As you progress through the game as Otto de Scuderia.
You will meet a merchant known as ‘Ego Merchant’, who will make a brief stop at your estate.

‘Ego Merchant’ is run by a goblin named Ego, and although it is small, it has great potential for growth.

Ego’s business acumen was so good that he planned to grow into a global business that would eventually span continents.

As a result, most players, no matter which Lord they were playing as, would try to strike up a deal with the leader of the Ego and earn his trust.

Otto knew this all too well, and he couldn’t stand by and let the ‘Ego Merchant’ pass him by.

His timing and circumstances were perfect.

In late autumn, the Ego’s procession would pass through territory ruled by Otto de Scuderia.

He was delivering spices and other luxuries to a large city in the northwestern part of the continent, but ran into a band of bandits along the way, making it impossible for him to meet the deadline.

In order for Ego to deliver the shipment on time, he must pass through an ogre breeding ground.

If the player defeats the ogres and develops the area into a trade route, they will be able to trade with ‘Ego Merchant’ and continue their good relationship.

There was a reason Otto had been so eager the moment he woke up.

“There he is!

Otto spotted ‘Ego Merchant’ taking a break inside the territory and rushed over.

“Aah! It’s my lord!”


And when the lords spotted Otto, they too were awed.


Because Otto’s exploits were known.

The legendary tale of him slaying a chimera with a mace had spread like wildfire across the land, and the way they looked at him had changed.

Of course, Otto didn’t care.

He was going to be even more amazing in the future, so he didn’t need to feel bad about the way they saw him.

“My lord.”

A knight reported, kneeling on one knee before Otto.

“I was just about to give you a report.
They’re merchants from the ‘Ego Merchant’, and they’re on their way to….”

“They’re on their way to a large city in the northwest, and they’re going to be late with their delivery?”

“How do you know that?”

“Did he mention that he wanted to pass through a breeding ground for ogres?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I thought so.”

Otto flashed the knight a smirk, then turned to the merchants at the ‘Ego Merchant’.

“My lord wishes to see the man in charge of the ‘Ego Merchant’.”

Camille beckoned the head of ‘Ego Merchant’ on Otto’s behalf.

Then an old goblin with a bushy white beard approached and said.

“This is Ego, owner of ‘Ego Merchant'”

Camille was astonished to hear the old goblin name himself.

Goblins were monsters of some intelligence.

But he had never heard one speak a human language so fluently.

“So… You mean to tell me that you are the master of the ‘Ego Merchant’?”

“Yes, I am.”

Ego nodded nonchalantly, as if he was familiar with Camille’s bewildered reaction.

“Nice to meet you.”

At that point, Otto extended his hand to shake Ego’s hand.

“My name is Lord Otto de Scuderia.”

“… Yes?”

This time, Ego was stunned.

He was surprised that a man who was supposed to be a lord, even if it was only in a rural village, would be willing to shake the hand of a mere goblin.


A notification popped up in front of Otto’s eyes.

[Notification: Ego’s favourability status for you is now !]

[Notification: You have gained ego’s favor!]

“This is it.

Otto smiled as he looked at the notification in front of him.


Ego was a mutant goblin.

Despite being a goblin, he was born with intelligence beyond that of a normal human.

Because of his intelligence, Ego was unable to blend into goblin society.

As a highly intelligent goblin, it was difficult for him to understand why his kind would attack and eat humans.

The culture and habits of the goblins also seemed very unreasonable to him.

So Ego left the goblin society and, by chance, met a mercenary who taught him the human language.

But no matter how intelligent he was, it wasn’t easy for the goblin to adapt to the human world.

He was often discriminated against and looked down upon for being a goblin, and was almost killed by humans hundreds of times.

But Ego has survived, and with his hard-earned money, he’s managed to build a small business of his own.

Humans win!

No, the goblins win!

After all the discrimination, persecution, prejudice, slander, trials, and adversity, he had earned his place in human society!

But the ego was not satisfied.

He needed money more than anything else to become a powerful goblin in human society.

After living among humans for so many years, he realised that humans bend their backs and bow their heads to money.

Even if the person is a goblin!

So Ego had ambitions to grow his company into a global corporation that would eventually be spread across all continents.

He even had the ability to do so.

‘To think the lord would ask me, a goblin, to shake his hand first….’

Ego shook Otto’s outstretched hand with inward surprise.

“My lord, I’m Ego, the man in charge of ‘Ego Merchant’.”

Ego stooped and bowed his head.

“Nice to meet you.”

“I am also pleased to meet you, my lord.
I am honored that you have taken the trouble to visit us.”

“Why wouldn’t I? You are an honored guest.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Would you be interested in going somewhere quiet for a cup of tea and a chat?”

“Oh, with my pleasure, of course.”

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