Chapter 10 – Liang Chen's past.

Zhuo Jiabao is many years older than Zhuo Shao.
Before, he could always beat Zhuo Shao by his age and size.

But now, it's all reversed.

Before Zhuo Shao was imprisoned, even if he was a gangster, he only had a lifeless ruthlessness and didn't know how to fight, but after he was imprisoned, he really learned a lot in prison.

How to beat someone, and where it hurts more…
When he was in a panic in the prison, he could only study and study these.

Now, he is going to strike first.

After Zhuo Shao kicked Zhuo Jiabao, he kept moving and greeted Zhuo Jiabao with another punch.

Zhuo Jiabao hasn't started gambling yet, but he has long been addicted to the game consoles on the street, which is one of the reasons why he is reluctant to live back – if he lives under Qu Guixiang's eyelids, how can he run every night? Going out to play games?

He is indeed older than Zhuo Shao and has an amazing physique, but he lacks exercise, and his physical fitness is really not very good…

After a while, Zhuo Shao had beaten the man down, he picked up a sharp brick, and then gestured twice to Zhuo Jiabao's face: «Zhuo Jiabao, if you provoke me again, I will poke you blind.»

Zhuo Jiabao closed his eyes immediately, but couldn't help but want to shout: «You better not shout, or your mouth will be rotten if I go down with a brick.»

Zhuo Jiabao closed his mouth again.

Zhuo RongMing's family is actually a bully and afraid of hardship.
After he didn't go to school and started to be a gangster in his last life, Zhuo Shao had already dealt with this family, and Zhuo Jiabao had also been beaten several times by him.
Familiar with the road.

«Welcome to see me next time.» Zhuo Shao said, leaving Zhuo Jiabao and walking out.

After leaving this demolition area, there were people coming and going from time to time.
Zhuo Shao was planning to go to elementary school quickly, and he didn't want to meet another acquaintance.

His deskmate Liang Chen was blocked in the alley by several people, who were still rummaging through his schoolbag and putting his snacks in plastic bags.

«What are you doing?» Zhuo Shao frowned and asked.
He didn't know the people surrounding Liang Chen, but seeing that they were all carrying schoolbags, they were obviously students, and they should still be students of Beimen Junior High School.

«Zhuo Shao?» Someone turned his head and recognized Zhuo Shao.

Now Zhuo Shao can be sure that they are definitely the students of Beimen Junior High School.

As for the current situation…
Liang Chen has always been bullied at school.

«You guys rob your classmates? Give it back to Liang Chen, or I'll tell the teacher!» Zhuo Shao said.

«Zhuo Shao, you're sick, help this fat bastard!» The leader of the group said.
«Have you forgotten what he was like when he was in elementary school?»

Zhuo Shao really can't remember what Liang Chen was like when he was in elementary school.
This person is not in the same class as him, and he doesn't like socializing with people.
How can he still remember what Liang Chen was like at that time?

I…» Liang Chen shook and looked at Zhuo Shao with some fear.

When Zhuo Shao came out and spoke for him just now, he was very happy, but now what this man said made him scared again.
At this moment, he wished that Zhuo Shao hadn't appeared here at all.

«What did he look like when he was in elementary school? What does it have to do with me?» Zhuo Shaodao didn't notice Liang Chen's situation, he just frowned and looked at those people: «I only know that I can't bully my classmates.»

If it wasn't Liang Chen who was blocked here today, Zhuo Shao might not be able to take care of him, but now it is Liang Chen who is being bullied.

Not to mention the benefits that I have received from Liang Chen in my previous life, I will say that the two days of rebirth…

The kindness that Liang Chen showed him was enough for him to save Liang Chen.

«Zhuo Shao, you actually helped this dead fat man!» The leader looked at Zhuo Shao in surprise: «Do you know that he is very dirty? He hasn't bathed for a long time, he has lice on his head, and he doesn't wash his clothes, really disgusting!»

«Liang Chen is particularly disgusting, he even wipes his nose everywhere!»

«It's like crawling out of a rubbish heap!»

The person who blocked Liang Chen, you said every word, but Liang Chen's head was getting lower and lower, and he couldn't wait to drop to the ground.

What these people say is basically the truth.

His mother died when he was born, and his father went out to work after his mother died, and will come back during Chinese New Year.

At first, he lived with his grandma, but when he was seven years old, his grandma also died…

His father, who was almost a complete stranger to him, came back the year his grandmother died, and after hiring someone to take care of him, he left Fuyang County and only paid the hired person every month.

The one who took care of him was his neighbor.
She was kind to him at first.
After taking the money from his father, she prepared three meals for him, helped him wash clothes, and took him to school…
But later, this not only that, she also found that Liang Chen's father hardly came back.

