The next day.

“Your Majesty, the atmosphere is not good.”

Camille approached Otto as soon as he got up and spoke.

“Atmosphere? What about it?”

“The number of knights guarding around the lodging seemed to have doubled last night.”


“Their gazes are suspicious, as if they’re…watching.”

“Could it be the work of the little old grandfather?”

Otto knew very well who who expected of him and who was wary of him.

‘Well, I can’t just let that delusional tank, Javier, do whatever he wants.’

Otto knew Javier too well.

Otto and Javier were political enemies.

As Javier was trying to make his son the next family head, he couldn’t help but keep Otto in check.

“Are you talking about your maternal grandfather?”

“He’s the stepbrother of my grandfather and he’s eager to make his son the next head of the family.
So, he’s always on guard and cautious.
If we’re talking about tradition, then I am the rightful successor of the Koutachi family.

“I see.”

“The one we should be careful of is not my grandfather, but Javier.”

“What kind of person is he?”

“He’s a man who will stop at nothing to make his son the next head of the family.
He’s prepared to make any sacrifice and won’t even blink an eye at creating innocent victims.”

Otto recalled information about Javier.

“Did he see me as a thorn in his side and get rid of me?”

“That’s possible.
If Your Majesty opens the Sanctuary and obtains the power of the Invincible Emperor sealed inside… ”

“It’s not going to happen.
His ambition to make his son the next head of the family will be just a pipe dream.”

“We must be especially careful.”

“Of course.” Otto nodded his head.
“In the worst case scenario, he might even try to trick and overthrow grandfather”

“A rebellion…you mean?”


“Is that possible? No matter what, to raise a rebellion against Conrad Duke is… ”

“It’s possible.”

Otto cut him off sharply.

“Only I am the direct descendant to my grandfather on my mother’s side.
On the other hand, Javier’s son is already recognized by the family as the next heir.”

“Does that mean their supporting power is strong?”

That’s why I have to show my ability to sway the family members.
Otherwise, both my grandfather and I could die.”

I knew very well that opening the Sanctuary was not everything.

I predicted that if I did, I would be drawn into factional fighting within the Koutachi family, and if I made the wrong move, I could lose my life.

“Maybe someone will try to assassinate me today.
They might even think of me as X-factor if I open the Sanctuary.”

“What should we do then?”

“Let’s eat first.
We need to eat to survive.”

“… Okay.”

“I wonder what’s delicious here~?”

Even in the midst of his precarious life, Otto seemed to be more focused on his appetite.


While Otto was having a late breakfast with Camille.

“Selena’s son came to see me yesterday afternoon.”

Conrad opened a family meeting that was more like a family gathering to inform the Koutachi family members about Otto’s visit and its purpose.

“What, really?”

“Kuu! The abilities of the Invincible Emperor!”

All the Koutachi family members were surprised.

It was impossible not to be surprised by the fact that the abilities of the Invincible Emperor were inside the Sanctuary that had been veiled for a thousand years.

“That’s absurd!”

Javier spoke strongly.

“My lord! Do you believe such groundless words? How can you believe the words of someone who has no roots…”

“No roots?”


“Did I hear that correctly just now?”

“Well, that’s…”

“No matter how illegitimate the child of a nobleman may be, the blood that flows in that child’s veins belongs to our Koutachi family, right?”

“W-Well, that’s correct.”

“How dare you say that my bloodline heir has no roots.”


A dark red aura erupted from the enraged Conrad and choked Javier.

“Ku… Kugh!”

Javier writhed in agony.

“Then, do you also think that I have no foundation?”

“N-No, I don’t! Ku…!”

“That mouth of yours.
I told you to be careful.”

“I-I’m sorry… my lord… please… Ku… show mercy….”

Although Conrad’s prime was long over, his power was still formidable.

He could kill his stepbrother Javier just by emitting his magical power.

“Be careful with your words.
This is your last warning.”

“I’ll keep that in mind… I promise….”

“I trust you.”

Conrad withdrew the magical power he had used to choke Javier and turned back to the members of the Koutachi family.

“His words may not be very credible, but he staked his life on his guarantee.
It wouldn’t hurt to believe him as a gamble.
He said that the sanctuary would be opened in two days, so let’s keep an eye on it for now.”

The members of the Koutachi family showed agreement with their lord Conrad’s words, unable to say a word against them.

After the meeting ended,

“Selena’s son has brought the key to open the Sanctuary… Isn’t this suspicious?”

“I don’t believe it! The power of the invincible emperor! Even if it’s a Sanctuary, it sounds too fantastical!”

“What on earth is happening…”

As soon as Conrad left, the members of the Koutachi family all began to chatter among themselves.

Opinions varied.

Some had high expectations for the Sanctuary, while others thought Otto’s words were nothing more than hot air.

‘Conrad… that damn old f*ck…’

Meanwhile, Javier glared in the direction Conrad had left.

‘Making me suffer such humiliation again… just wait and see… how long do you think you can trample on me?!!!’

Javier intended to take revenge on Conrad as soon as he had his son seated as the next lord.

He wanted to repay him for the decades of humiliation he had endured as a stepbrother.

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