Otto once made a request -refer to episode 22- when he was leaving for the northern metropolis.

“Can you get me a lot of mirrors made of metal?”

And he replied to the curious Camille as follows.

“Why do you need mirrors made of metal?”

“I need them for next year.
You’ll figure out how to use them when the time comes.”

Mirrors made of metal.

That was the easy way to take care of Angela.

In other words, Otto had been preparing for almost two months in advance to face Angela.

“Get rid of it… Get rid of it!!!”

Angela was in agony as she looked at herself in the mirror.

‘It must be painful.’

Otto smiled coldly as he looked at Angela.

Otto kneeled in front of Angela many times while playing the past ‘Territory War’.

Angela was such a powerful black magician that no matter what he tried, he couldn’t defeat her.

It was around that time they fought about 500 times.

Otto noticed that Angela smashes any object around her that reflects her image, such as glass or mirrors.

‘What’s this? Why does she break the mirrors before attacking me?’

Otto immediately began his research and eventually found a way to attack Angela.

Angela’ weakness was nothing but ‘Seeing her Own Reflection’.

* * *

“Mirror! Mirrrr-or! They all have to be smashed! Every single one!”

Angela tried to break the mirrors like a madman.

Meanwhile, she didn’t even pay attention to her enemy, Otto…

[What is that ugly monster doing?] asked Kairos’ soul, dwelling on the mace.

“Don’t you see? She’s trying to break the mirrors.”

[So, why does she want to break them?]

“She doesn’t like her appearance.”


“I mean, wouldn’t you hate it too if you looked like her?”

[Well, yeah.
That monster is the most despicable and ugly one I’ve ever seen in my life.]

Angela’ real appearance was terribly gruesome.

She had a body that seemed like it would weigh at least 150 kilograms.

Her sagging breasts reached almost to her hips.

In addition, she had very little hair, maybe even balding, a long, crooked nose, small, button-like eyes, and his mouth was ripped open almost to her ears.

Furthermore, her skin was covered in yellow pus and blood, streaming down her body.

[But if she’s a monster, why doesn’t she just not care about her appearance? Why does she act like that, which doesn’t suit her?]

“Oh, that’s because she’s a bit of an appearance fetishist.”


“Well, you see…”

Otto told Kairos about the background of Angela.

Originally, Angela was born as an ugly girl and had a severe complex about her appearance.

But as she excelled in magic, she met a master who recognized her talent and began to study magic.

As soon as she began studying magic, Angela began to show off her talent and grew into an outstanding magician.

After developing her magic skills to a certain degree, Angela immediately began to modify her appearance.

At first, it was quite successful.

She succeeded in making herself somewhat beautiful through magic and plastic surgery.

However, Angela didn’t stop there.

“I have to be even prettier…more…”

Angela began to obsess more and more over her appearance.

It didn’t take long for her obsession to turn into madness.

In order to modify her appearance, she resorted to evil black magic and experiments on human beings.

But anything excessive doesn’t end well.

Due to the side effects of black magic, Angela turned into a terrible and abhorrent monster.

“I’ll kill them all…all of them…”

In the end, the corrupted Angela killed all the students who were studying magic with her and ran away, hiding in the western forest near the Lota Territory.

[Tsk tsk.
She ruined her own life despite having a good talent.
How foolish.]

“Anyway, I need your help to deal with her.”

[When are you going to let me rest in peace? It’s getting frustrating being trapped in here.]

“I’ll release you within 6 months.”

[All right.]

Then a powerful force emanated from the club and started to empower Otto.

“Let’s go.”

Immediately, Otto ran towards Angela and swung the mace wildly.

“Y-you despicable b**tard!”

Although it seemed like Angela was going to counterattack Otto’s attack, she was soon distracted by her own reflection in the mirror.

“I’m ugly! Too ugly! Noooooo! This is not my appearance!”

Angela was so obsessed with and disgusted by her own appearance that she couldn’t keep her mind clear even in this urgent situation.

Thump! Thwack!

Thanks to that, Otto was able to relentlessly beat up Angela like a sandbag.

The mirror room created by Otto was keeping Angela trapped.

Thump! Thwack!

“Arghhhhh! Y-you dog, I”LL KILL YOU..
I can’t leave you alone… Nooooooo! That’s not my appearance!”


“You b**tard! I won’t let you goooooo… Noooooo, please remove the mirror! Please!”

After a while.

– Thud!

Finally, Angela collapsed.

“I have to… break the mirror… the mirror…”

Despite her head being half-crushed and gasping for breath, Angela was only obsessed over her reflection in the mirror.

“Tsk, tsk.”

Otto looked at Angela as if she were pitiful, and clicked his tongue.

“The situation has come to this point, and yet you’re still like that.
That’s why it’s so easy to beat you.”

If they weren’t fighting in the mirror room, Angela would have been an unbeatable opponent.

Even if he had the power of Kairos’ soul imbued in his mace, it would have been impossible to win.

It was fortunate that Otto knew of her fatal weakness.

Put an end to that hideous monster.
I can’t stand to watch it any longer.

[Stop that monstrous creature once and for all.
I can’t bear to watch it any longer.]

“I got It.”

Without hesitation, Otto swung his mace towards Angela.


Angela screamed and collapsed, unable to move again.

[Notification: You have defeated ‘Witch Angela’!]

The notification popped up.

Shoo! Otto’s body began to turn golden due to the impact of his transformation.

[Notification: The curse of ‘Wrenched B**tard’ has been lifted!]

As the curse was lifted,

[Notification: Your level has been normalized!]

[Notification: You have achieved level 1!]

The level that had been stuck at -99 was now back to normal.

But that wasn’t all.

[Notification: You have gained 350,000 experience points!]

With the curse lifted, experience points that had not been gained even after defeating powerful enemies were now being earned as normal.

[Notification: You have leveled up!]

[Notification: You have achieved level 2!]


[Notification: You have leveled up!]

[Notification: You have achieved level 30!]

Thanks to the experience gained from defeating Angela, Otto had achieved a rapid growth from level 1 to level 30.

Finally, he had shed his identity as a -99 level trash character with no growth potential and became capable of fulfilling the role of a human.

‘Now I can finally act like a human.’

A smile spread across Otto’s face.

He had yet to awaken to his full potential and become dramatically stronger, but just the fact that he was capable of growth was a source of excitement for him.

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