IJRELD: Hide and Seek 8

MAY 25, 2023 ~ KIWII

“I found you!”

The child’s voice rang irregularly in their ears, as if to make the toy reveal its flaws in this way.

This method has worked well in the past, and there are always frightened toys that make small noises so that he can find them.

It was a pity that these toys didn’t seem to be good today, and they didn’t appear for a long time after he found them.

As time passed, the tone of the child’s speech became more and more anxious and impatient.

No matter how hidden the hidden place was, no one could guarantee that this place would never be found.

Song Qingshu’s heart sank little by little as the cries became more and more distorted-sooner or later they would be found.

His brain quickly recalled all the clues, looking for a solution.

If you are caught by a ghost, you will definitely die, but you can’t be tough.

This is the sixth floor, what if they jump off?

Most likely he will die too, maybe the death will look better and he won’t be tortured, but he doesn’t want to die.

He recalled the topography of the school’s teaching building, and found that there was a small platform at the end of the corridor window.

If the platform is used as a buffer…

If you really can’t walk, it’s not impossible to try this road.

He counted the time, it was almost 6 o’clock.

I hope I can last until 6 o’clock……

The child wore plastic sandals on his feet and made a “click” sound on the steps of the stairs, which was extremely loud in the empty and deserted building.




The crisp sound became louder and louder, and the ghost was getting closer……

The sound of footsteps was like drum beats, beating on the hearts of the four people.
The already tense nerves were almost at the limit at this time, and the slightest movement would break the tense nerves, and everyone automatically held their breath.

The child shouted in surprise: “I really found you!”

Song Qingshu looked at the child standing not far away, the pink rabbit with pricked ears, and the doll and puppet boy behind him, and immediately wanted to turn over the guardrail.

He said quickly: “There is a buffer platform on the right, jump over there quickly, quickly!”

Sang Yu wanted to jump but his legs were already weak and he couldn’t stand up at all.

Yan Ruyu didn’t move after listening to his words.

When the ghost rushed over, Song Qingshu tightly closed his eyes.

The expected pain did not come, and the familiar bell rang in his ears.
He opened his eyes and the ghost had disappeared, and it was dawn.

Surprise, surprise, surprise……The night of danger finally passed.

Song Qingshu’s tense nerves suddenly relaxed, and he lay directly on the ground looking at the sky, and relieved the tingling feeling on his legs by the way.

This was the first time he had faced death so nakedly.

Sang Yu slowly opened his tightly closed eyes.
It was dawn and the ghost disappeared.
Realizing that he was safe, he slumped his shoulders and sat down on the ground, tilting his head and vomited out with a “wow”.

Yan Ruyu on the side didn’t feel any better, she sat leaning against the wall, panting heavily, her face was as pale as paper.

The cold sweat flowed out wet the hair, and the hair looked like it had just been washed.
But she looked much better than Sang Yu’s situation.

Among the four, only Moon in the Water was in relatively better condition.
He sat silently on the ground, with one leg stretched out, the other leg supported casually, his arm resting on the supported leg, panting slightly, as if he was calming down his breath.

After a while, he stood up and pulled the other three people up, “Let’s go to the cafeteria to eat.”

Song Qingshu, Sang Yu, and Yan Ruyu, who had been watching the murder scene all night: ……We can’t eat.

When the three of them got better, Moon in the Water pulled them up from the ground, and the four of them helped each other back to the dormitory.

Moon in the Water settled the three of them, told them, turned around and went to the cafeteria for breakfast.

When he came back again, Sang Yu was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, not knowing whether he had fallen asleep or passed out.

Song Qingshu was holding a towel to help him clean up the dirt on his body, and he seemed to have recovered.

Moon in the Water placed the three breakfasts in his hand on the table: “I packed a few steamed buns with vegetarian stuffing and three servings of white porridge.
You can eat them when you’re hungry.”

Song Qingshu washed his hands and walked over, picked up a vegetarian steamed stuffed bun, and asked Yan Ruyu, who was sitting on the bed next to her, said, “Do you want to eat?”

Yan Ruyu shook her head feebly and refused.

Song Qingshu took a bite of the steamed stuffed bun, and had a hasty breakfast with white porridge.

He has to say that although yesterday was a thrilling night, they got more clues.

“There are three ghosts, a puppet boy, a doll, and a rabbit.
The little boy and the rabbit should be together, and the rabbit listens to the little boy, and the rabbit is the boy’s doll.” Song Qingshu sat in the dormitory.
His hands were crossed on his chin, and his slender fingers unconsciously rubbed his rosy lips.
He speculated while telling known clues, trying to find out the connection.

“The little boy does not look very old, more like a kindergarten.
Combining the swings and slides that appear in the kindergarten, it can be judged that he used to go to school there, so we have to go there today when the kindergarten opens.” Song Qingshu pieced together the trivial information bit by bit.

“Did you hear what that little boy said at the beginning?” Moon in the Water asked, his eyes fell on the rosy lips when the other party spoke, reminding him of the white porridge that day, his Adam’s apple moved up and down unconsciously, and his throat felt a bit dry.

