IJRELD: Hide and Seek 7

MAY 24, 2023 ~ KIWII

kiwii: gore warning

“Waiting to die is death, sending to death is also death, come on.
If you die, you may die with a little dignity.
If the BOSS gets angry and riots later, you will probably die in an ugly way.” Song Qingshu looked serious and threatened Sang Yu in a serious tone.

Sang Yu saw that he didn’t mean to make a half-joke.
Thinking of the online games he played in the past, if he couldn’t clear the boss in the end, he would really be furious.
Maybe the ghosts in this garbage game are also like this.

He turned over and sat up on the bed, and said loudly: “Let’s Go.”

The school has specially equipped each dormitory with a large table for study, which can accommodate four junior high school students to study.
At this time, this large table has become Song Qingshu’s conference table.

Four people sat around the table, working out plans for the evening.

“The game gives a reminder to return to the dormitory at 8 o’clock.
According to past experience, you must not go out after 8 o’clock in the evening.
This is actually a death condition.

But the ghosts come only in the middle of the night, and they will make people disappear.
If my prediction is correct, those people are already dead.
In other words, responding to these ghosts is also a death condition.

There are obvious clues on the ghosts.
If the two death conditions are superimposed, the game will basically have a dead end, but the general game will not be set like this.

When the ghost comes out, we can go out through the window without danger, which is actually a hidden condition of the game.” Moon in the Water analyzed clearly.

After listening to the analysis, he suddenly realized that he had always felt that Moon in the Water was not so easy to be persuaded by others.

Just now he thought he was persuading Moon in the Water, and he was secretly complacent for a while, but he didn’t expect him to have guessed it long ago, and his thoughts just coincided with his to a certain extent.

Because there was business to do in the evening, the group of four went back to the 105 dormitory after dinner to catch up on sleep and recuperate.

Some of the remaining 32 people went out to find clues to clear the game, some were in a bad state of mind, and those who were too timid and scared all stayed in their dormitories and waited for the night to come.

Ghosts come in from the main door of the dormitory every night, from knocking on 101 to the last occupied dormitory, and then knocking all the way back.

Song Qingshu and the others planned to go around the window and look at the characteristics of the ghosts from behind when the ghosts came in, and then look for clues based on these characteristics during the day.

Song Qingshu and the others disguised the pillows and quilts in advance as if they were sleeping in the quilts, and then opened the windows to the gap where people could jump over.
Four people squatted under the windows and hid themselves early, waiting for the singing to sound.

The singing sounded in the middle of the night, and the figures of four people quickly jumped out of the window.

Song Qingshu was stunned as soon as he stood firmly on the ground, and the other three were not much better.
It was Moon in the Water who was the first to react, and patted them to signal them to hide.

The school has completely changed.
Several teaching buildings and dormitory buildings were still there, but the doors and windows were dilapidated.
Some windows were half broken, and the other half were hanging on the window frame, and they would fall to the ground when there was a gust of wind.
The door was also tilted to one side, and the wind blew through it, making a tinkling sound.

The green plants that have been taken care of were no longer as lush as they were during the day, and the broken branches and leaves were piled up on the ground.

The tree was bare, and the cold moonlight cast ghostly shadows on the ground.
When the wind blew, it creaked and shook, as if many devils stretched out their hands to catch people.

There were a few black crows squatting on the top of the branches, and only one silhouette could be seen in the night, making a hoarse and ugly rattle.

Song Qingshu and the others walked carefully through the night when they suddenly stopped together.

In front of the open space that should have been a playground, there were many things that didn’t belong here at all, such as the swing in the kindergarten next door and the slide painted with cartoon patterns.
There were also carousels, roller coasters and ferris wheels that only appear in amusement parks.

These installations were distributed on the playground in a strange way, which seemed to form a small amusement park that only children like.

The four of them observed the surrounding environment and found a safe, hidden place with a good viewing angle to hide.

After hiding, before the ghost came back, Moon in the Water whispered to the other three people: “I suspect that we have already arrived in another space, this space will appear in the middle of the night, and disappear after ringing the bell at 6 in the morning, that is to say, we have to hide here for 6 hours.

No matter what happens during this period, it’s best not to yell out when you see something.
If you’re afraid you won’t be able to control yourself, you can cover your mouth with your hand.”

Not long after he finished speaking, there were eight more people on the playground, and the moment the weird singing sounded, all the lights were on.

Whether it was the dilapidated teaching building in the distance or the devices they could see, all lights were on.
All the entertainment facilities seemed to be turned on at the same time, slowly moving.

“Hide-and-seek begins……I will give you a hundred numbers to hide.” said the shrill voice of the child, giggling.

“1.2.3…100! The game starts! My friend and I will start looking for you.” After finishing speaking, he let out a strange laugh and said, “Where are you?”

Moon in the Water took Song Qingshu and the others to hide on the top floor of the teaching building closest to the playground.

There was a low guardrail made of cement on the top floor, and four people squatted against the wall.
Looking up from downstairs, there was nothing abnormal here.

