It was extremely unusual for a curse to come out of Camille’s mouth.

Camille was as blunt and cold as his handsome, cold exterior, and he rarely raised his voice.

That a curse, came out of his mouth was no different than the sun rising in the west.

‘I was an idiot to believe him.’

Camille regretted, bitterly, that he had trusted Otto.

To have believed that the lowly b*stard had finally come to his senses….

‘There was no plan to begin with.
It was just a lie to get out of the situation.
I should have known when he said he was going to borrow money from the Sorun estate.
I should have just… killed him myself.’

Camille regretted not cutting Otto down sooner, and struggled to contain his boiling anger.

But now it was probably for the best.

The debt to the Sorun estate would not have to be paid.

What was the point of a debt when the Lota Estate was going to be destroyed anyway?

“Everyone, from now on… My lord, no.”

A sneer appeared on Camille’s lips.

“Forget about that bug, he wouldn’t be any help anyway.”

Everyone nodded at Camille’s words.

“So be it.”

“You son of a b*tch!”

“Eat well and live well, b*stard!”

Everyone cursed out Otto.

Even Camille, who never crossed the line, used the word ‘bug’, so it was no wonder the others did.


Camille remembered the previous lord.

‘He has fled, abandoning the lands that have been his for generations, but not me.
I will stay and defend this place, Lota, in his place, and I will… I will die for the people you loved.’

With that resolve, Camille prepared for the upcoming battle against the undead army.

The news of Otto’s escape spread quickly.

“I knew it! That f**ker was upto no good”

“Abandoning the estate to save yourself, How lowly!”

Knights and soldiers gritted their teeth as they hurled insults at Otto.

But only for a moment.

“What do you expect from the b*stard? Never mind.
F*ck him and live well.”

“He doesn’t fail to disappoint.”

The knights and soldiers soon stopped caring about Otto.

It would be even more strange if the lowly scoundrel didn’t run away, so they all thought, ‘I’m an idiot for expecting anything’.

* * *

Same time.

It itches..”

Otto rubbed his ears and winced in pain.

His ears itched so badly he wanted to scratch them with an earpick.

The problem was, his helmet made it impossible to do so.

“You guys must be swearing at me.
Swear in moderation.
I’m not running away.”

Otto knew all too well that the people of the Lota Estate, including Camille, would be swearing at him.

But he hadn’t really run away.

He had a plan, and he was executing it now.

“Was the road… this way?”

Otto reined in his horse and headed north up the mountain pass.

In the very direction the undead army was advancing.

My arse hurts.
How the hell am I supposed to ride this thing?’

I was a bit clumsy on my first horse, but the horse was very well trained, so I didn’t have too much trouble.

After about three hours of traveling.


The horse started jerking and whining loudly.

“Huh? Huh?”


Otto lost control of the galloping horse and fell off.

If he hadn’t been wearing his armor, he would have been badly hurt.


The horse threw Otto off and sprinted back the way he came.

It had abandoned his master.

“Hey, you dare to abandon your master, you unfaithful b*stard!”

Otto yelled at the back of the fleeing horse.

“Ugh… my back… it’s killing me.”

Just then.


A sudden chill startled Otto.

It felt like the temperature was dropping rapidly.

He had been walking on a mountain trail at night, so he was used to the cold, but it was definitely strange to feel it so suddenly.

Soon enough, I started to see flickering lights in the pitch blackness.

They were not torches.

They were ‘Eyes’.

The eyes of the skeletal soldiers.


Dalgrak, Dalgrak!

A white-boned wraith horse appeared.

“Who are you?”

The being on the wraith horse spoke to Otto in a low voice.

His name was Nazrak.

He was one of the 100 lord characters in the game, ‘Territory Wars’.


Nazrak was a powerful undead death knight and necromancer.

An exceptional magician in life, he was corrupted in his later years by the practice of black magic.

Eventually becoming an undead himself, Nazrak was overrun by neighboring nations as he attempted to establish the Undying Kingdom, a nation of undead.

He was then sealed away, but after 500 years, he awoke, and set out on a conquest to build the Undying Kingdom.

… was the official setting for Nazrak in the ‘Territory Wars’.

If you play the game with the Otto de Scuderia, Nazrak and his undead army appear on the second day of the game.

And 99.99999% of players fail to make it past this point.

This is because the character’s poor abilities and the military might of the Lota Estate are simply not enough to stop Nazrak and his undead army.

But Kim Do-jin was different.

‘If you try to fight with force, you’ll never win.’

After countless trials and errors, he found a way to overcome this crisis.

Is that all there is?

He said that if the enemy knows you and you know him, there is no danger in fighting a hundred times.

Kim also played Nazrak himself, studying the character’s background, strengths, and weaknesses in depth.

‘The strategy is easy.
You just have to stay focused.’

Otto came to his senses and bowed before Nazrak.

