Chapter 1 Chip As dawn approached, the glazed tiles of the Imperial Palace shimmered with a glistening sheen from the morning dew. 


Inside the Taihe Hall, officials stood in perfect rows, their nerves on edge as they awaited the Emperor's arrival.
Just as the tension began to peak, the eunuch's shrill voice cut through the stillness, heralding the Emperor's delayed entrance. 


“His Majesty has arrived!” 


The ministers quickly straightened their postures and bowed their heads in respect.
As of late, His Majesty had grown more volatile, often exploding in fits of rage over trivial matters and punishing officials by demoting or executing them.
Those who still stood before him today were all cautious and careful in their words and deeds. 


Shortly after the eunuch's announcement, the Emperor emerged from the back hall and sat upon his ornate throne.
However, he did not speak a word and instead appeared to be waiting for something. 


The ministers were slightly puzzled.
Normally, His Majesty would ask a few casual questions before impatiently handing over the government affairs to the Prime Minister and the Grand Marshal.
Why was he silent today? 


A hush fell over the hall. 


The Prime Minister coughed lightly, prompting the imperial servant to ask, “Are there any issues to be addressed?” 


Sensing that something was amiss in today's morning court, the ministers remained silent, being cautious as they knew that they rarely had the chance to speak out during such meetings. 



When no one answered, the Emperor on the high throne above the platform said, “Then let's dismiss.” 


Different from his customary cold and steady voice, some discerning ministers perceived a trace of apprehension in the Emperor's voice today, accompanied by a slight quiver in his speech. 


When a daring minister withdrew from Taihe Hall, he couldn't help sneaking a glance at the Emperor sitting on the throne. 


Ascending the throne as a mere youth, Emperor Jingchang had barely even come of age.
With sharp and striking features, he possessed a considerable degree of physical attractiveness.
He was wearing a large black-bottomed imperial robe with a gilt cloud-pattern, which further enhanced his already notable charisma.
At this moment, His Majesty was propped up against the black and gold dragon-patterned throne, his hand resting on his forehead with fingers partly covering his eyes, presenting a picture of vulnerability. 


Unfortunately, such a beautiful appearance conceal a cruel, incompetent, and hedonistic character…. 


Realizing that his thoughts were somewhat blasphemous, the minister quickly suppressed them and lowered his eyes, hastening his steps to follow behind his departing colleagues. 


As all the officials in the hall left, Li Jinyu let out a sigh of relief and relaxed his ramrod spine. 


However, he couldn't let his guard down yet.
There were still so many humans around! 


Glancing at the servants standing respectfully beside him, Li Jinyu gathered his courage and forced himself to maintain his composure. 


“Let's go back.” 



The eunuchs, who had all witnessed Emperor Jingchang's tyrannical side, naturally did not dare to dawdle.
They quickly arranged the imperial carriage and escorted the Emperor back to his sleeping quarters.
Waving his hand to dismiss all the palace attendants, the last eunuch to retreat Rongguang Hall closed the doors, leaving him alone in the vast and empty room, which suddenly became eerily silent. 


Li Jinyu let out a long sigh of relief and walked up to the dragon bed, throwing himself onto it and letting out a comfortable sigh. 


Playing the role of a tyrannical Emperor was too difficult for him, a little hamster.
Lying on the bed, Li Jinyu wished he could just bury himself for the rest of his life. 


It felt strange not having a tail. 


Li Jinyu was originally a pet hamster who lived a happy life munching on nuts under the care of his owner every day.
Somehow, he unexpectedly developed spiritual awareness and became a spiritual being. 


At first, Li Jinyu didn't think that gaining spiritual awareness would have a significant impact on his existence, but he did not expect to face a Heavenly Tribulation after becoming a spiritual being.


As a hamster who was fixated on eating, drinking, playing, and sleeping, and had never seriously practiced cultivation, Li Jinyu was unsurprisingly shattered to pieces by the Heavenly Tribulation. 


When he regained consciousness, he found himself in a different realm, transmigrated into an Emperor.
Accustomed to crawling around on four paws, Li Jinyu found it especially awkward to walk on two feet.
But more importantly, the identity he assumed was that of a villainous tyrant in a novel. 


As a domesticated rodent, he often lounge on the sofa armrest, munching on peanuts and poring over novels alongside his owner.
Recently, he had been engrossed in a story where Emperor Jingchang played the role of the principal villain.
Upon his ascension to the throne, this young Emperor only indulged in pleasure and was cruel and merciless, depleting the national treasury to build palaces and towers, wine pools and meat forests.
He frequently executed palace attendants and even officials, refusing to listen to the advices of his birth mother, the Empress Dowager. 


The only thing preventing the collapse of the Di Dynasty under his rule were the two pillars of civil and military support within his court.
In the original plot, Emperor Jingchang had been levying heavy taxes for ten years, causing turmoil in the court and instability in the border regions.
His lavish lifestyle fueled by alcohol and debauchery, along with his penchant for forced confiscation and plundering, resulted in widespread hatred and discontent among the populace, which echoed throughout the land. 



Meanwhile, the elder sister of the main protagonist Huo Caiyu, was forcibly taken into the imperial harem by Emperor Jingchang, and soon died after being tortured. 


With the people's resentment towards the tyrannical Emperor, Huo Caiyu led a rebellion to overthrow him, claimed the throne, and restored order to the regime. 


As for the tyrant Emperor, his end was naturally extremely miserable. 


After learning that he was the Emperor Jingchang of the Di Dynasty, Li Jinyu was completely stunned. 


Hoohoo, he only wanted to be an ordinary hamster, not a tyrant! 


Li Jinyu's initial instinct was to revert back to his hamster form and escape.
Whether he was a tyrant or a foolish Emperor, it was better to flee the imperial palace. 


However, Li Jinyu soon realized that his body would become stiff and unresponsive whenever he thought about escaping, preventing him from turning back into his hamster form, as if something was restraining him. 


Li Jinyu's spiritual transformation brought with it a newfound understanding of the Heavenly Dao. 

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