IJRELD: Hide and Seek 13

MAY 28, 2023 ~ KIWII

When Song Qingshu was hanging on the guardrail, he looked downstairs and found a small platform protruding from the window on the third floor, but the position where he was hanging was not directly above the platform.
To buffer it, you must adjust your falling direction.

One hand was about to be split off, and the other hand would be split off sooner or later.
Right now, the other person is swordsman and he’s fish and meat.
If you want to break the game, you have to gamble.
If he wins, he lives, and if he dies, it’s his fate.

Song Qingshu pushed his whole body to the left while letting go……

With a “boom”, he hit the ground heavily, and the pain seemed to have an independent consciousness and crazily transmitted along the nerves in various parts of the body to the internal organs, limbs, and brain.

Is he really dead? It turns out this is what death feels like.

“Xiao guai guai! Xiao guai guai!”

Hearing this nickname, Song Qingshu suddenly opened his eyes, who the hell is calling him with his nickname! This made him feel uneasy.

He rolled his eyes and found that something was wrong, he didn’t seem to be dead.

Enduring the pain by force, Song Qingshu looked for the place where the pain came from.

The body is generally fine, and there is a slight pain in the internal organs, which should be caused by the shock when he fell.
The left hand was drooping weakly, and it looked like it was dislocated; the right leg was limp and twisted like a cotton doll’s leg, which it couldn’t be used at all, and it looked like it was broken.

He looked at the small platform that was about to catch him, and secretly rejoiced in his heart: I am so good-looking, God is really reluctant to let me die.

Wen Zhaodi was not as lucky as him.
She was dragged by Song Qingshu and fell straight down from the sixth floor.
Her head hit the ground and she fell to her death on the spot.

Bright red blood flowed out of Wen Zhaodi’s body, winding its way to the distance.
Wen Zhaodi’s eyes were wide open, looking at Song Qingshu who had landed on the third floor platform, she was full of viciousness and unwillingness.

She was not reconciled until she died, obviously it was that person who should have fallen to his death, why did she fall to her death and that person was fine?

Even though we are all under the same sky, why should I be ridiculed and oppressed and avoid them all the time? And those who bully others can take no punishment at all and dominate the campus swaggeringly?

She thought God is really unfair, but he’s so unfair! She wanted to shout out, but only spit out a mouthful of blood.
The blood was flowing on her face, coupled with those venomous eyes, she looked like a ghost in a horror movie.

When Song Qingshu looked down from the platform on the third floor, he met a pair of worried and nervous eyes.

The owner of the eyes, Moon in the Water, was standing beside Wen Zhaodi, holding two dolls in his hands.
He raised his head and said to Song Qingshu, “Wait a minute, I’ll be there right away.” After speaking, he quickened his pace and went upstairs.

Song Qingshu heard the sound of footsteps running up from downstairs, suddenly he was in a good mood, and laughed for no reason.
He didn’t know what he was laughing at, whether he was glad that he was lucky or something else, he was just happy.

Moon in the water came quickly, he climbed over the window at the end of the corridor on the third floor and walked carefully to Song Qingshu’s side, carefully checked his situation, and then helped him stand up and let him hold the window.
After returning to the corridor, he hugged him.

Moon in the Water grabbed Song Qingshu’s right hand with one hand and put it around his neck, and carefully stretched out the other hand under Song Qingshu’s leg.
With all his strength, he hugged Song Qingshu in his arms, and went downstairs steadily.

Moon in the Water directly hugged Song Qingshu and walked to Wen Zhaodi, showed Song Qingshu the two dolls in his pocket, and told him: “One was picked up from her side, and the other fell out of her pocket.”

One of the two dolls was the pink rabbit that Song Qingshu saw just now, and the other was a small puppet boy whose appearance was somewhat similar to the missing You Wen.

Song Qingshu gave the doll to Moon in the Water after observing it, and told Moon in the Water and what Wen Zhaodi had done.

