“Where did she go? She said she would be resting here.”

Chloe, who was standing next to me, tilted her head as she mumbled to herself, perplexed.
I looked through the break room again for last confirmation, there were still only two women with bewildered eyes.

I thought she would be here…hold on a minute, didn’t she only say she would be on the second floor? Besides the lounge on the second floor, where else could she go? What was this all about? I suddenly had an ominous feeling that something was bound to go wrong.

“Is it true that Lady Coventry went to the second floor?”

I made sure she was going up.
Umm… probably about 30 minutes ago.”

So, after Heidi had gone up, she went somewhere other than here.

From what I read in the newspaper, it was reported that the fire started on the second floor.
If It was the truth, did that mean that where it emanated was not the second floor’s lounge? I felt disappointed, I was so certain that it was the lounge, I had made a rash assumption.
But if it was not the break room, it must be one of the other rooms on the same floor…

I turned my head and looked across the long hallway.
If I must count the number of doors that came into my sight right now, the number exceeded ten.
The problem was that these were not the total number.
Count Parker’s manor was an M-shaped structure, so it would take a long time just to look through every single door on the second floor.

In case it was not even on the second floor, then I would have to check the third floor, which was quite bothersome.

Just thinking about it made me want to sigh.
I thought it would be over if I just went to the lounge, but what was with this burden?

Chloe tilted her head as she peeked into the break room.

“Where did Heidi go… Miss Nelson, let’s go back down.”

“Oh…you go down first.
I need to stop by the bathroom.”

I needed to find Heidi.
The fire broke out on the second floor, and Heidi was still somewhere on the second floor.

After Chloe went down first, I started to open the doors one by one, starting from the side I was standing.

“Where are you Heidi…”

I even tried opening the door to the men’s lounge, but even after having gone through three corridors, no trace of Heidi was found.

Maybe she was on the third floor? I had to find her before the fire could spread…There was no clock in the hallway, so I lost my sense of time.
I took a turn at the third corner nervously.

And I found something.
Some similar to steam was thinly rising from the distance, making the area around there seemed blurry.
It was definitely the fire smoke.

Oh My God! Was the fire starting already? I immediately ran to the door at the end of the final hallway.

As I got closer, I could smell something burning.
I was sure this time that this room was the room in question.

It looked as if the fire had just begun since the smoke was thin.
I was glad I found it before it got bigger.

The moment I was cautiously reaching for the doorknob, I was startled by a voice calling me from behind.



Daisy walked out from the corner.

This was a completely different direction from the hallway where the lounge was located, so why was Daisy here?

But Daisy seemed to share the same thought.
Daisy asked me, blinking her eyes confusedly.

“Sienna, what are you doing? Why are you here?”

“There is smoke in the room, I think there may be a fire.
You? Why are you here? What about the Count?”

Daisy frowned at my question.
Her voice was sharp, which was rare for a hypocrite like herself.

“The Count and I have already finished talking.
If you were going upstairs, you should have told me.
I had to roam around to search for you.”

So that was why she was annoyed? Daisy looked at the room which was in a peculiar state, her face hardened.

I was quite surprised, considering the fuss she made about Logan’s blood last time, Daisy was rather well-behaved today.

No, that was not what’s urgent right now.
I quickly went into the room next door and wet my handkerchief with the water from the teapot on the table.

I picked up the blanket that was covering the bed as well.
It was a bit heavy, but that should be enough to kill the fire.

Daisy followed and questioned me.

“Sienna, what is your intention? What are you trying to do with this fire?”

“I’m sorry.
I’m busy right now, let’s talk later.”

I was running out of time, Daisy listened to me as her face turned appalled.

“Are you going in there?”

Daisy glanced alternately between the room on fire and me.
Her expression was not good.
She seemed to think that it was ridiculous for me to go inside.

But it was not a big fire yet, so I might be able to manage it somehow.
I spoke to her quickly.

“I will be back in a minute.
Since you’re here, can you go down and call for help?”

I left those words behind and tried to move into the room, but Daisy hastily grabbed my arm.

“No, let’s go down.”

“As you can see, the doorknob is not hot, so the fire is not that big yet.
I will put out the fire, so you go get someone.
That’s for the best.”


Daisy frowned and raised her voice.


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