“This… Are you hopeful?”

She didn’t know how much she penetrated into Killian’s mind.
His heart must still be filled with Lise, and she was probably just a foreign object that bothers him.
But that little attention could save her life.

‘This and that is suspicious, and annoying, but all it takes is enough interest and affection to think killing is too much! Just give me that much affection.’

She didn’t even want a bigger interest.
Praying for such a small wish, she welcomed Anna.
The rotten face of Sophia coming in after her was electrifying.

* * *

As Edith was enjoying an evening free from beatings, a discussion was going on in Duke Ludwig’s office.

“Of course, as the woman said, the Countess of Sinclair has been quiet lately.
But that’s just speculation.”

“The idea that Edith is the culprit is just speculation too.
Besides, as Edith said, this is so instantaneous.
Edith isn’t stupid enough to do something that would make her the culprit right away.”

“But it’s not like no one else has ever touched that embroidery thread.”

“It’s just that we couldn’t find the culprit, bro! Did you suddenly become an idiot because it’s related to Lise?”

Killian seemed to be able to understand Edith’s feelings a little.
No matter how plausible logic he refuted, Cliff never stopped doubting Edith.
He couldn’t find anyone else who touched the embroidery thread, so if he couldn’t find out that Edith had poisoned her, why did he say Edith was the culprit?

Cliff looked as if he had been brainwashed.

“Anyway, I don’t think this is Edith’s work.
You don’t know who came in and did this while Lise’s room was empty.”

“Even if it was, why did it have to be that embroidery thread?”

“She must have poisoned anything Lise could touch! If it’s an embroidery thread, it’s something that’s been touched for a long time, so she might have thought it was appropriate!”

“Isn’t it too much of a jump?”

“Accusing Edith as the culprit because the embroidery thread she gave Lise was poisoned is a serious jump.
Besides, you said you obtained poison and applied it to avoid the eyes of the watchers we placed around Edith? Are the Ludwig family watchers so incompetent?”

Killian was frustrated with his brother, but his persuasion was not in vain.
Whatever Cliff might have been, Duke Ludwig slowly shattered the confidence that had wrapped around his thoughts like a hard shell.

“There is a point in Killian’s words.
It’s hard to believe that Edith or the child’s maid got the poison away from prying eyes.”

“The maid named Sophia could have brought it in.”

“Since the peach pie incident, the maid’s luggage has already been thoroughly checked.
She may not be.”

In the end, Cliff also took a step back.
And Lise, who heard the story, also sided with Edit.

“How could it be Edith, who must have had a hard time recovering from her aching body? Besides, when she delivered the gift, Killian was also in my room.
There’s no way Edith would have casually given such a terrible thing in front of Killian.”

Looking at Lise, whose lips were still blue, Cliff clenched his molars.

“Edith, she raised the suspicions that the Sinclair were framing her and that they were harming you.
There is no evidence, but I think we need to investigate.”

At those words, Lise weakly shook her head.

“I don’t want the Duke’s manpower to be wasted because of me.
Fortunately, the treatment is going well.”

It’s about taking your life.
I can’t just get over it.”

“Cliff… me, it’s so hard.
Can’t we just bury it?”

As the water formed over Lise’s blue eyes, Cliff felt a pain as if his heart were splitting.
If he could, he would have wanted to capture Edith and torture her by feeding her the painful poison just enough to keep her from dying.
However, he was also afraid that Lise would continue to suffer if he continued digging into this matter.

“If that’s what you want… okay.”

“Thank you, Cliff.”

“But I promise you.
If other evidence is found… At that time, I will do my best to find the culprit.”

Rize had no choice but to promise to do it for Cliff, who seemed distressed because he couldn’t find the culprit right away.

* * *

Layla sighed as she read a letter from her spy planted in the Ludwig household.

-Miss Lise collapsed from poisoning on her embroidery thread, which Miss Edith gave her as a gift.

When the self-made play by putting poison in the pie given by Miss Lise and eating it failed, she seemed to have used the second method.
Not only the Duke, but also Cliff and Killian were very angry.
After reading the letter, Layla narrowed her eyes and murmured.

