After moving away.

“You’re on a tight delivery schedule, aren’t you?”

“Yes, indeed.”

At Otto’s question, Ego gave him a deadpan look.

Credit is a lifeline at the ‘Ego Merchant’.

If they failed to deliver the cargo on time, their credibility would be severely damaged, and they would have to pay a huge amount of compensation.

“We’ll pass through here, then.”

Otto pulled out a map and pointed to the area where the ogres had been breeding.


Ego’s eyes went wide.

“Isn’t that the place the ogres are breeding? And now….”

“It’s ogre breeding season?”

“Yes, and passing through there right now would be….”


“Yes, it is.”

“Of course it is, until yesterday.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, as of yesterday, we’ve slayed the ogres, and now there’s not an ogre in the area that you can wash your eyes and look for, because we’ve dried up the seed.”

“Is that true?”

Ego’s face brightened.

If they could get through the area where the ogres were breeding, they might be able to deliver the cargo by the promised date.

“If you can do that, I will never forget this favour.”

“Very well.”

Otto smiled.

“I’ll make a deal with you, especially since the tolls will be free.”



Otto slammed a red potion down on the table.

“I’m planning to distribute it in bulk… can you do that?”

The potion that Otto had placed on the table was a nourishing tonic made from the berries of the umbelliferous plant.

* * *

[Lloyd’s Potion]

A potion made from the berries of the Umbelliferous Fruit.

A supreme nourishing tonic that can be consumed by people of all ages.

The best part is that it has no side effects, and if you keep drinking it every 30 days, the effects of the potion will be permanent.
(100 times)

Category : Potion (Consumable)

Rank: Unique

Effects :

– +10% to Strength

– 10% to Endurance

– 150% to Fatigue Recovery

– Stamina +200

Duration: 30 days

“What kind of potion is this?”

“What is this….”

Otto told Ego about the benefits and effects of the .

“Is that really true?!”

Ego was stunned to hear Otto’s words.

If what Otto said was true, he could become a very rich man by selling this potion alone.

“Why would I lie? A little research will tell you everything.”

“You’re right, but….”

“I’ll give you the distribution rights to this potion.”


“In exchange.”

Otto added.

“I’ll only ask for a 40 million ber investment.”

A ber, the unit of currency in this world, is worth about 1,000 Korean Won.

Forty million berths was a whopping 40 billion won.

“4… 40 million bers?!”

“You need to invest in us so we can supply this potion in large quantities.
We need to build a facility to grow the raw herbs and a processing facility to make the potion.”

“You’re not wrong, but… 40 million bers is a lot of money to invest hastily.”

“I know, so please think about it carefully and contact me.”

“By when would you like me to do that?”

“Well, until another merchant comes along who’s willing to invest in this business?”

“You mean first come, first served?”

Too bad it’s not me.”

“I see.”

Ego nodded.

“Let me think it over carefully.”


Otto knew all too well that Ego would accept the deal.

If Ego had any business sense, he’d realize how much the Lloyd Potion was worth, and he’d be willing to invest his entire fortune in it.

‘He’ll stop by on his way back from delivering the cargo and say he’ll invest in it, heheh’

Otto could see how the ego would react.

“Oh, and…”

Otto added as Ego was about to leave.

“Do you think you could get me a bunch of metal mirrors?”

“What would you use a metal mirror for?”

“I have a use for them.”

“Mirrors made of metal are quite expensive.
The metal has to be processed and even undergo some enchantment.”

“I’ll pay you generously, but I need you to get me some.”

“How many do you need?”

“Enough to fill a rather large room?”

“Do you really need that much?”

“I have a special use for it.”

“Well, I’ll be sure to bring you some, and I’ll stop by on my way back from delivering the cargo.”

“Thank you.”

Otto smiled.

“What are you going to use the metal mirror for?”

“I have a use for it early next year.
You’ll find out what I’m using it for when you see it.”

Otto replied with an odd smile at Camille’s question.

* * *

Otto had succeeded in completing the requirements for the quest “[Build a Dynasty!” by completing the slaughter of the ogres.
Developing the Lloyd Potion as a specialty product, and finally opening the trade route.

[Build a Dynasty!]

Description: Build a kingdom and usher in the era of the Scuderia Dynasty!

Type : Epic Quest

Progress : 0% (0/1)

Conditions :

– Develop Specialty × 1 

– Secure Trade Routes × 1

– Destroy a Monster Habitat × 3

– Reach 70+ Public Sentiment in all regions × 1 

– Coronation × 1

Now all that remained was to officially declare the beginning of the new country and hold the coronation ceremony, then collect the rewards for completing the quests.


“Yes, my lord.”

“I need you to prepare for the coronation.”

“Are you sure?”


“Very well.”

A few days later, Otto held a very small coronation ceremony and crowned himself king.

The nation was named the Kingdom of Iota, inheriting the name of the Iota estate.

Thus began the Scuderia dynasty of the Kingdom of Iota.

The kingdom was barely big enough to be called a country, but Otto didn’t care.

A humble beginning, but shall be a great end!

This snotty little man had the knowledge and ability to turn a kingdom into a continent-spanning superpower, and he was not afraid of the ridicule of others.

[Notification: You have completed the quest

Otto sat down on the throne, and the quest completion notification appeared in front of him.

Now I just need to collect my reward.

Otto grinned.

‘I wonder what I’ll get? I hope it’s something good….’



Otto’s eyes widened at the instant pain.

It wasn’t an assassination.


His chest ached.

It felt like someone was stabbing him in the heart with a knife.


Otto clutched at his chest, and soon he was out cold.

A sudden heart attack hit him.

“Your Majesty!”

Camille rushed towards the fallen Otto.

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