“O Lord of Death.
I am Otto de Scuderia, Lord of the Lota Estate.”

“Lord of Death… I used to be called that before.
So, do you know me?”

‘I know you better than you know yourself.’

I’ve cleared The ‘Territory Wars’ with Nazrak, so I should know.

“Yes, Lord of Death.
I understand that you sought to accomplish a great task five hundred years ago, but were unable to do so.”

“Five hundred years is a long time.
How do you remember me?”

“Yes, O Lord of Death.
My family has a prophecy that has been passed down from generation to generation.”

“A prophecy?”

“A prophecy that the Lord of Death will awaken, and that we should welcome him as he deserves.”

“Was there anyone in your family who predicted my resurrection?”

“Yes, Lord of Death.”


“If you will accept me, I will assist the Lord of Death in accomplishing his great task.”

“How can you serve me? Your abilities are meagre, and your potential is abysmal.”

“I know that.”

“And yet you feel you can serve me?”

“Yes, Lord of Death.”

“So how do you intend to serve me?”

“Strategy and diplomacy.”

From Otto’s mouth flowed the keywords that would win Nazrak’s heart.

* * *

In the game ‘Territory Wars’, Nazrak was one of the most powerful lords.

However, Nazrak had one fatal weakness: strategy and diplomacy.

Nazrak lacked the ability to see the big picture, and he was basically at odds with all factions.

Nazrak is a high-ranking undead, a Death Knight and Necromancer, and who likes a leader whose subordinates are all undead monsters?

It was only natural that the living would be hostile to Nazrak.

As a result, whenever Nazrak set out on a full-scale conquest, several factions would ally with and oppose him.

Enemies everywhere.

Even with a powerful military, he was always the hunted man.

For Nazrak, it was important not to be surrounded by his enemies and to create as many alliances as possible.

“Strategy and diplomacy….”

Nazrak thought back to Otto’s words.

“This is why I failed to build the Undying Kingdom five hundred years ago… yes, I did.”

“Lord of Death.”

Otto coaxed Nazrak in a low tone.

“I have spent many years studying strategy and diplomacy, waiting for you to rise from the dead.
Please accept me, so that my modest abilities may be of service to the Lord of Death.”

“If I take you in, will you show me what you can do?”

“Of course.”


Nazrak smiled in satisfaction.

“Then I will make you a high-level undead.”

“You can’t do that yet.”

“Why not?”

There was anger in Nazrak’s voice.

“You have chosen to be my vassal, and you will not become an undead?”

“O Lord of Death, why would I not want to have the honour of becoming an undead? an immortal being? However, if I were to become an undead to act as a diplomat, the human monarchs would find it offensive.”


“So why don’t we put off turning me into an undead for a while?”

“You have a point.”

To Nazrak, whose diplomacy had suffered in the past, it was no wonder that Otto’s words sounded so agreeable.

“Very well.
I will allow you to serve as the only non-undead among my subjects.
If you achieve greater feats in the future, I promise to make you the highest ranking undead.”

Otto prostrated himself before Nazrak and bowed.

[Notification: You have earned Nazrak’s trust!]

[Notification: Nazrak likes you!]

[Notification: Nazrak’s favourability towards you has reached ‘Expectations’!]

[Notification: Nazrak listens to you!]

Just like that, Otto had succeeded in winning the heart of undead lord Nazrak and becoming his servant.

‘It’s done.’

A slight smile curved the corners of Otto’s lips as he bowed his head.

* * *

Same time.

“Sir Camille!”

A knight rode up to Camille and reported.

“A ranger who was scouting in the northern mountain passes has sent an urgent messenger!”

“An urgent message?”

“The fugitive lord… no, Otto, that b*stard..
is said to have become a lackey for an undead army!”

“What does that suddenly mean?”

“They say that a ranger who was out scouting saw that b*stard standing at the vanguard of the undead army.”

“…What a piece of shit.”

Camille narrowed his eyes at the report.

“…That b*stard!”


“You inhuman bastard! It wasn’t enough that you abandoned your estate and ran away, but now you’ve become a lackey for an evil undead army!”

Everyone was furious.

Yes, running away was one thing.

But to become a lackey for an undead army?

How low can a person get?

But that too, only for a moment.

“So be it.”

“Since it’s Otto, what can you expect from a lowly scum, who is even lower then a bug?”

Everyone said ‘Since it’s Otto’ and accepted that Otto had become Nazrak’s lackey.

With his usual behaviour and image being so trashy, they weren’t surprised to see him do such things.

“Oh, and.”

The knight reported further.

“The undead army has suddenly changed direction and is said to be advancing towards Sorun territory.”

The moment.

– What’s the plan…? I’m going to destroy the Sorun estate.
In just two weeks.

Otto’s words flashed through Camille’s mind.

‘No way?’

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