As time passed, Angela’ tyranny became more severe.

Since the moment she secured her position as the future queen, she began to treat her servants as if she were already a queen herself.

She also began to indulge in excessive luxuries.

She would buy all kinds of jewels, order expensive wedding dresses by the dozens, and even went so far as to rent a luxurious carriage pulled by twelve horses.

As a result, the financial situation of the Kingdom of Iota began to waver and was on the verge of collapse.

Angelus’ level of luxury was simply too much for the Small Start-up Kingdom to bear.

The person who was most furious with Angelus’ misdeeds was none other than Duke Wazir.

“What the hell is this! How are we supposed to do anything with this kind of financial situation! We’re in the red! The budget collapsed in just three weeks!”

Duke Wazir was angry like an enraged dragon.

As someone in charge of managing the country’s affairs, he couldn’t help but be angry when money was flowing out like water.

“Please, just bear with it for one more week…”

“What for?!”

“We have a plan, a plan.”

“If you have one more plan, this kingdom of yours will be stamped with a red seal!”


“I’ll give you just one more week to prove yourself!”


Otto was extremely frustrated with Duke Wazir, but he endured it since the situation demanded it.

‘Just hold out for one more week.
Just one week.’

Otto engraved the patience needed to endure in his heart countless times until the preliminary work to defeat Angela was complete, and he endured for one more week.

And so a month passed.

“Your Majesty, Ego has returned.”

“Of course.
I expected it to be today.”

Otto immediately met with Ego upon receiving Camille’s report.

“Your Excellency, I have decided to accept the proposal you gave me.
I will invest 40 million Berthas.”

And the item I requested?”

Otto mentioned the request he made to Ego last time and asked.

“Of course, I have retrieved it.”

Ego pointed to the carts.

And the price…?”

When Otto was about to say that he didn’t have money at the moment and would pay the price later, Ego interrupted him.

“You don’t have to pay for it.
You can consider it as a gift in celebration of our transaction.”


“Of course.”


Otto smiled.

“Let me guarantee the exclusive distribution rights of the Lloyd Potion in Ego Merchent.”

“That’s fine.”

“We’ll write the contract slowly, but for now, stay here for a few days.”


After finishing the transaction with Ego, Otto looked at Camille.

“Did the materials arrive?”

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

“Start right away.”

“Knight Camille, I will obey your orders.”

Camille kneeled before Otto.


* * *


Three days later.

When the depravity in Angela was at its peak, “Who made such awful food….”

“Your Majesty, the King!”

Angela, who was demanding a maid as usual, complaining that the dessert tasted bad, suddenly changed her expression upon hearing the sound of Otto’s arrival.

“Next time, pay more attention when making food.
Got it? It is a request.”

“U-Understood, Your Highness.”

The maid trembled with fear, but tried to answer nonchalantly.

‘If you make a mistake, You’ll die.
You know that, right?’

Because Angela had threatened her with a cold gaze, the maid nodded her head without saying a word.

“Are you okay?”

Otto asked Angela.

“Yes, I was waiting for you.

Angela giggled, as if charming smile as if he hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Is it a good time now? I have something to show you….”

“What do you want to show me?”

“I have prepared the wedding venue where our wedding will take place.”

“The wedding venue? But I am already decorating the wedding venue, aren’t I?”

Angela’s expression showed a hint of anger.

She was upset that Otto was trying to change the wedding venue she had already decorated.

“All my efforts to decorate the wedding venue so far….”

“It will be a super luxury wedding venue.”

Otto quickly took the lead to tempt her.

“It will be so splendid that it will go down in history….”


“I promise.”


Angela was so taken with the phrase “Luxurious Wedding Venue” that she followed Otto without any suspicion.

The place Otto led Angela to was a mansion, which was covered in red cloth unlike usual.

“Why did you cover it with red cloth?”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

Otto replied with an affectionate smile.

“I want to see how extravagantly it’s decorated.”

Angela put her hands on her hips and glared at Otto.

If she didn’t like the venue, she wouldn’t just stand there quietly…

“If I don’t like it…”

Just then.

Swish! BAMM! 

Otto swung his mace and hit Angela in the face, catching her off guard.

Angela flew far away and crashed onto the ground.

“You damn son of a…!”

Angela stood up and growled.

“How dare you hit me with a mace? I’ll tear you to shreds.”

Then, the beautiful woman disappeared and a terrifying monster appeared.


Otto looked at Angela, who had revealed her true form, and furrowed his brow in disgust before clapping twice.

Clap, Clap!

Then, the red cloth that covered the mansion was lifted, revealing the “Luxurious Wedding Venue” that Otto had mentioned.

“This, this is…!”

Angela’ already ugly face contorted in shock.

It was a room made entirely of mirrors, with the ceiling, walls, and floor covered in them.

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