How did I end up like this?




“Madame, wake up!”


I think the time has come to end my four-year struggle against this illness.


As I opened my heavy, sunken eyes and looked at the ceiling, I saw a decrepit old manor.


So I'm dying here after all.


It was five years ago that my husband's business declined.
He moved to this shabby place, disposing of his estate and reducing the number of servants hired.
I couldn't even eat a mouthful because I was so sick to the stomach.


That must have been why.
I had a mysterious cold at first and stabbing pain in my chest, and then it turned out like this.
This is what I get after neglecting the symptoms.


I didn't try to save money for my medical care.


It was my foolish mistake, but I couldn't help it.
What do I do when I don't have any money left? How am I supposed to pay for my medical expenses when I required food right now?


Still, it was unfair.
I'm only 30, and I'm not old enough to die yet! How can I not feel wronged that I have to die even after miserably spending half of my life?


You can't go like this!”


I could hear Nancy crying.
My maid, Nancy, whom I brought to my wedding.
She, who was always bright, was having a hard time because of me.


I managed to open the heavy lids of my eyes and look at the direction of the voices calling for me.
It was the butler and the two maids.
I guess these are the only people who will stay by my side till the end.


What a shame for the Count's wife's death.
I breathed a small sigh.


“The Count…Cough, not yet?”


“I've sent a messenger, so he'll be right back.”




I was not used to hearing his voice grumbling so many times.
Will he come on time? I'm sure he's with another woman.


His wife was in critical condition, but he was far away.
My husband didn't have any affection for me.


He met other women openly.
The reason why I can't say anything, even though I know of his sordid affairs was because my children aren't here.


I had no children.


A ruined family is also a family, so my husband said he needed a successor, but I couldn't have a baby.
Three years after I got married, my husband treated me like a sinner.


It's sad.
No, if that's why you rationalized the affair, why don't you have an extramarital child? Is this really my problem?


He only insisted that it was all my fault, anyway.
He secretly looks at me while saying, “Because of you, my family's lineage had cut off,” but there was one reason why we lived together for more than ten years without getting a divorce.


You're giving me dignity by not being branded as a divorcee?


That's absurd!


It was because I could get money from my wife while I'm still married to her.


How can someone divorce a Nelson wife that sends money to her husband, who has lost his business?


When I got married, my husband, Count Page, was a promising businessman.
However, he, who was affluent in business, was utterly ruined.


At one point, he was conned, and the husband poured all his wealth into the land of the neighboring country, saying he would dig up diamonds.
However, when we looked into it, there weren't any diamonds but a bunch of stones that we couldn't use.


That's why I'm living in this shabby manor with too few residents.


A sudden knock was heard as I sighed weakly.


Knock knock—


“The Duchess of Grint is here.”


The door burst open before I could give a response.
While it is okay to open the door without permission, my old friend Daisy has arrived.


You said you'd come, and you did.
God, how long has it been?


“Daisy….! Cough!”


I threw up blood, trying to get up to greet Daisy.
Daisy dissuaded me from covering my mouth with my hands.


“My God! Sienna, don't strain yourself and stay still.”


Nancy wiped the blood and laid me back on my pillow.
I turned my head and looked up at Daisy.
The diamond necklace around her neck, though neatly dressed, was almost astronomical.


Ironically, it was her family that took over my husband's business.
Daisy's brother, Count Moore, who was running a jewelry business like my husband.
He took over my husband's business and expanded his power.


It's a little strange, but someone's taken over my bankrupt husband's business anyway.
I smiled helplessly at her.


thanks for coming.”


“Sienna, what are you saying? Isn't it obvious between us?”


We were close enough to talk casually in front of the servants.
We've been friends since we were 15.
Isn't that pretty old?


“Because I have you…
I was wondering if you were going to be lonely.….”


“Don't say that.
Cheer up, Sienna.”


Daisy's eyes were teary.
She clasped my hand with her hand clothed in white gloves.


I guess you're not scared.
There's a rumor in society that my illness was contagious.


“Daisy, Daisy.
The hand…
…may get infected.….”


“I'm sorry it's been so long.
If I had known it was this critical, I should have come earlier!”




“Why didn't you tell me? If you didn't have the money to call with just a few shillings, you don't think I'll pay you if you ask for help?”


Daisy's cry grew louder.
She was crying bitterly for me.


“Sorry, Daisy……Cough! Cough!”


Only after I coughed heavily did Daisy stop sobbing.
The redness of her eyes makes me feel sorry for everything she had to deal with being my friend.


It seemed terrible for her to look like this in front of the servants, so I struggled to beckon them and let everyone out, including Nancy.


The room became quieter with just the two of us.
My husband, he won't come until I'm out of breath…
Daisy is the only one who will be with me till the end.


She was the only friend I had left.
Unlike other wives who have been avoiding me since my husband's business went bankrupt, she still remained by my side.


Daisy had such an angelic appearance, and it was a far cry of my current image, but I swear I had never been jealous.


I was rather proud to have such a beautiful and good friend.
Unlike me, she was lucky to meet a good husband and live happily.


Initially, Daisy was discussing engagement with my husband, Count Page.
But the contract disappeared, and Daisy was eventually engaged to the successor of Duke Grint.
In other words, the person who almost became her husband was now my husband.


Daisy took out her handkerchief and asked, damping her tears.


“How're the doctor's findings? Is it really hopeless?”


“……he says it's hard.”


“Oh, Sienna…….”


“You, don't cry too much……
Daisy. Cough! I'll be at peace now…….”


I closed my eyes and sighing peacefully.
I'm about to lose my breath.
I was already preparing my mind.


It was then that Daisy's laughter, though low, was heard.


The tiny laugh made me look immediately at Daisy with eyes wide open.
She had a soft smile on her face before she spoke shocking words.


“Why do you want to go already? I still wanted to see you live like this more.”



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