With a sound like an explosion, the Chimera’s right shoulder collapsed as Otto’s mace successfully shattered the shoulder bone that connected to the wing.

Next up? The goat.

Otto’s next target was the goat’s head, among the Chimera’s three heads.

Each of the Chimera’s three heads had different abilities.

The lion’s head in the center emitted a terrifying flame.
The wyvern’s head on the right spewed toxic gas, and the goat’s head on the left fired a petrifying ray that turned enemies to stone.

Like right now.


A gray beam shot out from the goat’s eyes, aimed at Otto.

Otto dodged the petrification beam by bending his waist like a bow.



Otto jumped around to avoid the petrification beam.

[You idiot stop rolling around!]

Kairos yelled at Otto.

[Climb on its back!]


[If you climb on its back, you won’t get hit by its attacks, right?]


Following Kairos’ advice, Otto jumped onto the back of the chimera.

And then?

“Die, you b**tard!”

Otto swung his club wildly and hit the goat’s head.

‘Meeeh! Meeehhh!’

The goat’s head screamed in pain.



The lion’s head and the wyvern’s head also screamed in agony.

Otto held onto the chimera’s skin tightly with his left hand and continued to attack the goat’s head with his club in his right hand.

As a result.


The goat’s head broke and its brain spilled out.

“Now it’s the wyvern’s turn.”

Otto continued to attack the wyvern’s head with all his might.


The wyvern’s head spewed poisonous gas, but it didn’t reach Otto on its back.


Finally, the wyvern’s head was also partially smashed like the goat’s head.


With only one head left, the chimera rolled around on the ground.

Otto had to get off the chimera’s back, or he might get crushed by its body if he kept riding on its back.


The lion’s head growled at Otto.

[Don’t be afraid.]

Kairos advised Otto.

[When the beast breathes fire, that’s your chance.]


[When the beast opens its mouth wide, throw the mace.]


[Now’s the time!]

As the chimera’s lion head opened its mouth to breathe fire, Otto swung the mace with all his might.


Mace flew like a missile and hit the chimera’s throat just as it was about to breathe fire.

What happened next was surprising.

‘Kreaaaaah! Kreaaaaah!’

The chimera writhed in agony and suddenly burst into flames on its own.

At the moment the fire was about to spew out, the mace had plugged its throat, causing the flames to reverse!

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