard I thought about it, it didn’t seem like he was an ordinary person.”

She stirred the empty teacup round and round with a teaspoon.
The sound of friction from the empty teacup bothered Fabian.
The sound stopped shortly after.
Chloe put down the teaspoon and said.

“Even his name is Logan! So, who else is there to match these traits besides the Duke?” (t/n: his full name is Fabian Logan Harrison.)

Chloe didn’t say who she had heard it from, but he had already known even if she didn’t say it.

Lady Coventry.
She must have told her.

Even when they met on that day, lady Coventry had a different reaction from lady Moore’s friends.
She tilted her head as soon as she saw him, and she whispered something to Sienna when he was away.

So that must have been how it turned out.
Fabian, who had just been caught by Chloe, regretted it.
Maybe it was wrong to inadvertently give them his middle name back at the Marquisate.

But since he had already said that, it’s irreversible.
It unintentionally made him deceive Sienna.
At that time, who would have thought that Sienna, someone he thought would end with a brief meeting, would appear in the fountain as his fateful partner?

It was Fabian’s fault in the first place.

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