Chapter 6 – Before and After People.


Zhuo RongMing's house is very small and its decoration was made many years ago.
Of course, it is impossible to make a whole cabinet that will light up in a few years.

The kitchen operation platform is made of several low walls made of bricks and then paved with marble.
Under the platform, there are gas cylinders and rice in oil bags.
Cabinets for dishes and crockery are placed directly on the platform.

Now, that cabinet fell down.

At first, Qu Guixiang wanted to hold back in front of his master, but when he saw the porcelain shards on the ground, he couldn't hold back anymore: «I'll kill you, little beast!»

Suddenly, the scene became more chaotic, and at this moment, the two teachers finally exploded: «Stop!»

Shortly after…

In a small restaurant in Fuyang County, Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting were holding their backpacks and eating.

Before, Zhuo's family became a mess, Master Yang and Master Zhang were unable to persuade Qu Guixiang.
They simply took the two children out of the Zhuo family, and after asking Zhuo Shao if they had dinner, they were taken to a small restaurant.

The small restaurant is run by a couple in their thirties, selling noodles in the morning and rice at noon and in the afternoon.
The price is not expensive.

Master Yang ordered five dishes, including braised pork, sweet and sour raw carp, pickled green bean sprouts, tomato scrambled eggs, and winter melon soup, which together cost 30 yuan.

These are homemade dishes.
The two masters generally eat no worse than this.
They don't think it's weird.
They didn't move their chopsticks at first, but Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting…

Before Zhuo Shao died, he did not lack food and drink, but he was depressed and did not want to eat anything all day.
But he now he has changed the shell of him…

He wanted to leave the drumsticks to Zhuo Ting, but he did not eat them in the afternoon.
Now he was very hungry and wanted to show pity in front of the two teachers, so he ate more.

As for Zhuo Ting…
He hasn't eaten much meat and fish this year, Qu Guixiang's cooking skills are very poor.
She now she has a chance to eat such delicious food…

Zhuo Ting almost buried his head in his plate.

The two children had two more meals, but they were all very hungry and very careful not to eat…

Zhuo Shao's main teacher, Yang JianHua, is thirty-six years old this year.
She has a daughter in the sixth grade of elementary school.

Think about her daughter's food choice, the crucian carp only eats the fish belly without small bones, the meat only eats lean meat, the melon soup does not eat it, and then look at these two…

Zhuo Shao has eaten three bowls of rice, Zhuo Ting has also eaten two bowls, and they have eaten as much rice, the braised pork on the table is only a third less, the crucian carp only does not have the head and tail, the other dishes only half left.

Yang JianHua thought back to the past.

Don't say your daughter accidentally dropped a bowl for a few cents, but dropped the vase he bought for decoration.
He also felt very distressed, and then scolded her, he was absolutely reluctant to hit her, but Zhuo Shao…

Yang JianHua looked at the skinny young man sitting in front of him and felt a sense of sympathy and guilt in his heart, he had not even realized Zhuo Shao's situation before.

«Master Yang, I am full.» Zhuo Shao put down the bowl and looked at Yang JianHua carefully and lowered his head.

«Eat something else.» Yang JianHua came to his senses and then gave Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting a piece of meat each.

«Thank you.» Zhuo Shao lowered his head and ate slowly, as if he was reluctant to eat all the meat at once, Zhuo Ting also thanked him.

Yang JianHua then brought some fish and meat to them, and then began to eat his own food.
At the same time, he also became entangled: «Zhuo Shao, your family…»

Remembering the appearance of the woman.
Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting will probably be hit when they return, but he couldn't take them…

Yang JianHua was worried.

«Master Yang, you will be fine after losing your temper.
I am used to it.» Zhuo Shao said gently.

If he had enough skill, he would definitely teach the couple a good lesson.
However, he is now just a skinny 15-year-old boy.
He doesn't want to rely on degeneracy and become a petty gangster to gain the power of resistance like he did in his last life.

You can only get sympathy from some people, put yourself in the place of the victim, and then openly try to get rid of the partner.

«I'll talk to her again when you're done eating.» Yang JianHua said.

Yang JianHua said that he could do it.
After eating, he took Zhuo Shao and Zhuo Ting to Zhuo's house.
At that moment, Zhuo RongMing also returned.

After his rebirth, Zhuo Shao saw Zhuo RongMing for the first time, who died at his hands in his last life, making him a killer everyone wanted to avoid.

Zhuo Shao's ancestors used to be from a big local family, and it wasn't until his great-grandfather's generation that he lost everything because he liked the game.