Even on the top floor, it was difficult to find, because the figures of the four people were completely hidden in the shadow cast by the guardrail.

The ethereal singing had been echoing in everyone’s ears, and various amusement facilities were operating slowly under the warm yellow lights, just like a real amusement park.

As time passed, someone in the amusement park let out the first scream.

“I found it, I found it.” The child laughed happily, his jumping voice sounded particularly harsh.

Song Qingshu slightly raised his head and looked towards the direction of the sound from the guardrail, only to see a child standing on the playground, too far away to tell the difference between male and female, and also unable to tell the age.

Standing behind the child was a rabbit doll, its big eyes were as red as blood, and its long ears were hanging obediently behind it.

What was found was a man, lying on the ground, his left arm and leg were gone, only the right half of his body and head remained, as if torn apart from the middle by something.

Blood flowed all over the place, like knocking over a large paint bucket filled with red paint.

The waist of the rabbit doll was contaminated by these bloodstains, and a large piece of red was added to the pink, which was very dazzling in the warm yellow light.

The rabbit dragged the remaining half of the man’s body to the edge of the merry-go-round, flicked it lightly, and put the man’s body on the moving merry-go-round like a bag.

The merry-go-round horse carried half of the man’s body tirelessly and swayed up and down.
As the blood in the man’s body continued to flow down, the horse was soon dyed red.

Song Qingshu quickly buried his head after watching it, feeling a great discomfort in his stomach.

Even after experiencing countless horror movies, he has developed a certain resistance to this kind of scene, but he still couldn’t accept it from the bottom of his heart when he saw a person who was still alive during the day die in front of him in such an extremely cruel way.

His body instinctively resisted, he didn’t want to look but he had to look, because he wanted to find more clues.

Moon in the Water seemed to have noticed his abnormality, and silently patted his shoulder lightly, giving him a little comfort.

Yan Ruyu next to him also saw this scene, buried her head deeply in her squatting legs, and hugged herself tightly.

Although it has become commonplace to see a living person dying in front of her eyes, she still failed to develop the corresponding “antibody”.

Every time she sees these people die, she will feel great guilt and self-blame, but she can’t do anything about it, because she has more important things to do.

Song Qingshu calmed down and looked down again.

Not long after, two voices sounded at the same time.

Song Qingshu saw a girl with a big head, red hair and an exquisite dress sitting on a swing.
Compared with her head and body, she was definitely not a human being, but more like a doll that many little girls often play with.

The doll blinked her eyes, watching the girl who was struggling in her hands gradually grinning from the corners of her mouth to her ears.

The fear in the eyes of the pinched girl magnified infinitely, and tears fell from her eyes unstoppably.
She cried out and hoped that someone would come to save her, but she also knew that it was impossible for anyone to come and save her.

She would definitely die, she only hopes to die happily, so as not to suffer endless pain before she dies.

The doll seemed to be pleased by the panic in her eyes, happily playing with the girl’s body.

Just like a young girl would disassemble the hands and feet of her beloved dolls and put them in beautiful clothes, the doll grabbed the girl’s arms and legs and manipulated them into shapes.
With a little more effort, the girl’s limbs left her body like a doll dismantled by a little girl.

The doll jumped off the swing and put the broken limbs back together.
After struggling for a long time, they couldn’t get back together.
It angrily kicked the dead girl a few times, and then went to find another doll.

And the murdered girl lay with her eyes wide open on the cold playground covered in her own blood, dying in pain.

Before the consciousness completely disappeared, she suddenly remembered the reason why she entered the game.
Her brother asked her to play games with her, and she agreed, and then she entered the game and never had a chance to go out again.

The other scream came from a man who was tightly wrapped in another teenager’s arms, but the embrace made him feel suffocated.

He slammed hard at the boy’s body, but the stretched out fist didn’t touch the flesh that should have been touched, instead it seemed to hit a thick wooden board.

When the boy lowered his head, his neck made a creaking sound.
When he saw the man’s fist hitting him, the strength in his hand suddenly increased.
The man struggled with all his strength, like a choked chicken thrashing about.

Gradually, the strength of the thrashing became smaller and smaller, the man tilted his head, his body let go of his strength and his hands hung on his sides, his whole body limped in the boy’s arms like noodles, and he died in the end.

Watching the man in his arms die, the puppet boy made a clicking sound, as if he was laughing.

As time went by, eight people were successively found by ghosts and killed in various cruel ways.
Throughout the night, the entire campus became a venue for ghosts to massacre players.

Scarlet blood flowed all over the place, stumps were thrown everywhere, and the soft light on it looked extremely terrifying.

The immature child’s voice was still singing a song, and this song had already become a reminder for death.

Before dawn, the ghosts were still looking for their toys.
They seemed to realize that four toys were missing tonight, so they scattered to look for them.

Song Qingshu and the four of them saw ghosts looking for them, they squatted in the dark and remained motionless, even breathing carefully in order to reduce the sense of presence.

“I found you……” The child’s voice sounded again.

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