Wen Zhaodi’s parents value sons over daughters, leaving Wen Zhaodi in her hometown, and only bring Wen Hua to live in the city.
Their family is not very rich, but in order for Wen Hua to have a better education, they still sent Wen Hua to the most expensive kindergarten.

He doesn’t know why Wen Hua was targeted by Hu Guangliang and the others, and was beaten to death by mistake while bullying him.
Wen parents accepted the loss after the quarrel, and got Wen Zhaodi’s qualification to enter junior high school and be exempted from tuition.

As soon as Wen Zhaodi entered the school, she was bullied by several people because of her poor status.
By chance, she learned the cause of her brother’s death, and used the old witch’s method to summon him with a rabbit doll stained with his blood, and then brought them to the kindergarten.
Let Wen Hua kill them.

You Wen didn’t bully her directly, so she made him into a puppet.

After killing those few people, Wen Hua’s power grew stronger and stronger, and the area he could cover also increased.
After taking away the second batch of students, the principal invited Song Qingshu and other players to come over to find the missing students……

Song Qingshu combined Wen Zhaodi’s last words and the clues he learned earlier, and added his own reasonable inferences to come up with a relatively complete story.

“Left-behind children generally live with grandparents.
The elderly have to do their own activities because they are inconvenient.
They need to make up their own minds for everything.

Over time, they will have their own ideas, so they can be independent very early, which is the so-called children of the poor to be in charge early.” Song Qingshu finally analyzed Wen Zhaodi’s behavioral logic.

He glanced at Wen Zhaodi who was lying on the cold ground, dying with regret.
His mood was very complicated.
For a moment, he suddenly felt sorry for the little girl.

Parents who didn’t love her, classmates who bullied her and violently beat her, learnt that her younger brother was beaten to death and watched those people get away with it, and they didn’t have the ability to fight back.
After thinking about it, it seems that only this extreme method can be used up.

Song Qingshu asked himself, what would he do if he was in the present moment? Will this method be used to get rid of these people?

He doesn’t know if he will be blackened, but he will definitely not let those people go, and he will never hurt innocent people.

Wen Zhaodi is pitiful, but this is not the reason why she can hurt those innocent students behind.

Not long after, the principal came with someone and carried away Wen Zhaodi’s body.
Moon in the Water the principal explained the process clearly, but the principal didn’t say much, and asked him to take Song Qingshu to deal with the two dolls.

Moon in the Water hugged Song Qingshu and walked to the door of the dormitory, gave Song Qingshu the doll, went to the dormitory to help Sang Yu to the door, and called out other people who were still alive in the dormitory.

He took out the iron basin and the remaining half barrel of oil, threw the two dolls in the basin, poured the oil, lit the fire, and soon the fire surrounded the two dolls.

The burning fire made a crackling sound, which was also mixed with screams of pain, occasional wailing, and occasional resentment.

Gradually the screams became smaller and smaller, and disappeared.
When the pink rabbit and the puppet were completely burned to ashes, several customs clearance certificates appeared in the basin.
Moon in the Water took out the clearance certificates, took out his own and put it away, and handed one to Sang Yu.

Song Qingshu stretched out his hand and was about to receive his customs clearance certificate, but Moon in the Water didn’t give it to him for a long time.
He looked up and saw Moon in the Water staring and smiling at his customs clearance certificate.

Moon in the Water looks good, and he looks even better when he smiles, but the timing of his smile was too bad, Song Qingshu felt that this smile was mocking him.

Song Qingshu’s face turned red when he thought of his nickname.
He snatched his clearance certificate from Moon in the Water’s hand, not wanting to make Moon in the Water laugh at him anymore.

Moon in the Water looked at Song Qingshu who was red to the tip of his ears, deliberately ignored the individual words on it, and said with a playful smile: “You are really a little boy, suddenly I think this nickname is also very good.”