“Lise, that girl has a long rope.
Just don’t die.”

It seemed that Edith’s efforts to develop hatred for Lise by using the people around her were finally paying off.
She thought it was amazing when she heard that she tried to frame Lise by mixing poison with the peach pie sent by Lise, but as soon as that failed, she immediately tried to retaliate, like Edith the Villain.

Just then, Damian entered Layla’s room.

“Why did you call again today?”

Upon reading Hanson’s letter, Layla, who had her maid summon Damian, handed Hanson’s letter to Damian.

“Edith is working pretty hard, but she fails every time.”

Damien, who opened the letter and quickly scanned it with his eyes, also smiled.

“It was close this time.”

“It’s bold, but it’s kind of stupid.
Still, this job is a bit of a waste.
It was a great opportunity to put them both away.”

“I know.”

Then Layla raised her eyebrows and asked.

“Or maybe… Is this what my brother ordered to be done?”

But Damian shook his head.

“I did not.”

“Yes… I see.”



Damian rolled his eyes as he tapped the corner of the folded letter on the palm of his hand.

“I know mother got poison some time ago.”

“What? Really?”

“I don’t know what it was used for or what kind of poison it was.
But she seems to want to keep it a secret, so don’t ask too much.”

I don’t want to take mother’s tantrum either.
However… Why did you keep it a secret?”

“I don’t know.
And it’s not clear whether mother is behind this or not.
She should be the one or two people my mother wants to kill.”

It wasn’t something to laugh at all, but Damian and Layla chuckled.
To them, the exchange of lives of people who had nothing to do with them was just a joke.

“Anyway, what is certain is that Edith is gradually losing her place in the Ludwig household.”

“There was nothing for her in the first place.”

“To lose completely is a different matter.
It might be difficult now, but if Edith completely loses trust, we can directly attack Lise and put the blame on Edith.
Would the Ludwig family believe that it was Edith?”

Layla nodded her head happily and thought of Lise and Edith.

“Edith has nothing to worry about since she is digging her own grave like this.
Lise, that girl can’t be lucky forever either.”

The Sinclair family put their heads together again for the day they would use her Edith to get rid of Lise.

* * *

Right after the incident, she thought that Cliff or the Duke would call her in right away, and she was ordered to probation, but she was not taken away and questioned, no matter what Killian said.
In fact, she was also curious about the person behind or the culprit behind this incident.

‘Who the hell poisoned that embroidery thread? Why did it have to be an embroidery thread? Because Lise likes embroidery? Or not… They know I gave her the embroidery thread…?’

She told Killian plausibly that the Countess of Sinclair was suspicious, but in fact she had no idea.
Of course, in the original work, Edith was correct.
But this time she didn’t know.

In her actions that deviated from the flow of the original work, the strong flow of this world tried to drive her into the villain even by having another character, and to find a probability there and go back… Well, there’s no way Lise and her maid could have done it, so only the Countess of Sinclair remained.

‘I think it’s quite different from the original? There aren’t many Sinclair in the 4th volume of the original work where Edith appears.’

While thinking about that, she shook her head.

‘No, there is still no evidence that the Sinclair family did it.
And even if another suspect comes along, this situation where I’m accused of being the culprit can continue.’

In the end, she had no choice but to wait in this room for someone to tell her the conclusion. 

The good thing was that she no longer had to suffer from Sophia’s tyranny.
Since Anna was a maid with a higher rank than Sophia, Sofia had to do errands such as bringing meals and preparing bath water.
In other words, it never happened that she was left alone with Sophia.

You should give it a hint.”


“Since the peach pie incident last time, you have been seasoning all my food.
What’s the matter?”

“Ah… uh, it was…”

Sophia couldn’t blindly eat the food she brought, so she deliberately ordered her to taste it, and when she finished her taste, her food was obviously delicious.
If she could shoot lasers with her eyes, Sophia would burn her to death again and again.

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