“If you don’t believe me, you can just keep on itching.
I won’t force you.”

Jun-young then turned to leave, but Ahn So-young quickly called out to him.

“Wait, here’s my hand, so please.”

She didn’t expect the itch to go away instantly, but she stuck her hand out of the counter just in case.

Junyoung turned his head and looked at her finger.

‘Will it really work?’

I said that confidently, but it’s not an ability that I’ve used yet.


Well, I’ll find out once I use it.

With his right index finger, he gently rubbed Ahn So-young’s swollen finger joint just once.

[Heals the target with the ability Rub if bitten (A)].

[Costs 1 mana point].

It was an auditory notification that only Jun-young could hear.

Surprisingly, the ring finger of Ahn So-young’s left hand had returned to its normal state before the notification had ended.

“Oh my!”

Ahn So-young looked at Jun-young in surprise.

Truth be told, she wasn’t really expecting much.

She hadn’t expected the itching to go away and the swelling to go down completely.

“Thank you so much, Mr.
Kang Joon-young.
I think I’ll be able to live thanks to you.”

“Haha, I’m glad that my ‘general abilities’ were working properly.”

Jun-young emphasized ‘general ability’ and replied as if it was no big deal, but on the inside, he was just as surprised.

I didn’t expect the swollen finger to be healed after just one rub.

At best, it only cost him one mana point.

‘That’s a pretty awesome ability.’

Why didn’t I have this ability before?

I thought back to all the times I’d been bitten by mosquitoes, and I felt a pang of frustration.

Now that I have the ability to remove itchy bites with a quick rub, mosquitoes won’t keep me awake at night.

‘No, I don’t have to worry about getting bitten by a mosquito anyway due to vampire immunity.’

it has no use for it .

However, it would be a useful ability to others.

“Then, could you also spread the mana mosquito net on me for once, so that I can verify your general ability?”

Ahn So-young seemed to be thinking about something, then turned to Jun-young and said.

“You’re verifying it right now, and not a month later?”

“I’m not an examiner, so I can’t verify it, but if I attach the relevant reports, the test date might be pushed back a bit.”

By the look on her face, it’s clear that she’s grateful that Jun-young has managed to get rid of the itch.

“Are you sure the test date can be pushed back?”

“I can’t say for sure.
Still, i will do what i can.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel burdened”

It’s a burden.

Hopefully I don’t have to wait a month.

“Sure, I’ll give it a try.”

No one told him to, but Jun-young instinctively extended his right hand in front of her.

‘Mana mosquito net,’ he thought to himself.

[Put a Mana Mosquito Net (C) around the target’s body].

[Consumes 1 mana point].

With a notification, a red beam of light shoots out of his hand like a spider web, wrapping itself around Ahn So-young’s body.


Ahn So-young screamed in fright.

“What’s wrong?”

“What happened?”

The police officers at the office all turned their attention to Ahn So-young and Jun-young.

They saw that Ahn So-young’s body was enveloped in a red web-like light, and they rushed over in a panic.

“What are you doing?”

“Stop him!”

They must have mistakenly thought Junyoung had attacked Ahn So-young.

No one would have guessed that the bizarre spider web-shaped beam of light could be a mosquito net.

Jun-young was also dumbfounded at the sight of the mana mosquito net as he had used it for the first time.

“Wait a minute, I’m fine, I asked him to show it to me, so let him go.”

Ahn So-young urgently shouted to the police surrounding Jun-young.

To their surprise, the spider web like mosquito net, which had been emitting an eerie blood-red glow, became transparent and invisible to their eyes.

“What? The spider web is gone?”

Ahn So-young, are you sure you’re okay?”

I’m fine.”

Although it has become transparent, a strange spider web mosquito net is still wrapped around her body.

Despite this, she had no problem in moving her body.

[Mana Mosquito Net Protects Your Body].

[Caster: Kang Jun-young]

[This Effect will dissipate in 20 minutes].

A notification came to her just now.

“But will this really keep the mosquitoes away?”

Ahn So-young asked him, and Jun-young nodded in agreement.

“Of course it does.
If you’re not convinced, why don’t you go out in the hallway?”

There are only a few of them in the office, but there are quite a lot of mosquitoes in the hallway.

– This is to inform the Hunter Management Department employees.
There will be an emergency meeting shortly, so please gather in the conference room.

Suddenly, an announcement came.

Upon hearing the announcement of an emergency meeting, Ahn So-young looked perplexed as she spoke.

“I’m sorry, but I have to leave for a meeting right now, but since I’ve experienced Kang Joon-young’s general ability of ‘rub if bitten’ with my own eyes, I’ll send you a detailed report on it, and I’ll contact you immediately if the schedule is moved changed.”

“I’ll be grateful if you do that.”

she have an urgent meeting, what should I do now.

Jun-young was disappointed, but he decided to call it a day.

‘I’ll just buy some pay-as-you-go plastic bags and go home.

As he opened the office door, he saw mosquitoes flying in.

Weng! Weng! Weeng!

There were four of them in formation, and they seemed to be waiting for me.





With a flick of his hand, Jun-young sent the four mosquitoes to the floor.

Then, he made his way outside leisurely, and Ahn So-young widened her eyes in surprise as she watched him.

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