Two hours ago.

“Your Highness, a young man has come to the gate and asked to see Your Highness, showing this necklace.”

Duke Conrad was in the middle of his work as usual when he received the necklace sent by Otto.

‘This necklace…?’

Duke Conrad’s face froze in surprise.

“He asked to meet me outside the gate?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“I’ll go now.”

Duke Conrad immediately stopped his work and got up from his seat.

His hands tightly clasped the necklace that Otto had sent, the same necklace he had given to his only daughter decades ago.


The mother of Otto de Scuderia was actually the only daughter of Duke Conrad, the head of the Koutachi family.

Here’s what happened: Selena von Koutachi fell in love with Lord Oryx by chance.
But it was impossible for their love to bear fruit.

Could the noblest family on the continent send their daughter to marry a lord of a mere rural territory?

Therefore, Selena had no choice but to take drastic measures.

She destroyed her own mana circuit and cut the tendons in her right wrist that held her sword, choosing to completely cut ties with her family.

It was because there was no way to marry Lord Oryx without using such a method.

[What a shame! You are no longer my daughter, nor are you part of our Koutachi family! I’d like to kill you with my own hands, but I’ll show you mercy for the sake of your dead mother.
So get out of here! I can’t even stand the sight of you!]

In his anger, Duke Conrad kicked his only daughter Selena out of the Koutachi family, and their forbidden love finally bore fruit.

This hidden story can be found in Lord Oryx’s diary, which only Kim Do-jin knows, and it was a very valuable piece of information that Otto de Scuderia was able to discover by using any means necessary to clear the game.


Conrad, the Duke, smiled coldly.

“Who are you to dare call me your Grandfather?”

…he said, but in fact, Conrad recognized Otto at a glance.

‘He looks just like Selena.’

The face of Conrad’s daughter Selena, whom he had expelled thirty years ago, briefly appeared on Otto’s face.

“Your Highness, since you are Grandfather, I just called you Grandfather.”

“Sorry, but I have no daughter.
Therefore, there cannot be a grandchild who calls me Grandfather.”

“Even though my mother was disowned, it doesn’t mean I’m not your daughter’s child.”

“How dare you mention the traitor of a disowned family in front of me?”

At the moment Conrad expressed his anger…

“I’m just here to deliver condolences.”

Otto spoke in a quiet voice.


“My mother passed away.”


“It’s not recent news.
She passed away a long time ago, but the situation didn’t allow me to deliver the news.”

Conrad was silent in response to the unexpected news.

30 years had passed without any contact or communication between them.

But the sudden news of his daughter’s passing was enough to shake the heart of Duke Conrad.

“I see…”

Duke Conrad spoke with a shocked expression.

“Selena… that child…Is no longer in this world?”

“It has been a long time.”

is not something to talk here…let’s move to another place.”

And so, Otto followed Duke Conrad into the castle.

“Didn’t I tell you? We’re going to enter openly.”

Otto whispered to Camille’s ear.


Camille was lost for words, unable to anticipate what was happening.

Who would have thought that Otto was a descendant of the famous noble Koutachi family?




Otto and Camille were led to a garden deep within the castle.

‘I need to stay alert,’ he appeared cool outside, but Otto was nervous inwardly.

Conrad was not evil, but he was not someone to be taken lightly.

As the head of the Koutachi family, one of the five noblest families on the continent, he was never one to be easygoing.

“How did your mother die?” Conrad asked Otto.

“She passed away after giving birth to me.”

“Just because of that?”

“To be precise, She was cursed and passed away because of it.”


“There was an unfortunate incident.”

Otto told Conrad about everything that had happened to him.

“That foolish woman… did she betray her father and family just to die like that?”

Angry mixed voice flowed from Conrad’s mouth.

‘He’s old now.
If it was just 10 years ago, he wouldn’t have even blinked.’

Otto thought so and waited in silence.

“I get it.
Go back now.
You’ve delivered the news, so your role is over.”

Conrad didn’t acknowledge Otto as his grandson.

“My business is not over yet.”

“You told me the news of your mother’s death, what else do you have to do? Did you think I would even acknowledge you as my grandson?”

“That’s not it.”

Otto shook his head.


“I told you not to call me that.”

“I know that Your Highness has no mercy for those who are incompetent.”


“I came here to prove my worth.”


A scornful expression crossed Conrad’s face.

“What will you use to prove your worth? My standards are high.
You won’t satisfy me with feeble skills, but only disappoint me.”

“I’m confident that I won’t disappoint you.”

“Then what is it? What means do you have to prove your worth?”


Otto said with a smile.

“I will open the sanctuary.”

At that moment, Conrad was so shocked, that he doubted his ears., ‘What is this guy talking about?’

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