Song Qingshu got acquainted with Moon in the Water, and he didn’t want to hide his hair anymore, so he hurriedly found a place for himself: “Hey, you have the face to laugh at me, Moon in the Water is not so good to hear, okay?”

Moon in the water touched his chin and asked back: “Isn’t it nice? How compelling.”

Song Qingshu: ……

He was speechless.
Although it was really nice, it was a matter of fact and he would never admit that his nickname was nice.

Song Qingshu ignored him, picked up his customs clearance certificate and looked at it.

Clearance Proof

Nickname: Little Boy, Be Good

Game ID: 2333333

Level Points: 200

Cumulative Points: 200

At this time, a line of eye-catching red letters is displayed under the customs clearance certificate.

Reminder: The next instance will open in a week.
All players are requested to enter the game on time.
Those who fail to enter the game on time will bear the consequences.

Seeing Song Qingshu staring intently at the customs clearance certificate with a blushing face, Moon in the Water thought that this person seemed quite cute.

The remaining customs clearance certificates also accumulated some points, but they were not many.
Moon in the Water sent them one by one according to their nicknames.

After all the living players got their clearance certificates, a huge rectangular panel appeared in front of everyone.

There was just one question: do you want to invite other players to help you skip levels?

The rest of the people chose yes without hesitation.

After Shuiyue clicked “No”, he looked at Song Qingshu, only to see Song Qingshu clicked on the position where “No” should be clicked, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

After everyone finished choosing, a dazzling light surrounded them, and Song Qingshu quickly closed his eyes.

When Song Qingshu opened his eyes again, he had already returned home, and he was still leaning on the sofa in his original posture, with a customs clearance certificate in his hand.

The physical damage was completely gone, and his dislocated left hand and broken right leg healed on their own.

Song Qingshu took off his gaming helmet, glanced at his phone, and only an hour had passed outside the game.

He opened the WeChat group and sent a message to it, wanting to see how many people had come out, but nothing came out……

The WeChat group with hundreds of people hadn’t sent any new messages for a long time, as if he was the only living person in it, and the others were all……fake numbers.

He hurriedly called Sang Yu, and the phone rang for a long time before he answered.
Sang Yu’s voice sounded limp, not angry, and he just told Song Qingshu that he was fine, and he just needed to take a rest.

Song Qingshu repeatedly confirmed his condition, and finally opened a video chat for a while, and then he was relieved after making sure that he was fine.

After calling Sang Yu, Song Qingshu sat up from the sofa, rubbed his uncomfortable left hand and right leg, put on his slippers and took his laptop.

He opened the webpage and browsed the latest news.
As he expected, there have been some strange deaths recently.

Song Qingshu turned off the computer and looked at the red letters on the clearance certificate next to him.

He suddenly remembered a sentence: What is the most painful thing in life? People died and the money was not spent.

In order to avoid such pain, Song Qingshu quickly got out of bed and ran to the bedroom to take out his small treasury.
He decided to go out for a while.

Song Qingshu’s visiting place is a well-known gay bar in the local area, the consumption is not low, and he is usually not willing to come here at all, after all, the price of a random glass of wine makes his heart hurt.

He walked in wearing the most expensive set of facades in his closet.
As soon as he entered, he saw a familiar figure sitting on the bar counter.
He had just seen that figure a few hours ago.

“Hey, baby, what a coincidence.” Moon in the Water raised his glass to him and said with a smile.

Song Qingshu: ……It’s too late for me to go back now.

kiwii: actually, as you read the gong calling him “little boy” and telling his nickname suits him well, but then the system gave him “Little Rabbit, Be Good” nickname; 小兔子乖乖.
But in this chapter, he really was called as little boy, so let’s not look into it deeply.
There’s no mistake actually, I looked through it and it can be tlated as little boy, be good too.
We can almost ignore his nickname because in later chps, the nickname won’t have much appearance.
Even though I’m really sorry if you got offended by this silly mistake.

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