How can he have a grandson important? The man was busy taking his grandson, so he didn't care about him, and he didn't even live next door to his house, so it was time for dinner, so he could get something for him to eat, or give him two or three dollars.
To buy food to eat…
He was only nine years old at the time.

If he told his father about this at that time, there would be nothing later, but he has always been very afraid of his father, and he has almost no communication with him.
This neighbor's aunt is even more important to him than his father.
Close, under such circumstances, he did not go to complain.

So, some things got worse.

When he was nine years old, that person would come to wash his clothes once a week and cook him a few meals, but later, she appeared less and less and only gave him a little money.
For example, when there is an activity in the school that needs parental assistance to go to her, she thinks that he is too busy.
There are some extra charges in the school, and she is unwilling to help him teach.
If it wasn't for his father, he would leave him hundreds of dollars during the Chinese New Year.
Yuan, he might have to ask someone at that time.

That's when he got worse and worse…

Liang Chen's face flushed red when he thought of what happened in his elementary school.

He was still young at that time and didn't understand many things.
He didn't know how to change his clothes when it was dirty, and he didn't even know how to get a haircut…
He could do things like taking a bath and washing his hair, but no one urged the child.
I don't want to take a shower.

At that time, he was very bad, especially in the fourth and fifth grades, and in two years, it was enough for all the classmates in the class to hate him, and then they kept away from him.

If not at that time, he suddenly fell in love with Zhuo Shao and began to love cleanliness.
When he saw someone sending greeting cards to Zhuo Shao, he also wanted to buy a greeting card that could sing for Zhuo Shao, but he had no money, so he called his father to ask for money, his life may continue.

His father had already started a business at that time, earning a lot every year, and giving a lot of money to the person who took care of him, but as a result, his son had no money to spend…

His father came back, cleaned him upside down, and bought a new house for him to live in.
After he was sure that he could live on his own, he simply gave him the money.
At that time, he was in sixth grade…

«Shut up, are you looking for a fight?» Zhuo Shao looked at the people in front of him with a cold face.

The people blocking Zhuo Shao were all students from Beimen Junior High School.
They were still a little worried that Zhuo Shao would tell the teacher.
Seeing that Zhuo Shao was angry, they ran away in a hurry.

After these people ran away, Zhuo Shaocai looked at Liang Chen: «Are you all right?»

I am, I am fine.» Liang Chen said, his voice trembled a little, he wanted to cry now, and then he wanted to justify himself a few words: «I…
I have no lice on my head now, I still…
I also take a shower every day, and my clothes have a washing machine…»

After entering junior high school, he has changed a lot.
His hair is very short, and he never grows lice.
He takes a bath every day and washes his clothes in a washing machine…
It's just that the students of their elementary school, after finishing elementary school, all went to North Korea.
He is a junior high school student, so even if he changes, everyone will not have a good impression of him.

He is also getting fat…

Liang Chen himself felt that he was dirty during that time, and he never wanted Zhuo Shao to know about it, but now, all that was spread out in front of Zhuo Shao…

«Well, you are doing fine now.» Zhuo Shao said, patting Liang Chen's shoulder.

Children get dirty, which is basically the problem of adults, but you can't blame children.

When Zhuo Shao died in his last life, he was already thirty-five years old.
If he didn't go to jail and didn't like Liang Xin, but got married and had children earlier, the children would be as big as Liang Chen…

«I believe you will get better and better in the future.» Zhuo Shao said again.

Liang Chen looked at Zhuo Shao excitedly, but Zhuo Shao hurried to pick up Zhuo Ting: «I have something to do, I'll go first.»

Saying goodbye to Liang Chen, Zhuo Shao quickly ran to the elementary school, but when he arrived at the elementary school, Zhuo Ting was alone in the classroom.

Fortunately, at this time, some teachers will come down from overseas students to make up lessons, and some students' parents will be waiting in the classroom when they are busy with work, so Zhuo Ting is not the last one in the school.

«Brother, why are you so late?» Zhuo Ting asked.

«I met Zhuo Jiabao.» Zhuo Shao said, seeing the fear on Zhuo Ting's face, he comforted: «TingTing, don't be afraid, brother is fine, but Zhuo Jiabao was beaten by me.»

Zhuo Ting didn't believe it, and Zhuo Shao said again: «TingTing, brother is actually very powerful.
Did you forget that last night, brother scared the uncle and aunt?»

Zhuo Ting finally laughed when she thought of what happened yesterday.

Zhuo Shao was a little worried.

He hit Zhuo Jiabao today, and after he goes back, I'm afraid he will run into trouble again…

Zhuo Shao thought that when he hit Zhuo Jiabao, he would inevitably be tossed by Qu Guixiang after returning home, but after returning home that night, Qu Guixiang didn't do anything to him, just didn't give them dinner.

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