towards a park.

“Why don’t we go for a walk?”

It was Logan’s suggestion.
I didn’t turn down Logan because I also needed time to cool off.

“I’m sorry.
Because of me…”

“No, it’s not.”

I intended to apologise to him.
It was Daisy who should really apologise, but I thought I would do it instead since she was too stuck-up and stubborn.

Logan looked me in the eyes and said.

“Miss Sienna did nothing wrong.
So you don’t have to be sorry.”


“It’s fine.”

He said calmly.
His calm voice stopped me from saying any further.
So that’s what I did.
I stopped talking.

Seeing me keep quiet, he nodded slowly, seemingly pleased.
As if everything was okay as it was.
I somehow felt comforted.

We settled down in some place and I sat still next to him for a long while.


A month has passed since then.
Soon, winter came.

Even in winter, the weather in the Kingdom of Beland was not very cold.
Still, everyone changed into thick fur clothes and greeted the winter.

I was still going to the library with Logan these days.
It was at Logan’s request.

“If you go to Dolof, you will find a haunted well.
You should go there on your next trip.”

“No, not fascinating enough yet.”

“Is it because of the ghost? Is there any difference compared to magic? The best thing would be the dragon’s footprints in the Empire, but… because it’s in a foreign country, it will be a bit difficult, won’t it?”

What did he say back then again? Ah, after taking a long pause with a troubled look, he said.

And I haven’t found a destination I like yet.
I’m sorry, but would you mind looking for more with me?”

How could I refuse a request that earnest? Since I had nothing to do, I gladly accepted his request.

“It’s not the right season to travel yet.
So we can look for other places and you can set off  in spring.”

So that’s why I was still going to the library with him.

There was nothing bad about it.
Because I really like to read.
It wasn’t a field I preferred in particular, but reading those books was surprisingly interesting.

But today, I encountered someone unexpected.
I met Logan at the front gate of the Royal Library and was walking through its garden…

“Lady Coventry?”

“Oh my, lady Nelson!”

I met Heidi.

Perhaps she was also walking through the garden on the way out of borrowing books, since she was holding two books in her hands.
Heidi greeted me delightedly.

“Oh my, I didn’t expect to see you in a place like this.
If you had come a little later, we could have met in the reading room.”

“I don’t think so.
I use the third reading room.”

The Royal Library consisted of a total of three reading rooms.
The first and second reading rooms were for the nobles, and the third was for commoners.
The smallest place was the third room, where we went to.
It was a place where only a few commoners who were literate came.

Heidi greeted me and then shifted her gaze to Logan.

“This person is….?”

“Oh, his name is Logan.
He is a traveler.”

“Ah, I see.

Heidi suddenly tilted her head.

I could not understand why Heidi reacted like that.
Did she happen to know Logan? Did he perhaps get caught?

I looked at Heidi nervously as if I had been caught myself.
Logan was aware of her presence, but not as concerned as he had been last time with Daisy.

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