When Zhuo Shao's grandfather arrived, the Zhuo family was already very poor.
Fortunately, they had a good element in that chaotic era, and were not affected by all kinds of activities.

But Grandpa Zhuo Shao was different from other people in the village.

For example, he was handsome.

Grandpa Zhuo, who was handsome, married Grandma Zhuo, who was also attractive.
The three children they gave birth to are even more beautiful.

Although Zhuo RongMing is over forty years old, he is still very handsome to look at.
It's from drinking all year long that he's not always sober.
His eyes are red and always sleepy.

He used to work at the fertilizer factory, but after being laid off, he relied on odd jobs to earn more money than he spent on his own.

Zhuo Shao remembers that before his parents died, he often borrowed money from his father, while Qu Guixiang always did a lot of manual work at home to earn money to subsidize his family, such as sewing beads on some clothes and shining sequins.

Zhuo Shao looked at him, then lowered his head and hid the ferocity on his face.

If he hadn't been afraid to repeat his mistakes and destroy his entire life, he would have liked to castrate this man now.

«Are you Zhuo Shao's uncle? I am the master of Zhuo Shao.
I'm here today for a home visit.» Yang JianHua said, and asked: «Do you know that it is illegal to hit children?»

«My wife has a bad temper…» Zhuo RongMing smiled and pleaded guilty, then looked at Qu Guixiang: «I'm busy with my work and I don't know if my wife would beat the children, I really let down the father of the two children.»

Zhuo RongMing had read books and spoke very well.
He was also very nice to Qu Guixiang, so the two teachers left after explaining a few words.

Zhuo Shao watched the two masters leave, then raised his head and met Zhuo RongMing's mischievous gaze: «You brat, how dare you?!»

Zhuo RongMing's voice is very gloomy.
He and Qu Guixiang are not good people.

Today, Zhuo Shao's disobedience also attracted two masters.
No doubt he was very angry.
He has decided to educate Zhuo Shao well.
He can't let this bunny get on his head!

Zhuo RongMing stepped forward and wanted to catch Zhuo Shao to hit him.
However, Zhuo Shao dodged and hurried into the kitchen.

«What are you doing?» Zhuo RongMing asked, suddenly a little uncomfortable.

Zhuo Shao came out of the kitchen with a kitchen knife.

Seeing Zhuo Shao's kitchen knife, which is not particularly sharp, but also deadly, Zhuo RongMing's expression changed: «What do you want to do? Put the knife down!»

«I do not want to do anything.» Zhuo Shao looked at Zhuo RongMing blankly, and then shook the knife at him: «But if you hit me again, I won't be courteous! If I can't beat you, I'll fight you!»

«You dare threaten me, brat?» Zhuo RongMing was furious: «I will kill you!» He looked fierce, but his eyes were clearly scared.

«Go away.
If you hurt me, I will run to the police station and say that you mistreated me.
If you kill me…» Zhuo Shao's face was still expressionless: «It's good if you kill me, I don't want to live anyway.
Then I will become a fierce ghost to haunt you.»

Zhuo Shao spoke in a calm voice, without ups and downs, but Zhuo RongMing saw that he was completely gloomy, and his eyes seemed empty, he was somehow afraid.

«Stinky boy, what kind of look is that?» Qu Guixiang said angrily, shouting a few words, but she didn't dare to actually hit Zhuo Shao.

Zhuo Shao laughed, tossing the kitchen knife at them and watching them back away in fear, before leading Zhuo Ting to his room.

Thinking back to his last life, he felt that he could not do anything against his uncle's family, but now that he was thirty-five years old, he clearly knew that the couple could not do anything to him.
In any case, it is also a legal partnership now.
Zhuo Rongming dares to kill him?

Zhuo Rongming does not dare to do such a thing, but he dares.

«Brother?» Back in the room, Zhuo Ting looked at Zhuo Shao worriedly.

«TingTing, it's okay, don't be afraid, don't worry.» Zhuo Shao touched Zhuo Ting's head and smiled.
«Do you want to eat chicken legs?»

After saying that, Zhuo Shao took out the chicken leg that Liang Chen gave him from his backpack at school.

Zhuo Ting swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
She hasn't eaten snacks for a long time…

Zhuo Shao divided the chicken leg into two halves and ate it with Zhuo Ting, leaving Zhuo Ting to do his homework.

He also took out a book and began to read it.

Elementary school homework is very simple, Zhuo Ting soon finished, after finishing, she secretly looked at Zhuo Shao.

Today the older brother has changed a lot.
However, she likes her older brother.

The girl was very happy, but Zhuo Shao suddenly found something else entangled.

He and Zhuo Ting are in the same room.
Not only that, they only have one bed…

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