Song Qingshu raised his eyebrows, expressing that he didn’t know what Moon in the Water was asking him about what the child said.

“After he finished talking about the start of the game, he said, ‘He and his friends are coming to find you’. Among these ghosts, only the little boy is human, and the others, whether it is rabbit doll, doll, or puppet boy, are not human.

In other words, these so-called friends are little boy’s toys.” Moon in the Water analysed.

The four of them rested until noon, and they all recovered a lot.
Except for Sang Yu who was still listless, Song Qingshu and the others didn’t exude the aura that they had experienced such a dangerous night at all.

Sang Yu didn’t want to eat lunch, so Song Qingshu forcibly dragged him to the cafeteria.

After ordering four vegetarian dishes and white rice, they filled their stomachs in a hurry.
When they left the cafeteria, Song Qingshu wanted Sang Yu to go back to rest.
Sang Yu refused and went to the kindergarten with them.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t go in.

The gate guard said that those who go to junior high school and elementary school should ask the principal for a letter of introduction to enter the kindergarten area.

The kindergarten pays the most attention to the safety of children.
Many parents have to inform in advance when entering the kindergarten, otherwise they will be stopped by the guards.
Others who are neither parents nor have letters of introduction from the school management are absolutely unable to enter.

Song Qingshu and the others went to the principal’s office, briefly explained the situation to the principal, and the principal happily issued a letter of introduction to them.

The principals of the junior high school and the kindergarten greeted each other again, and he had asked the guard to open the iron gate long ago.
They went in without encountering obstacles, and walked in directly.

There are usually only teachers, childcare workers and principals in the kindergarten, and children do not see outsiders coming in.
They were spotted by a little girl as soon as they came in, and she ran up to them from a long distance, staggering while running, telling the teacher that someone was coming.

The little girl who ran over was not tall, but Song Qingshu was tall.
When the little girl rushed over and hugged Song Qingshu’s legs, her hairy head just reached half of Song Qingshu’s thigh.

Song Qingshu lowered his head and saw the little girl’s thick black and soft hair.
He looked at the soft hair and the cute curls in the middle, and couldn’t resist touching her head for a moment.
It really felt good.

The baby fat on the little girl’s face had not faded, and her white and delicate face like white porcelain looked up and said to Song Qingshu fearlessly: “I’ve seen this brother before, brother, your eyes are so beautiful.”

Song Qingshu: ……Will the children nowadays be seductive from such a young age?

He carefully pulled the little girl’s hand away, squatted down, and was about to ask her where she saw him.

The little girl turned her head and said softly to Moon in the Water who was standing aside: “I’ve seen this brother too.”

Then she said to Yan Ruyu who was standing beside: “Wow, I have seen this sister before, you are so beautiful, big sister.”

Song Qingshu: ……It’s incredible, she already has the potential to be a sea king at a young age.

kiwii: Sea King: Chinese internet slang for unfaithful partners/people and their manipulative tactics.

Sang Yu smiled and waited for a long time but did not hear the little girl say hello to him, so he was a little depressed.

Song Qingshu pulled her over and asked gently: “Who did you learn these words from?”

The little girl said childishly: “From mom, mom said that children should be sweeter, and they should be able to blow rainbow farts when they see their big brothers and sisters.”

Song Qingshu pointed to Sang Yu and said to her: “You forgot to say hello to this big brother.”

“Hello uncle.” The little girl greeted Sang Yu obediently.

Sang Yu: ……how did I become an uncle here? Am I so old? He touched his face and had deep doubts.

The teacher behind her hurriedly pulled the little girl away from Song Qingshu, and said to them embarrassedly: “Sorry, this kid is a bit naughty.”

Then the teacher knelt down and said to the little girl sternly: “Xiao Wan, how many times have I told you, don’t run over when you see someone in the garden, in case it’s not a kid who comes to play with you but someone strange who will kidnap the kids.”

Sang Yu: ……I feel offended.

After comforting the little girl, the teacher got up and looked at the offended outsiders with an apologetic expression, “I’m sorry, this kid is naughty and doesn’t recognize her life, for her safety I have to give her regular safety education.”

After being scolded by the teacher, the little girl wanted to cry but didn’t dare to cry.
With red eye circles, she looked at Song Qingshu aggrievedly.

Song Qingshu’s heart softened for no reason, he suddenly wanted to have such a smart daughter, but it’s a pity that he couldn’t give birth, because he didn’t have that function.

Song Qingshu told the teacher that it’s okay, they can understand.

Seeing that the teacher was about to take the little girl back to class, Song Qingshu hurriedly walked in front of her to stop her, without beating around the bush, he asked her directly: “We came to ask if any major incidents have happened in the kindergarten recently.”

The teacher turned pale instantly when she heard that, shook her head and said: “No……no, I don’t know I’m new here.”

Yes, then you know, Song Qingshu understood.

Knowing but not telling, what is she hiding? Or is someone not letting her tell?

kiwii: sorry for the late update and also you’ve to suffer slow uploads because my clumsy lazy ass forces me to procastinate alot……

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